Chad Fleischer

Chad Fleischer 4 years, 12 months ago on Steamboat high school students host annual event for youngsters

Thanks for a great event! My kids go to two different schools and saw each other there, hung out together and couldn't stop talking about how great it was. Thank you SSHS Students and faculty!


Chad Fleischer 4 years, 12 months ago on State bill would withhold revenues from counties that thwart oil drilling

Rigs in routt county are gas rigs not oil rigs and the supply of nat gas is so endless and price so low, and will be for so long, that this measure means nothing. Democrats or republicans? For real? Oil companies don't own government they do produce jobs and generate a revenue stream that no one else in routt county can or will. This bill is about thwarting efforts for new oil and gas exploration and not getting money because of it. How would this not make sense? If we don't want to gas companies drilling we aren't entitled to revenue.
In regard to chemicals, fracking and the BP oil spill I encourage all of you to research where we sit geologically, what fracking is, what rigs would be erected and where and understand the supply/demand chain for gas currently. You have got two coal burning power plants within 40 miles of you that could be switched to nat gas burning yet you are concerned with this? If you are concerned the environment I would start with this. This bill entitles counties that let mineral exploitation occur get paid for it. I think it's fair and i think it's important to focus on the bill and the facts not get caught up in politics and conspiracy theories.


Chad Fleischer 5 years, 1 month ago on Our View: New First Tracks structure balanced, thoughtful

I couldn't disagree with you more. There was a time when getting fresh tracks meant you had to earn it by getting up early pressing glass and being prepared. First Tracks should not be a low hanging fruit money grab it should be utilized constructively to raise funds for a specific non profit entity not for profit. Even then it should be used carefully and put in place so far in advance that if you get First Tracks on deep day you got lucky and you bought your ticket well in advance to ensure it was also went to a good cause. Locals who love to ski and more importantly love to ski powder are getting robbed. Paying to ski powder is BS you should earn the right to ski powder not buy the right to ski powder. First Tracks would be great in Vail for locals because it would mean they would beat all the folks from Denver to the hill. This is yet another example of what doesn't work, cheats real skiers from divine lines they have earned through years of knowing where to be on the right day at the right time. I won't be buying a first tracks pass based on principal...enjoy my lines... I'll earn mine in the Canyon.


Chad Fleischer 5 years, 3 months ago on Joel Reichenberger: Season may be slipping

Perfect opp to learn to ski correctly vs getting away with bad technique in the soft snow and fat skis. Also a great chance to go ski Jackson or Whistler which are huge mtns, incredible mtns and will have you coming back to steamboat with new found confidence. I think too many people are blowing off skiing vs understanding this is a great chance to improve their skiing and explore new ski areas in other regions of North America. I know its hard to stomach going somewhere else when the ski area shakes us down for $1,000 for a ski pass but going to the snow can be very rewarding and you will also find that when you buy a lift ticket for $90 you tend to ski all day and get your moneys worth. JAckson is only 5 hours away! Getting out of the Steamboat bubble in the ski world is something very few in this town do and it can be very rewarding.
I make it a point to leave and go on ski vacations at least twice per year to know what skiing is like at other ski resorts. This year includes Beaver Creek and Whistler. Instead of throwing in the towel throw on a sharp edge and go find some snow! We still have 90 days left in the season and the on shore flow finally started. I understand your frustration but this is a winter community so be positive and see you on the hill!


Chad Fleischer 5 years, 6 months ago on Steamboat announces cost of Howelsen Hill skiing to increase

With these hours it may be better to shut the Hill down and let SSWSC pay for and run the place. Not sure how or where the hours of operation stem from but they don't make any sense. Dec 31 start date must be wrong? How could that make any sense? City Council it is time to step up and get involved in what HH is and how it operates. If we are going to save money it cannot be on a non operational ski hill.
Its time for a foundation to be set up to raise funds for HH as a whole and dedicate money and resources where they are most needed. HH is not about just skiing so the foundation could help for bike trails, base area facilities, infrastructure, ski area costs, etc. One of the communities most important assets is being run so no one will use it. No wonder there are fewer and fewer people going there every year.


Chad Fleischer 5 years, 6 months ago on Frankie Hannah: Keep Howelsen viable

It cannot be about skier number days and profit it has to be about supporting the winter enthusiasts that call Steamboat home on a full time basis. I was, and still am, strongly opposed to building a jump to serve the needs of very few for 1.5 million. Money like this can keep HH going full tilt for years and years without any operational shortfalls. Putting the funds in a interest bearing account alone could pay the travel costs for the few that actually want to go somewhere and jump like Park City. Managing HH funds is critical and running it like a business is critical but the most important thing is to keep HH running.
Maybe there needs to be outside efforts to raise funds for the operations of HH to subsidize this so those that want to see more done can donate time, energy and money and it isn't a burden to tax payers. I think everyone on this page has important points and by listening to all views on this subject we can come to a better understanding on how to run HH more effectively and efficiently. What is the dollar figure to help off set/subsidize HH to get it to where it needs to be? What was and now is the budget for HH? Have the new hours of operation for this coming winter been released and if so what were the hours of operation 10 years ago? 5,4,3,2,1 and moving into this year? What are the capital outlays proposed for HH? Are they needed? If so why and in what priority? Who determines these outlays and what are the credentials of these individuals making the decisions to purchase, upgrade,demo, fix, etc HH infrastructure? To be honest I only know the purpose HH serves to this community I do not know the costs, the plan or the vision. I am looking forward to learning a great deal more tomorrow night at the community center and I am hopeful that those weighing in on this will be there to be heard and promote some critical thoughts.