bluntman 8 years, 9 months ago on Former Oak Creek mayor Tasered, arrested

some things most folks who live in this outdoors paradise know well:

  1. bears are attracted to trash- so be sure to keep the lid on tight, otherwise they barge in and make a mess of things. if a bear becomes a "nuisance" because someone can't keep the lid on, they might get relocated or even quite possibly "put down" by the rangers.

  2. if one encounters a bear, one should never run, but play dead, face down in a fetal position with arms protecting the head. then they might just go about their business and not bite, maul or attempt to steal your pic-a-nic basket either (especially if it's full of goodies, lil' Boo Boo)

it is also unlikely that one would get their a** tasered in that situation, either.

  1. the drunken monkeys who also sometimes dwell in the forest never seem to learn these basic survival tactics. as a consequence, they often lose their pic-a-nic baskets full of goodies to the bears.

  2. by making false assumptions about the other critters (and tring to guess who or what they might actually be) based merely upon the noises they make in the forest, Jellystone Park, or as demonstrated in this anonymous exercise in creative writing, one will likely get it wrong and find themselves barking up the wrong tree.

  3. when hunting bear, a good thing to remember is: "whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it". not my words, but those of someone far, far wiser than any of us who live way out here in the forest.


bluntman 8 years, 9 months ago on Steamboat briefs for July 11

why ask me, parfait? looks like you have all the answers for your questions already... if you don't you just just make them up or simply resort to heresay, rumor, inuendo and slander. par(fait) for the course as it comes crawling out of the den of darkness.

tell us what you know, not what you heard, Sherlock. if you have a violation of YOUR civil rights to report, why are you whining on and on and on in an anonymous forum? take it to your lawyer and file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all of the poor barflies who don't get a free ride home (at taxpayer expense) from the poolice anymore. quoting you boy inmypinion was a brilliant move. he/she seems to have some inside information that leads me to believe that the person works for dispatch, ambulance crew or maybe a poolice agency or could even be a poolice commisioner for the town of OC. or maybe (most likely) they just spend a lot of time cozied up to the scanner trying to dream up conspiracy theories that don't hold liquids half as well as their bellies. quoting the CLUCKER as another good source of reliable information is a reach at best, but it made me an instant believer in your cause, for sure. CLUCKER has a lot of credibility. aristocrap is another speculator who asks questions and expects an answer from all the wrong people, in a feeble attempt to stir up the s**t. why not go directly to the person who should be asked and report back to all of us the findings? i guess that wouldn't be half as exciting as dimpling a barstool with an imprint of your brain while going on about what you heard, he said, she said, etc. blahblahblah makes for some good yap in the dank darkness of the tavern, but falls way short under scrutiny in the light of day. get a life, drama queens. now, redirecting to my original point; had the former dog catcher/chief acted upon what she knew to be true at the time, at least one fewer underage female(s) would probably not have been victimized by the same perp. THAT is what we are talking about here, and what the important difference is between the poolice department we have now and the one we had then.

but our esteemed mayor keeps going on about how we need a cop like L***a, waxing nostalgic for what was and for what ain't never gonna be again. good riddance.

hmmmmm... what was all that talk about a LAWSUIT?


bluntman 8 years, 9 months ago on Steamboat briefs for July 11

looks like the good chief has found another way to save money for the hardworking, taxpaying, law abiding citizens of OC. everyone knows just how broke the town is, after all.


bluntman 8 years, 9 months ago on Steamboat briefs for July 11

thanks for the correction, Parfait. fact is, this is something that was mentioned to me by the previous chief several years ago. fact remains, she did nothing.


bluntman 8 years, 9 months ago on Steamboat briefs for July 11

fortunately, Oak Creek now has a police department that operates with integrity and accountability and deals with crimes such as this as opposed to sweeping them under the rug as was commonplace with the former dog catcher... oops, i mean chief. she knew about this guy and his behavior and by reading the comments here, it seems that plenty of other people did (or, do) as well.

"me an' so-and-so (insert name of perp of choice) have a real good working relationship..." was the usual response to any sort of complaint.

yeah, right.


bluntman 8 years, 9 months ago on The Record for July 8



if this newspaper (and/or forum, for that matter) don't meet your journalistic standards for tabloid-style titillation, then go ahead and start yer own, CLUCKER!!!

it sure was nice around here while you were out.


bluntman 8 years, 10 months ago on Rob Douglas: C.R. 36 becomes Taylor Way

how utterly ironic that the city of Steamboat Springs was just awarded a $4k grant under the "Share the Road" campaign. i sincerely hope that some of the funds will be set aside for "sensitivity training" so that the county commissioners may gain a better perspective on the subtle nuances and complexities of this issue.

until then, it's



bluntman 8 years, 10 months ago on Our View: Ride a bike; obey the laws


what applies to cyclists applies as well to the righteous, arrogant hypocrites behind the wheel. y'all are just looking for someone to lash out at because your backside is feeling pinched by $4.00 + per gallon for the liquids and you're sitting on your brains while driving a giant SUV or duallie across town in bumper-to-bumper traffic @ zero mpg. with the exception of those with disabilites etc., we all can (and do) make transportation choices. why blame someone else when your choice was poorly made? hmm... the infernal combustion engine is going the way of the dinosaurs, and well it should. i seem to recall reading somewhere that


true that.


bluntman 8 years, 10 months ago on Chief's review postponed

i did not enjoy reading that... not one bit. i also requested that the editors remove those posts, for obvious reasons.

if the citizens are so concerned, why not step up and put a name and a face to the rhetoric of hate? i will answer the question for those who just don't seem to get it- because the "concerned citizens" should be labelled what they really are; the "chickens**t citizens". they wear white sheets and pillowcases with holes cut out for their beady, squinting eyes. it sure is bright outside in the light of day and rather than stand up to a fair fight and call someone names to their face (and risk a well deserved beat-down) they mumble and mutter of conspiracies that take place outside of the dank den of darkness. booo effn hooo.

scurry back to your barstools like the vermin that you are. soothe your eyes that are not acclimated to the light of day or the truth. refresh your harsh cackles with some cool fermented malt beverages and tell each other how smart you think you are. the "chickens**t citizens are only deluding themselves.

get a life maynerd... really.


bluntman 9 years ago on Steamboat briefs for April 29

if she floats, she is a witch.

if she sinks, she is a witch.

let the inquisition begin...