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I have heard that with time transceivers do not transmit as strong of a signal as they once did, but I don't know if 5 years is a definitive number. If you practice using your transceiver and test them at the trailhead as you should, you will probably notice if the signal is getting weak before it is too late. That can also help you to determine if your cell phone interferes with the signal, as I have heard that some do.

A few years ago a friend came to town and forgot her beacon at home, so we borrowed someone else's for her to use. When we went to test the beacons at the trailhead, it turned out the loaner one did not transmit at all. The owner never practiced or tested it, so he could have been riding for years with a non-functioning beacon...


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Oops, guess I skipped over the first paragraph and just assumed they were referring to our Ski Co when they said Ski Co, not their Ski Co. Maybe it would help avoid confusion if they refer to Aspen Ski Company as ASC. Oh wait, never mind.

Either way, the point is the same, we can do lots of small feel-good things like ban plastic bags and require green building techniques, but that does not change the fact that our economy (as well as Aspen's) depends on jet travel and second homes that sit vacant much of the year. As long as this remains the case, these small initiatives are just lipstick on a pig.

I remember a few years ago there was a study that determined Aspen has the highest per capita carbon footprint of any city in the US. Which makes sense, since there are many large homes that sit vacant 50 weeks of the year, very few full time residents, a fleet of private jets at the airport and a fleet of pickup trucks swarming up the valley from as far away as rifle every day for work. I wonder if Mr Schendler's position was created in response to that study, and if the city has managed to change their ranking.


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I find it hard to take the Ski Co's 'sustainability director' seriously. He is proposing 'radical' thoughts, like mandatory green building code and simple things such as fees on plastic bags, while his employer just successfully lobbied to impose a tax in the town to raise money to ensure more jets come to the valley. So his suggested measures are highly visible programs that will not cost his employer anything, but do enable them to proclaim how green Steamboat is in the adds trying to entice people to buy a plane ticket to get here.

If the ski corp is so interested in 'radical' solutions, I would encourage them to take a look at the amount of pollution from a single jet plane that they are so dependent on for their livelihood. If they are more interested in sustainability as a marketing tool, which it is pretty clear they are, I would encourage them to find 'radical' solutions that are on their dime, not the citizens of the valley who are already forced to pay a portion of their customer's airfare.


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While I do not necessarily agree with the dissenters, I admire that they are sticking to their guns - wasn't the Historical Preservation Commission attempting to pass a law prohibiting the scraping or major renovation of historic structures a few years ago?

It seems like the expense of rehabbing or maintaining a dilapidated old structure is not too much if it is someone else's money, but the score is different when one's own money.

For the interest in preserving old buildings to be credible, it seems like the Historical Preservation Commission should lead by example here. If their argument is that the building is in a state of disrepair that makes it impractical to repair, isn't that an incentive for others who own old buildings to allow theirs to fall into disrepair as well, if that is what it takes to preserve their property rights?


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YVB, it was a pop culture reference - the title of a song as it were - that clearly went over your head. I will try to make my posts easier to understand in the future.


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Wow, that's some pretty thin skin you've got there. Sorry, I just found your post ironic.

PS - The ending quotation marks should go after the exclamation point and question mark.


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YVB, you must be a product of these public schools you so detest, otherwise, you might be able to spell albatross, or realize that it is not a proper noun, and thus does not need to be capitalized, or that metaphors do not need quotations. You might also realize that the implied subject of your last sentence is the public schools, so the word 'both' is misplaced.

But what do I know? I am just a product of the public school system.