Chris Baumann

Chris Baumann 3 years, 11 months ago on Steamboat Springs rugby teams gear up for season

Correction. That mention of me is pretty far off! Thanks for the wishful thinking, but being pro would mean I wouldn't have to get up and dig holes all day. The rugby here is not considered Pro, unless you are playing in the Super 15. The Sydney comp is a level down from that. Maybe some of the guys get paid, but I am certainly not one of them. I live on couches and stay in backpackers. I work as long as it doesn't interfere with training which is three nights a week, as well as gym sessions everyday. So far in 2013 I have played in 17 rugby games in LA and now in Sydney, with the biggest yet coming up tomorrow against Southern Districts. I am in 2nd team, not first! A few runs w 1s off the bench but def not considered in 1s. Randwick is a great club to play for and I am really enjoying it, and maybe it will lead to something besides a hurting body. But for now I am just getting by, and enjoying having a go at it. Still missing home and all the people, but looking forward to next ski season when we have night skiing!

Good luck to the Mens and women's side, I am sure it will be a great year with Jullian leading, return of a young strong team and Shine. Also the return of the Tim Callahan. That should boost some crowd numbers. Big shout out to Billy Wernigs last year as well!

My thoughts have been on Scott Blair and what he must be going through. Really hoping the best for you Scott. You helped me big time rehab my ACL injury, and I hope everyone can rally behind and do whatever it takes to help you.