Chad Fleischer


Chad Fleischer 6 years, 5 months ago

Allow big box...we already have a horrible one so why not have a real one. Allow for current landowners to subdivide land parcels that meet current lot size requirements vs the proximity and lot size average in a subdivision rule. Spend money on businesses vs $250,000 on a ski jump Invest in long term infrastructure like bike paths, bike trails and land purchases. Put a few full service public bathrooms around town since there aren't any in downtown (like at corner of 10th and Lincoln in the city parking lot. Subsidize gondola to run earlier and later in the year. Not saying these are the best ideas but they are ideas and a way to spark conversation. Please don't assume I am anti ski jump either but we are talking about allocating funds where they may be best spent and if you look at percentage use of ski jump compared to anything in this town I would say it is the single largest misappropriation of funds. We lose 50% of our tax dollars to Summit and Moffat counties to their shopping centers as well as Eagle for Home Depot and Costco. Doesn't make sense when Costco alone delivered 129 jobs to Gypsum and paid for their rec center in 6 years that cost 19.5 million.(you can do some fact checking but I am close). It's snowing! That is the biggest boost to this economy every year!


boatski 6 years, 5 months ago

Chad speaking of sidewalks and the City's policy, the next time you go up Hilltop Parkway, look at the side walk in front of the affordable housing units of Fox Creek town homes. But the Developer of Fox Creek Park mixed-use building next to the Australia Steamboat Connection building has none? What up with that???


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