Scott Berry


Scott Berry 7 years, 1 month ago

All Liberals in town please defend this atrocity! This is classic governmental incompetence, abuse of power, and the uncontrollable penchant to spend money.

First, Lincoln Ave. did not need to be completely redone!

Second, all the locals know Lincoln Ave. was concrete in the fifties and sixties. It was covered with asphalt to decrease traffic noise and to facilitate snow melt.

Enter government bureaucrats : Someone, who should be ferreted out, has mandated that we spend 5.4 million of our money to return to the past. They are taking our money and freely spending it to increase traffic noise, encumber traffic flow, reduce snow melt, and hamper snow-plowing with the bulb outs. And lastly, they (the government bureaucrats) are doing this at a tremendous expense to the locals, especially the local businesses.

And, now they claim they are surprised by the concrete under the blacktop! This cannot be real! Heads need to roll! Are they really this incompetent? Or, is this just government at its best? Did they really mandate a concrete road when they didn’t know we already had one? We need to know who is responsible for this incompetence!


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