Dr. Rick Bettger

Dr. Rick Bettger 4 years, 10 months ago on Casino data released; group to host community meeting

The employment and revenue numbers are very clear. This casino in Northwest Colorado is a very good thing. Tom Ross article about the "IMAGE" of Steamboat or the Valley Valley might be damaged or distored is totally bunk. Look at Southwest Colorado there is a Indian Casino there, and people still go there as a popular visitor attactions. Gaming is simply another form of entertainment, I travel to Vegas and Black Hawk several times a year, and yes, I lose more than I win, but I sill have NEVER got a refund on my season ski ticket or golfing each year, have you? The placement of the casino is great, by the airport and yet close to Craig, Steamboat, South Routt, Hayden, Meeker, and etc. I totally support this vision and hope it is allowed!!!! Time to move forward, our economy is along way from recovery, and this will help our valley.


Dr. Rick Bettger 4 years, 10 months ago on Plans for casino near Hayden airport move forward

A Casino and Hotel close to the airport and in Northwest Colorado is PERFECT VISION for this area. It provides jobs, it provides another form of entertainment, nothing more or less PERIOD. We have Skiing, Golf, Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Hunting and now Gaming. It's simply another way to attract visitors to our part of Colorrado. It also is a source of revenue dollars for our community colleges including Colorado Mountain College and Colorado Northwest Community College in Craig and Rangley. This plan must move forward for this part or our state and communities. Great Vision for us all. Why make people go to Black Hawk or Central City, or Las Vegas to gamble?, let's keep our LOCAL dollars here, and attract more visitors here to do the same with our other many local attractions, makes PERFECT sense.


Dr. Rick Bettger 5 years, 1 month ago on Casino is being explored near Hayden airport

Great Idea.....Gambling is just another form of entertainment PERIOD. Why Not?, it will bring jobs to our valley, it provides people who come here to SKI, FISH, HIKE, BIKE, GOLF, HUNT and etc,. something else to do in our valley. Many people leave our valley to gamble in Vegas and Black Hawk let them stay here and spend and hope win some money here......GREAT IDEA.....Let's Go for it!!!