Dave McClure

Dave McClure 3 years, 4 months ago on Steven Hofman: No more name calling

Name calling? Are your feelings hurt? Different perspectives? Core values? The republican party, today, is one of the largest detriments to our economic recovery, so I challenge you Mr. Hofman to a debate. Let's make it a public debate. You name the time and the place and bring your friends. Also bring your facts! There will be no name calling. Just facts! Your feelings maybe hurt, but criticism confirmed is usually painful. So let me know. I live at 2354 Savoy Place. Give me a call 291.9251.

Sincerely, Dave McClure Vietnam combat vet Retired University of Tennessee Librarian Union organizer

ps. can't wait to hear from you.


Dave McClure 3 years, 6 months ago on Karl Koehler: Do your homework

OING-O BOIG-O! You are not a climatologist! At least you admit it. We were warned in the 70's Karl about climate change. I would be more than willing to debate you and others of your ilk anytime and anywhere! By the by, have you apologized to your children or grandchildren about the state of the environment you are leaving them? You should. I have. My name is Dave McClure. I live at 2354 Savoy Place, Steamboat Springs, CO. My phone number is in the book. Don't complain about the EPA because we are the EPA. If you do not like their policies it is your fault. You are the person who has been electing folks who have allowed others to ride roughshod over policy. I can't wait for our debate. I'll provide the coffee.


Dave McClure 3 years, 6 months ago on Our View: Vote 'no' on Amendment 66

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I have seen this kind of tripe before! Before I moved to Steamboat, I lived in Knoxville, TN.. There was a measure brought up similar to this one that would raise a tax that would be shared by ALL the school districts in Knox County. The claim was that every student would have a better education and so on etc..etc... I asked many of the persons whom supported this piece of legislation about our inner city schools receiving their fair share of this bountiful tax and was assured that everyone would benefit from this pot -o- gold. IT WAS A LIE! I knew it was and voted against "consolidation." That was the word they used to snooker the voters. Bill 66 is the same thing! For only 130 something dollars we have the answer to all your educational woes. In Knoxville, Tennessee's case the money was doled out to high population areas at the expense of the small inner city and small county schools. They were CLOSED! I do not mind tax increases especially for education, but i want my money spent HERE! In Steamboat Springs! In Routt County! I can guarantee you that northern Colorado will suffer if this bill passes. Don't be SNOOKERED by slick advertising. Check it out and you will see that your hard earned dollars will head to metropolitan areas of Colorado.


Dave McClure 3 years, 8 months ago on Economist Scott Ford plans run for Steamboat Springs City Council

"Economist" Scott Ford? Where is his PHD from? Where is his bachelors degree in economics from? OJT doesn't make a person an economist. OJT doesn't make a public administrator. A degree in public administration makes one a public administrator. My bachelor degrees in Economics and Transportation isn't enough to make me claim to be an economist. If I ever meet Mr. Ford I may end up voting for him, but that hasn't happened yet. His views on the direction the town takes on a micro scale might allow for him to be qualified, but what are his macro views on how Steamboat Springs decisions affect Rhout county, northern Colorado, the state government in Denver, and the Fed. I have not heard from either candidate. The other guy is a business man and claims he has the credentials to be on city council and improve Steamboat's business district, which by the way is in pitiful shape. Is he going to address: Why overhead is so high due to lease agreements and other factors? Why there is no living wage for workers in Steamboat Springs? Are roads going to take precedent over tax expenditures for schools? What about teacher salaries? What about spending on our policemen and firefighters? What about cost of living raises for our very important public employees? I want to hear some issues addressed intelligently and backed up with facts if they want to spend my tax dollars. Questions, Questions and more Questions! Are these two the right answer? How about the rest of city council can they answer intelligently? I remember a city council member once told me that city council doesn't create jobs. I gave up attending meetings because of that answer. It was such an ignorant statement, it almost made me break out into a vicious case of tourettes. Respectfully, Dave McClure


Dave McClure 6 years, 6 months ago on Ken Buck: Reining in government

Ken Buck is a liar and a fool. Is it reigning in government or raining in government. If he is elected, it will be raining. Raining down our backs. It is part of the republican trickle down economic theory. Yellow and warm.


Dave McClure 6 years, 6 months ago on Scott Tipton: Common sense approach

Dear Sir, You are a liar! The only common sense thing for the electorate to do is ignore republican candidates.


Dave McClure 6 years, 6 months ago on Lincoln Avenue open in downtown Steamboat

WOO-HOO! Now if the city council would get rid of on street parking and make the space open to bicycle traffic life would be good.


Dave McClure 6 years, 7 months ago on Routt County commissioners to review salvage yard

Government at work. I was once told by a city council president that we, city council, do not create jobs. It is apparent the county commission doesn't either. They take them away! It is really disappointing, when jobs are few and far between, that we can rely on our elected folks to add to the problem. I didn't even know this recycling center existed. Now that I do it is on the verge of being closed and I haven't had the chance to visit and see all the neat stuff. I would really like to know how much tax revenue is being lost when government decides to close businesses. I really do not want to hear about tax increases when revenues are being flushed down the unemployment toilet.


Dave McClure 6 years, 9 months ago on Rabbit Ears owner: Fire was electrical

Good grief! Put an apparent electrical fire out with a water hose? The poor cop saved your life. I hope he is alright because he deserves a commendation for not letting you become a victim of your own ignorance.


Dave McClure 6 years, 9 months ago on Karl Rove headed to Steamboat

Democrats and Republicans listen up. Lets have a citizens arrest demonstration! Karl will be here for two days. Make some signs, form a line and picket for his arrest! No trespassing and we wouldn't want to interrupt his speech to those all American fascists. I just love these non-profit organizations, they don't pay taxes, that sponsor criminal speakers in the name of the first amendment. Lets take their pictures, so we know who they are. They are harboring one of the great deciever's minions. Picket and pictures!! Catchy phrase! I'll be there!