Brad Luth

Brad Luth 10 months ago on Soren Jespersen: Invest in the Yampa

I don't think Mr. Jespersen was trying to address how to fund the ideas, the intent of his email was to remind us all that the Yampa River is a tremendous asset to our community, and that if we do not take care of it and remind ourselves of the economic impact it does provide, it will begin to deteriorate. There is obviously discussion about how many tax dollars we should allocate toward building new bike trails, and investing in the downtown area, etc, etc but many of us seem to forget that our little stretch of river draws a large number of Summer tourists that stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, utilize local guide shops, shop at the grocery stores, etc, etc . .. all Summer long.

All of the towns Soren mentioned have great river access points (and many of em). Eagle county recently opened up several new ramps along the Colorado River that helps disperse river use across a much longer stretch of river and lessen the risk of certain areas being over fished and facilities worn down (paid for via GOCO funds). All of our neighbors to the South have decided to figure out how they can enhance the river experience around their areas, we should look at doing the same. I visited Bend Oregon this spring and was on the Deschutes river every day for a week . . . they have 12 designated boat ramps along a 5 mile stretch of river (and in the process of building more). They have obviously embraced the asset that naturally flows through their town and how it favorably impacts the local economy.

As far as funding goes, maybe it is more GOCO grants, or land swaps, or a portion of tax dollars from lodging, etc, etc, there are all kinds of options to fund these ideas. Maybe a local construction company would help donate and/or discount materials/equipment, and I am sure we could get local volunteers to do any necessary manual labor.

Thanks for getting the discussion going Mr Jespersen!


Brad Luth 2 years ago on Steamboat Ski Area to close most of lower-mountain terrain

Totally agree with starting the Springalicious passes early (Today) . . . and take the opportunity to turn this into a positive (think about good PR!) for those that have already made plans to be out here and have paid for flights, lodging, etc . . . $79 for a lift ticket when you just closed 2/3 of the ski mountain . . seems like a slap in the face and once again .. . Bad PR for Steamboat!


Brad Luth 2 years, 1 month ago on Walk-up lift ticket prices increase at Steamboat Ski Area

Was just watching 9news . . news anchor was commenting on the lift ticket price increase in Steamboat . . ."If you plan on going skiing, you might want to think twice about heading up to Steamboat" . . is that the PR you guys were looking for?


Brad Luth 2 years, 2 months ago on Walk-up lift ticket prices increase at Steamboat Ski Area

Why not make the national news for dropping lift ticket prices, and brag about being the best value per skiable acre in North America! Think about positive press, not negative!! Ski Corp is trying to cover their a%$ by raising lift ticket prices because skier visits are down . . . and all this press release does is drive people away . . .has anyone seen one supporting argument for this price increase (beyond Ski Corp, thinking they have the best snow in the State and that is their justification) . . .There have been some pretty silly corporate decisions this year that have all backfired, you get all the white collars in an office room trying to protect their year end bonus and they come with short term solutions .. . . Netflix, BofA debit card fees, Susan G Komen, etc . . and I will now add Ski Corp to the list. We used to hang our hat on being the best "family" ski resort in the West and now we barely even show up on the radar for that . . . Ski Corp - - focus on your core strengths and make decisions that keep you ahead of your competition, stop digging a deeper hole . . This town town bends over backwards to cover your shortfalls, and if you have not figured it out yet . . . the town is getting tired of it.