Dave Young

Dave Young 2 years, 11 months ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

Kroger Co., City Market's owner, didn't bid during the allowable period after the Albertson's / Safeway merger was announced. Let's hope City Market and Safeway continue to compete aggressively and Albertson's doesn't follow their pattern of closing stores.

Among the fastest growing chains with stores the size of Staples are dollar stores. I'd bet on one of them.


Dave Young 3 years ago on Lodging tax committee starts grading potential trail projects

With over $5 million to work with, the cost of crosswalk enhancements that improve pedestrian safety is less than a rounding error. Among other places, signage and striping at Walton Creek at Whistler, Walton Creek at Village Drive and Village Drive at Apres Ski Way would help keep tax paying lodgers alive to come back to enjoy our great town.


Dave Young 3 years, 7 months ago on City of Steamboat Springs installs signs to prevent jaywalking on downtown streets

How about some pedestrian protection on Walton Creek Road at both Whistler Road and Village Drive and at Village Drive and Apres Ski? The Boulder style flashers would be perfect for this other 'ongoing safety concern.' Even a few signs and maybe a little paint to designate a crosswalk would be a cheap start.


Dave Young 3 years, 8 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council weighs in on pot shop rules

Any kid that reads this paper (I concede that no kids probably do) has been inundated with weed news for over a year now. It's not invisible no matter how much you may wish it was.

If this fictional family mentioned goes to any big city in Europe, or even New York, they're going to see things more titillating than a pot shop. And it's not like the pot shop is going to participate in a sidewalk sale! They'll be very low key for their own good.

Steamboat should put the shops where they can maximize (legal) sales. The more tax revenue the city can get the more likely it can cover the nearly $10,000 it costs for regulation for each. Long term, they'll fade into the background and no one will notice them.