Chet Persons

Chet Persons 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Former city manager agrees to home loan repayment schedule

Yup!! Try that in the private sector. Hope the public taxpayers keep track of this agreement. I have my doubts that that the future city councils will.


Chet Persons 3 months, 4 weeks ago on Big changes underway at Iron Horse Inn

Let's hope this is a very expensive lesson learned for this and future city councils. Government has no business being in the housing market as the government housing projects show in other larger communities. They generally turn into the projects that even law enforcement is not comfortable in. The convenience of living close to where you work is not always possible.


Chet Persons 4 months ago on City Council selects 6 city manager finalists

Of course we should support our "elected" city council. Over the years the different councils have had such a stellar record in selecting city managers!!


Chet Persons 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Kristy Ragan: Thank you Soroco

My wife and I lived n the Elk River Estates neighborhood when the Ragans moved in a couple of houses away. They definitely added to a great place to live. It was a true joy watching these kids grow from youngsters to responsible teenagers. One thing Kristi doesn't mention is the strong family unit that was always there. Mom and Dad always had the kids best interest at heart with gentle and positive guidance. We moved away in 2012 but kept up with Nate and Shannon's FFA and 4-H accomplishments through the Today on-line coverage of the county fair. It was always a pleasure to see them compete when we lived there and see them continue after we left. You should always be proud of those great kids.