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Collin Kelley 2 months, 3 weeks ago on City of Steamboat, Routt County explore funding law enforcement building with sales tax

It is interesting to note that the downtown business community attempted to gain approval to do Tax Increment Financing to make the Yampa Street Promenade a reality, and were told that was not a viable option.

A Business Improvement District was attempted and also failed.

Then the URA debacle... Followed by 3A/3B... And now, this asinine proposal.

Downtown businesses are where flawed plans like this and the school bond have the largest financial impact. Whether via property tax increases or sales tax increases - we take the beating. Yet when we ask to do something, anything, to improve the value of our businesses or increase consumer traffic (spending), by enhancing the overall guest experience - we are told that we are robbing from someone or stealing from some group - be it the schools, the city, the county, the locals, the tourists, the list goes on...

This is a flawed plan that will not help our local businesses and will hurt our local economy by forcing local AND out-of-town consumers to shop online or down in Denver (more so than they already do!)


Collin Kelley 3 months, 2 weeks ago on New Steamboat Springs City Council will be tasked with improving strained relationships with other elected officials

Until the City Council, County Commissioners and the School Board realize that BUSINESS is what drives our community forward and recognize that the tax revenues (sales and property) collected via our local businesses are pay for most of the wonderful amenities that we as a community enjoy, those three entities (most likely) won’t get anywhere anytime soon.

Once they welcome this fact and start inviting said businesses to “have a seat at the table” when they chart our collective future, we will see a progressive and bright future.

(Scott Bideau propagandizing and posting links to websites he runs in 3......2......1.)


Collin Kelley 4 months ago on The Yes 2 Steamboat School Committee: Yes on Referendums 3A, 3B

Huh... It is quite the interesting choice of verbiage in the line “About 11% more on your total property taxes...” - how convenient that the authors of the letter breezed right over the 46% tax increase on businesses/commercial property taxes.

Must have “run out of room” to include that nasty little inconvenient truth. This plan is a plan that, if approved, WILL cause businesses to close their doors and locals to lose their jobs. This plan demands that businesses pay a massively disproportionate share than the homeowners. If this flawed plan passes, understand that the landscape of our local economy will most certainly change. The cost of this measure will be significantly higher to our community than just that of the property tax increase on homes - the price of everything in town, from a loaf of bread to a pair of shoes, from a cheeseburger to T-shirt is going to rise. Businesses will be forced to either eat the cost of the tax increase or pass the costs on to their customers. This is simple economics folks.

How strange the irony that our school board adamantly and vehemently opposed the use of TIF, BID, URA (and any other three letter acronyms you can think of for funding mechanisms) to improve the quality, safety, and functionality of our downtown business corridor that all the while would have increased the value of our properties, and thus their own tax base and subsequent funding - this is a truly special kind of lunacy - and THEN they have the audacity to come before the local business community and attempt to shove a measure down our throats that will make our taxes go up 3.7 times higher (thanks to Gallagher Amendment).

Step 1. VOTE NO ON 3A and 3B.
Step 2. Tell your state legislator to push for a revision of the State constitution that removes the Gallagher amendment and the harmful elements of TABOR.
Step 3. Rewrite the bond to give our community the schools it needs and deserves, while including local business leaders in the discussion to ensure a safe and responsible plan that passes with flying colors.


Collin Kelley 6 months, 2 weeks ago on City Council denies Triple Crown request to use Emerald ballfields

With total respect to the Pamela Lane neighborhood (who couldn’t understand their position?) and the Botanic Garden (an amazing amenity to the community, no question)… I truly cannot wait to hear everyone’s solutions for how we, as a community, return the 500k in sales tax collections to the city budget.

How do we replace the 200+ jobs that TC Sports' economic impact creates in our valley?
How do we replace the 6 million they spend in our valley on an annual basis? Everyone in town seems to have the answers - I’d love to open that dialogue and move towards a solution to those questions - now that we have told TC Sports to “kick rocks”

Mark my words - they are gone. GONE to another mountain community that actually wants them there, the second they’re contract expires we are going to see nothing but taillights going over the pass…


Collin Kelley 6 months, 3 weeks ago on City Council to vote on Triple Crown contract

VOTE YES…. Unless anyone out there has a plan that will bring 6+ million dollars of economic impact and to the Yampa Valley after TC Sports packs up and tells us where to stick it.

Your plan must also outline how town/the greater ‘Valley area’ is expected to keep the hundreds of jobs that TC Sports and the other numerous soccer and lacrosse events that support/create those jobs within our community, without bringing in at least one new economic driver.

This really IS quite simple. A ‘NO’ vote on this matter will mean the loss of hundreds of jobs AND over a half a million dollars in sales tax collections - you know, the thing that pays for all of the wonderful amenities that we are so privileged to enjoy in our lovely little community… that some in this community don’t want to share with anyone else.

The mentality here seems to be “Close the gate when you come over Rabbit Ears…"


Collin Kelley 6 months, 3 weeks ago on New apartment buildings planned; one in downtown, another on Steamboat's south side

Allow dogs and you’ll be able to get well-above market price… There is nowhere in town that allows dogs, and yet - everyone up here seems to have a dog.


Collin Kelley 8 months ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

Part 3 of 3

I do not, and can not, agree with the notion that Steamboat is "blighted" - but all of you that read and comment on this stuff must understand that it is merely a requisite term, necessary to enact a URA, or a BID, etc... However, for the sake of discussion - (and while I completely agree that the whole 'blighted' designation is completely ridiculous...) Can any of you all truly argue that we do not need at least some basic infrastructure improvements necessary to make our downtown ADA compliant and up to the standards in the uniform municipal code?? I'm not saying, nor have I ever said, that the URA is a perfect solution to this quandary - but we HAVE to do something. Other attempts have failed and no the time has run out - So what are we to do?? Sidewalks on Yampa and Oak are not too much to ask for, curbs and crosswalks? How about handicap accessible walkways, basic parking delineation, a public restroom here or there? Maybe a few simple street lights, possibly a bike rack or some landscaping to beautify our beloved downtown? Are these very basic improvements really too much to ask our city council for?!?

We have tried to pass a BID, TIF, URA, and I'm sure even a few other three letter acronyms out there that I am forgetting about by this stage in the process...and, still, nothing has been accomplished. Our town council's collective ineptitude and unwillingness to stand up and put their name on something and risk being held accountable for actually getting something, anything, done - for how many years now, has led us all to this point. These improvements and updates are not going to be getting any cheaper in the years to come, and they have been put off for how many years now?! This council, and numerous councils before them, have just "kicked the proverbial can" down the road and "punted" the difficult agenda items on to the next council, hanging them out to dry, and left them "holding the bag" for stuff that we as a community can no longer afford to delay. We as a community have been talking about these exact same improvements for literally 30 years. There have been four comprehensive studies performed and numerous consultants and "experts" hired, at a very great cost of tax payer dollars, to tell us exact what and how to do these things - and still here we are...with those studies and reports sitting on a shelf down at the planning department collecting dust on some shelf right now.

SO, all I am saying/asking/begging for is for us to let level heads' prevail and let's all figure out a solution that gets Steamboat up to the same code and level as our competition out there in the other mountain towns and transform our downtown into the little gem that we all know it is, and truly deserves to be... without doing any harm to the schools, taxpayers OR our locally owned businesses.

[RANT OVER - Sorry so long!]


Collin Kelley 8 months ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

Part 2 of 3

However I don't see how ANY of you can argue that we don't need to "fix" downtown. If you think we don't have major infrastructure improvements that need implemented, think agin! If we don't improve our downtown infrastructure, we will begin losing everything that is special and unique about 'The Boat' to other mountain towns that are surpassing us out in the tourist marketplace. Before you go on and lecture me about "being a local" or try to claim that "we don't need tourists in Steamboat" - just stop. Our community, and thereby our entire local economy, are 100% dependent on the tourist $$$ that is poured into our city to make it the place we all love and want to raise our families, etc... Failure to compete with Breckenridge, Vail, Grand Junction (in the summer), Park City/Salt Lake, Aspen, etc is, and will be, detrimental to our collective way of life if we do not act soon! That is not good for you, me, or our neighbors and friends... Remember - Sales tax collections drive this whole boat! (pardon the obvious pun, I couldn't resist!)


Collin Kelley 8 months ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

Hello Everyone - This is part 1 of 3

I sincerely hope that you all understand just what exactly is at stake with this issue and don't just take up the opposition's side (depending which side you're on) for all of this, without doing some research into the truth on your own... Both sides of this argument are very much misrepresenting the truth to the masses here. The "facts" being strewn about by both sides of this are simply not entirely accurate. Both sides of this argument have some pros and some cons. THAT is a fact. There is no more truth in the discussion (from either side) that the URA is not, will not, does not "Steal" or "Rob" from the schools!! Period. Fact. But if you listen to one side of this debate - its being presented as though the downtown business owners and city council will be going out to the schools and quite literally taking the food right out of our children's collective mouths and that our children will have to read by candlelight and will only have one ball amongst grades K-12 to share on the playground... its simply absurd. The same way that if you listen to the "other side" of the debate - downtown is in total shambles and is in complete decay...that nobody will ever want to come visit Steamboat ever again and any/all development potential that exists downtown will never be capitalized upon due to the blight that we face...So many people will probably stop coming to Steamboat that 100's of jobs will be lost and we will wither up and become a ghost town.

Neither of these scenarios are true, obviously. They are simply scare tactics, being used by both sides here, that are meant to drum up fear and breed contempt amongst us all. Its as though a D.C. playbook on elections is being used in our small town politics and enough IS enough, if you ask me!