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Right on, Steve! While most voters (even those registered with a party) consider themselves moderates, the only moderate of the whole bunch seems to be Kasich---I want to know more about him as well. He may not be my personal favorite candidate, but he is probably the most palatable to the independents. When will the Dems learn that they, too, should be actively pursuing and promoting a moderate.


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Trying to plan for changing demographics and growth, while seemingly important, never works as planned. Witness the 2008 "meltdown" when Steamboat was ready to spend millions of dollars for infrastructure on the west side for "affordable" housing only to have the economy go south in a big hurry forcing many families to move. That is the reality of the world we live in! While it seems today that Steamboat is "nirvana" I don't buy it for the long term. The proposed location of the new high school just does not work for the vision most residents--young and old--have for Steamboat. What I do have faith in is the School Board will come up with a more workable plan that will be supported by the majority of residents once this bond measure fails at the ballot box.


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Hi Dan,

Usually disagree with your posts but in this case you are spot-on. But bear in mind the liberals are also in panic mode with "Hillarygate" and Uncle Joe getting ready for a bid to put the Dems in a quandry as well. Soooo you are so right about the 2016 "compelling drama."


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I have discussed the plan with the families of young children who have moved into my old town neighborhood in the past several years--a neighborhood of empty nesters and retirees which now has a dozen young children in the 6 houses around me---and they have all indicated they paid a premium for their homes to live in old town specifically because there were downtown schools, including most especially the high school. They will ALL be voting against this plan.


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Yep. Lived here a long time and had plenty of work unrelated to tourists. Just another old fogie who thinks Steamboat has sold out and the payback is not always what it should be. Good for Pamela Lane residents taking a hard stance against Triple Crown. Don't forget that Routt County residents pay most of the sales tax as we have to shop year around in town. Maybe your life is fine in the summer, but mine is greatly impacted on weekends like this past one.


cindy constantine 1 week, 3 days ago on Steamboat business and retailers have mixed opinions about the 2015 USA Pro Challenge

Working for a downtown retailer, this was the worse weekend of the summer for sales. And July was exhausting mainly because the guests this summer seemed more entitled, more disrespectful of the merchandise and personnel while in the store, and down right rude as compared to previous summers. Despite the increase in sales tax revenues I for one am ready to bring back the "Stop the Brutal Marketing" bumper stickers. Is enough ever enough? The quality of life for the local really deteriorates in the summer. And for the county employees to get a paid day off on Monday because of the races---I am sorry but that takes the cake! Hey Chamber, we do not live here to be servants to the guests FYI.


cindy constantine 2 months, 1 week ago on Public's confidence in Steamboat Springs City Council is tepid, according to community survey

"Public not overly confident in Council" Gee, I wonder why? This survey came out during the end of the URA/TIF process and I believe indicates the lack of support it had in the community. There is strong support in the community for a cooperative working relationship with the County and other taxing districts. I would bet now that the URA was scratched council's approval would go up, similar to the lack of confidence in the police dept debacle. Once "house is cleaned" and new leadership is in place, confidence in the PD will go up as well. It is important to citizens that Council directs staff rather than the other way around. There is a strong perception in the community that Hinsvark leads council around by the nose and plants ideas rather than Council taking the lead.


cindy constantine 2 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat City Council rejects downtown URA

Guess the paper did not like you making disparaging remarks about one of their guys on Council. I am happy with the vote and I know you are too, Scott so lets move on and vote in new members in November who want to play well with other county/school taxing authorities and look out for the best interest of the taxpayers.