carolina manriquez

carolina manriquez 3 years, 6 months ago on Man acquitted of attempted murder charges in Steamboat Springs

i'm not sure why the journalist has to take sides, for the DA or the PDO. a trial is about justice, not about what side wins. in this case, justice prevailed. i'm not sure either why the journalist chose not to report on the most important fact/testimony of the whole trial, from the hostess, for which the DA had filed one of the attempted murder charges. she stated that she never felt threatened by mr. torres. we need journalists that can report all the facts of the stories happening in our community and not just take sides.


carolina manriquez 6 years, 5 months ago on Oak Creek neighbor concerned about strong marijuana odor

I like the idea of an open forum to discuss IDEAS, not for it to become a place for personal attacks. Scott Wedel and Jackie Brown need to sit down and have a talk. I think most of us would agree that most local residents want the best for their towns and that we have to find means to work cooperatively, together, without the personal attacks. I know Jackie Brown and I know how committed and serious she is about improving Oak Creek. I know she is not the angry person some of you portray her to be. We are nothing but imperfect human beings. I don’t know Scott Wedel, but I am sure he is also a committed citizen. It just seems that you should join forces instead of fighting each other. It is a small town and a small community. Peace.