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brian ferguson 1 week, 6 days ago on Committee discusses prospects of several new multi-use trails on Rabbit Ears Pass

Talked to a guy who knows a guy that talked to a guy that said ski corp. was in the canyon this year salivating at the idea....and if no road, guided tours instead....bummer.


brian ferguson 2 weeks ago on Committee discusses prospects of several new multi-use trails on Rabbit Ears Pass

So a three foot wide strip of dirt has the potential to "significantly impact wildlife" says wildlife officials. Lets hope they feel that way when the ski area wants to blast a road into fish creek canyon.


brian ferguson 3 weeks ago on Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical many millions of people smoked a bit of weed in H.S? People that are now doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, judges, business owners, government employees, senators, presidents, and ditch diggers... I'm not saying smoking during H.S is a good idea, especially on school grounds (not that she was) but when I was in H.S in New jersey I smoked with the senior class president, the center and right tackle of the football team, multiple soccer players, and countless other well respected, well liked students, many of which I'm certain turned out to be outstanding citizens.(unlike my ski-bum self) I also remember a few of these kids getting in trouble for having weed on campus (and liquor), yet I did graduate with them, they were not expelled...and this was in jersey in the 80's....smack dab in the middle of the Reagan "just say no" campaign


brian ferguson 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Routt County law enforcement trains for the worst

...fastest way to have these guys show up at your house?

STEP 1: Receive jury summons

STEP 2: Call the night before jury date to see if trial is being held, listen to recording saying you are NOT needed for trial (juror # above the cut-off)

STEP 3: Two weeks later, receive "failure to appear for jury duty" notice and be threatened with jail time and fines.....America!!!

So what do you do? Trust that they know they messed up? Disregard the notice and continue on with your life? ??? I don't think so. What I did is go to courthouse and be told that it was simply a COMPUTER GLITCH. So all it takes to be accused of a no call, no show, and be threatened with jail time and fines in America/ Routt county is a COMPUTER GLITCH!!!!! COMPUTER GLITCH!!! How many people received this failure to appear notice? (march 6th trial) Are you on a list? Are you a wanted person now? Are you prepared to do 6 months in jail and pay $750 in fines because of a COMPUTER GLITCH? Do what I did. Go to the courthouse and get a notarized,stamped letter saying you are cleared of this COMPUTER GLITCH. I wouldn't just call in...'cause what if there is another COMPUTER GLITCH?


brian ferguson 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Bridging the poverty gap: Poverty simulation showcases struggle of families in need

Never be poor?...unless you work 40-60 hour work weeks ( Motorola) for 25-30 years saving and investing ...then get robbed by American banks/ financial system/government, and lose 400,000 dollars, and then get laid off, and then end up having to deliver car parts for $8.00, like someone I know...and now have no home,savings,food,clothing,ect...America!!!