Leslie Gamel


Leslie Gamel 2 years, 6 months ago

My lawyer and I were not afforded the privilege of comment before this article was printed. So much for fair and impartial journalism but I guess I shouldn't expect that since I am sueing the publisher of this paper. I was also not afforded the proper Rotary International process or procedures for termination (being "booted"). Every Rotary Club is required to adopt the Rotary International Constitution wherein a very detailed process for termination is defined. The Steamboat Springs club either had them, and they were ignored, or as they have asserted, didn't know they existed.

That is what the lawsuit is about. I do not dispute the great works of this club that I actively participated in and received numerous awards for since my tenure in the Steamboat Springs Rotary Club. I have not sued the Steamboat Springs club so it is the people named in the suit that have taken the charge of using the Club funds for their defense.

This, sadly, as I have learned, is the detriment of membership. If reputable service clubs don't follow their own rules and codes of conduct, that makes the members very vulnerable to the whims of the few.

Somewhere it was forgotten with these members that it is supposed to be about service, which I consistently did.

Leslie D Gamel


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