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Mark Ruckman 10 hours, 58 minutes ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

Dan you are wrong and here is why.

1) I know what the Tea Party is about and I don't disagree with the fundamentals. 2) What are my points of view? How do I vote in elections? The answer is you have no idea. I can tell you I dislike loud mouths that are on TV, radio, and internet forums daily sharing their dislike for government this / that all in the belief they are going to change the thinking of a single person.

3) Which one of my point of views on healthcare insurance do they disagree with? My Insurance plan was cancelled at the end of 2013 and my options all cost more.

4) Unless I cross the line with the comments rules of the paper, I'm free to share my opinion in the same manner as other spew their about local govt, national Govt, federal policies, healthcare etc


Mark Ruckman 22 hours, 34 minutes ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

Tea Bagger = Tea Party = many of the above who have an anti government / Obama rant to share on a daily basis.

What they do in the privacy of a bedroom with or without tea is not open to speculation by me.


Mark Ruckman 2 days ago on Judge unseals arrest warrant for Steamboat mother whose 3-year-old died

100% agree with Joe, unreal.

I do wonder if Brian Jordon knew she had a young son and if yes... why he didn't question who was taking care of the child.


Mark Ruckman 2 days, 4 hours ago on The Record for Monday, April 14, 2014

8:01am, I did neither. I was trying to drive the speed limit and your Subaru was struggling to reach 10mph below the speed limit. :)


Mark Ruckman 3 days, 20 hours ago on Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical

Any sources that support your %'s Jerry?

Back in my day was the 60's. The was dope around but about 5% of the kids used it, not the 50% now.