callguinness 5 years, 2 months ago on Steamboat to continue discussion about firefighter salaries

A 6.3% increase to 47,522 is about 50,515.

Full time firefighters make about 36,500.

That puts them about 27.7% below the 50,515 that the city said they found to be the median from the survey.

How many of them are at the 47,522 that puts them in the 6.3% range?


callguinness 5 years, 3 months ago on Kay Borvansky: Back firefighters


That is what is happening. That is why steamboat fire is concerned about being a training department with only low experience firefighters.

The overall cost question is would it be cheaper to keep well paid trained employees than to be constantly training new people.

The cost of training is more than the direct dollar value of training dollars. How about the loss that could be prevented by having more training and experience in the firefighters. That counts lives and property.

Beenthere, what if it was your mom, wife or daughter. What if it was your house? Would you want more experience or would you want cheap and new experience?


callguinness 5 years, 4 months ago on Ride through Steamboat a nostalgic 1 for some

At the point that a cop feels their life or anyone else life is in danger they are allowed to shoot you with their gun. Just so you know when the shoot at you their gun they are trying to kill you, there is no "shooting to wound or disable".

The article states "...disregard officers’ orders to dismount, at which point Miller “spurred” his horse, causing it to rear up." Not sure if you have ever seen a horse reared up, but that would be quite threatening to me. I'm not sure I would fear for my life, but I would be worried that I was in danger of bodily harm.

The reason he was tased wan't because he was on the horse. It was because he was suspected of being involved in some form of altercation, the police were attempting to investigate, and he threatened them with his horse.

So based on what is in the article and some commonsense I would say this was a totally justifiable use of a taser.


callguinness 5 years, 5 months ago on Routt County Sheriff's Office seeks funds for bulletproof vests

I tried and tried to stay out of this, but here goes.

The federal law states that if your employer is going to require you to wear protective equipment, they are required to pay for that equipment and its upkeep. This can be done in several ways, including equipment allowances, or straight out paying for it. The article clearly states that the RCSO requires the deputies to wear these vest, they are therefore required to somehow pay for the purchase and maintenance of these vest. The point that the officers are free to buy their own vest is valid and some of them have done so, still doesn't excuse the requirement of the county to buy and maintain vest for them.

So far as the budget is concerned, you are all correct that this should have been a foreseen budget item that should have been placed in the regular budget.

Highway- I would agree that most of the public safety in this area are short on the experience scale. There are several that have found a way to make it work and have been here for quite some time, but most don't. Most of them come here start working in what seems like paradise, then they come to realize that their pay is so low, they can't support a family here and move on to higher paying jobs elsewhere. They don't leave because they don't like the job or where they live, they leave because they can't afford to stay. This is what perpetuates the young blood look of all the public safety here in the valley.

I'm fairly confident that if there were an article tomorrow about paying them more you would be the first in line to say, that they are already over paid. So what is it, do you want "kid cops, just out of school or the military, with axes to grind and gung-ho attitudes" or would like to pay them more and have them be calmer from someplace else and have more experience? You can't have both.


callguinness 5 years, 5 months ago on And it's off!

I was under the impression that ALL skiing employes would be wearing helmets this year. Does Billy have some special hard head that doesn't need a helmet?


callguinness 5 years, 5 months ago on Mass-casualty drill Friday at Steamboat Ski Area


With a little true research you would be pleased to know, this is being put on by ski corp, only govt money put towards it will be the price of fuel to drive fire apparatus there. The people in the apparatus are full time and will be able to use this as training while still being able to respond to all calls per normal. However if you want to stop by and check it out I'm sure someone there would be glad to talk to you. That does mean you will have to walk away from the keyboard for a few hours.


callguinness 5 years, 5 months ago on Whiteman teacher at Denver hospital after fall

This is a LVL 4 trauma center, assuming you are talking about YVMC. The purpose is provided initial stabilization of critical patients, so that they can survive to a LVL 1 trauma center. LVL 1 is a very hard standard to keep, university hospital had to drop to LVL 2 when they moved to their new campus because they werent seeming enough patients anymore. We do have a state of the art facility. For being as far from a major city as we are we have great health facilities here in the valley.


callguinness 5 years, 6 months ago on City asks Steamboat school district to help with resource officer’s pay

The $83,764 is the cost to the city for the resource officer if they don't get any help from the school district. That figures his salary and benefits, workers comp, unemployment, etc. I would guess his gross is some where around 66% of that.

66% of 83,764 is about $55,842


callguinness 5 years, 6 months ago on Mail-only elections alter campaign strategies in Routt County


For the people that are registered to vote and didn't receive a ballot in the mail, lost their ballot, marked the ballot wrong, etc. they are able to go down to the county building (AKA: Old court house) and pick up a ballot and they can even fill it out and turn it in right there. Just as if they had a traditional voting location. So long as you are registered and want to vote your voice can be heard.