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Chris Hadlock 2 days, 14 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to review marijuana rules

Scott brings up a very valid concern in that everyone would like the ability to teach their children right from wrong and the ability to recognize a slippery slope. When a gummi bear is a gummi bear is a gummi bear, once it is out of the protective packaging and/or laying on the table at their friends house there is no way for that child or anyone else to make an informed decision. I think this is a valid criticism.


Chris Hadlock 3 days, 15 hours ago on Our view: Well-funded transit system a must

I like the cannon idea! If you get the trajectory just right, the guests could be landed right on Rudy's Run and skip the whole Gondola ride. Great marketing, awesome video, high adventure. This idea has money written all over it. When do we get started?


Chris Hadlock 4 days, 13 hours ago on The next stop: Steamboat City Council weighs future of bus service

Jerry, I guarantee that if you look into the expenditures of State/Local Government in Hawaii you will find taxpayer dollars everywhere. From advertising and tourism promotions to beach access, expanded airports, bus lines and cruise line docking areas you will find major taxpayer dollar amounts funding the amenities you enjoyed on your vacation.


Chris Hadlock 4 days, 16 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to review marijuana rules

Would you regulate alcohol to the potency of beer/wine? Studies are finding that the edible market is far preferable for the "Medical" aspects in terms of pain treatment, siezures etc. Following your logic, the distillation of hard liquor should be outlawed with only beer/wine legal.

I agree with the calls for stronger regulation in this area, but the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. Ask anyone that has experienced the miracle cure of CBD for their child with seizures. How many of you have a bottle of hard liquor in the cupboard that is not locked away from the kiddos? How about those prescription pills, are they locked in the gun safe or in your unlocked medicine cabinet? Common sense rules need to be applied when you have young ones in the household. You would not leave your loaded weapon laying on the kitchen table, so why in the heck would you leave strong drugs where the kids have access to them?


Chris Hadlock 4 days, 17 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to review marijuana rules

Jerry, The record is not at all clear about their smoking habits. It is believed that Madison in particular did not partake but the record for Jefferson is less clear. However, Washington left detailed notes about removing the male plants to prevent seeding and on which strains were of increased potency. Removing the male plants has nothing to do with the fiber harvested from hemp and is only done to increase the strength of the female flower(bud). These notes are strong evidence of uses other than rope and fabric. To be clear, there is no hard/clear evidence one way or the other.

I would nominate GWB as the worst president of my lifetime followed very closely by Carter for completely different reasons. They could easily flip places depending on the specific topic. However, in my opinion, it takes a very long time for history to decide these things, and there have not been enough years go by to truly measure of them yet. It takes time for the politics of the day to fade and allow a balanced judgement. Quite possibly the passing of that entire generation so the political beliefs and emotion of the day can take their proper place in history.


Chris Hadlock 5 days, 9 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to review marijuana rules

How about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Would those qualify as "real" presidents Jerry. Records show that each and every one of them participated in the growing of both Hemp and Marajuana.


Chris Hadlock 5 days, 19 hours ago on High school student suspected of distributing marijuana-infused candy

"She said a male student told her he found a bag of candy while getting onto the school bus. Six female students recognized what the candy actually was, and they wanted it. The rest of the edibles went to someone else."

Where is the distribution crime here? Are you guilty of a crime because you picked up a baggie of unknown candy and let someone else have it? Unless the article is seriously deficient in reporting(Pilot????) no money changed hands, no intent to redistribute, and no purchase by the student who merely found something on the bus. Seems like a serious over reach to charge this student with distribution, but without more facts (PILOT??????)


Chris Hadlock 1 week, 3 days ago on Healthy eating: For quick meals at high altitude, buy a pressure cooker

Hey Tom, I will match my smoker ribs against your Pressure cooked recipe any time. Regardless how it comes out, that's some good eatin man!


Chris Hadlock 3 weeks ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

I am absolutely sure that the Pilot can verify the accuracy of my report should they choose to do so.


Chris Hadlock 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

Pheobe, it's like herding cats. They each have their own mind and facts that "Shall Not be Disputed". All you get from talking sense on these boards is ridicule and accusation for your efforts. The various individuals with a viewpoint will each push to the extremes without actually even listening to what the other side is saying.

Kind of sums up our current political process in a nutshell (pun intended). It is really too bad that more and more of our society cannot even listen without getting their dander up. Mark Hartless has already acknowledged that "Not one thing the Gov't does is useful" When starting from that premise how do you expect him to compromise on anything? For him the baseline starts with absolutely no Government at all. Back to the days where the strongest and the fastest made all the rules

Compromise and debate do not exist on these forums, they exist for the sole purpose of providing a sounding board for the crackpot ideas that bubble up from the various personalities that live in our community. The biggest problem here is that more reasonable people do not take the time to participate leaving only the extremes and boy oh boy are there some extremes from across a very wide spectrum right here in beautiful Colorado.

Yes All, I am still reading but have much reduced my input. There are better things to spend my time on than "Trolling for Dingbats" which only results in harsh words on these forums. Most of our far right commentators would be appalled at the conversations I have on the streets most everyday with someone that has read my words online. Our population right here in Routt County is much more moderate than what one think from reading these forums but the poison runs so thick that most people do not have the stomach to sit down and write an opinion that will get them attacked.