Chris Hadlock

Chris Hadlock 1 day, 9 hours ago on Dr. Rosanne Iversen: Patient care declining

As a two time cancer survivor, I have first hand experience in our fundamentally broken health insurance system. When we allow the insurance companies to break us into ever smaller groups the end result is higher prices for lesser care. The vicious cycle of premium increases is dictated by the profit driven insurance industry in a never ending quest to funnel more of your healthcare budget into the pockets of their stock holders, investors and Sr. Management

I will be voting YES on Amendment 69 in November and encourage everyone out there to do their research at Amendment 69 is the right choice for Colorado.


Chris Hadlock 1 week, 1 day ago on Melanie Sturm: My delegate dilemma — to be conscientious, in good conscience

Aw yes, the thrice married adulterer is definitely a better moral choice. Have you noticed all the lawsuits Donald Trump has acquired from the various vendors that he refused to pay?

If you are comparing the level of corruption between the two candidates, Trump will win that contest hands down.

A good start for Americans to actually start trusting Trump would be some tax returns. Do not sing his moral praises until you can show some of those.


Chris Hadlock 2 weeks ago on City Council members express interest in proposing additional taxes on marijuana, alcohol

I would like to propose a 50% tax on City Council earnings. Hey if you do not want to pay it, o not serve on the council right Allen?

I would further propose another 50% tax on any dumb ideas come up with by the city council that are rejected by the public. This council would be under water for 2016.


Chris Hadlock 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Coloradans ponder Amendment 69's ColoradoCare

Do you believe the system that existed before the ACA was sustainable?
Why do so many Medicare recipients rave about how good the insurance is?

In my opinion, one of the "regulations" that would help areas like Steamboat the most would be to make all insurance companies measure their risk and set premiums the same across their entire insured population. The current system even after the ACA still allows them to break us into ever smaller groups which increases their risk and your premium.

To me, the risk that Nancy is discussing is to either let the current insurance executives make business decisions that are more about profitability than healthcare or to turn that over to the ColoradoCare cooperative that will care more about actually providing health care.

I have been a self-employed cancer survivor for almost 30 years now and I can testify that the previous system was fundamentally broken with the ACA providing only marginal improvement. The risk Nancy is willing to accept is far smaller than the risk of doing nothing.


Chris Hadlock 1 month ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

Brian, We are already fully certified with numerous dives, but this trip is more about the Snorkeling due to the family aspect. You nailed it though, what a different world when you are under the water.


Chris Hadlock 1 month ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

How many letters have you written Jerry? Do you think it is the Pilot censoring what they receive, or are they just receiving more letters with opinions that you disagree with?


Chris Hadlock 1 month, 1 week ago on Middle East expert talks 'ISIS crisis' and Orlando massacre

Personal attacks and liable should not be allowed. If you are unable to discuss your viewpoints without resorting to those kinds of tactics then you should not be allowed to post.


Chris Hadlock 1 month, 1 week ago on Murphy Roberts: Make America change again

Joe, you are hilarious as in Bwahahahahaha! 27 Amendments to the US Constitution with 5 of them passed since 1960 gives lie to your assertion that it is not a "Living Document" . The very process of amending proves that it can in fact be changed to reflect the current beliefs and desires of America.

In fact, even your arguments that it is not prove the opposite.

Well written Murphy, do not let these old curmudgeons dampen your enthusiasm.