Chet Persons

Chet Persons 1 day, 14 hours ago on Post office lockouts in Steamboat follow national USPS protocol

I think the mailman on Cabaret will have some fodder for his routine next year!! And seeing that Brian is usually part of the after ski season show, he could find some humor in it also. Hope he finds his payment records. (Or maybe he just forgot.)


Chet Persons 4 months ago on What do you think the main purpose of the police station citizens committee should be?

Why are there 2 "To decide if the community needs a new police station." questions? How about combining them for a true picture of what the community wants.


Chet Persons 4 months, 1 week ago on Some downtown Steamboat residents fighting to silence early morning street sweeping

Welcome to living in the city!! One of the prices to pay for being able to walk everywhere. Street sweeping and god forbid it's winter so probably complaining about snow plows also. Seems like these operations should be done when cars are not parked on the streets. Get some ear plugs.