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brian ferguson 3 days, 19 hours ago on Dog's Eye View: Reaching critical mass

Critical mass? about walking 3 dogs off leash. All well trained I'm sure. Smart as tacks.(border collies) Untill one breaks from "voice command" and bites what happened to me today by the river. Luckily just superficial wounds. I've been hanging around some great dogs lately, from tiny chihuahuas to "big n' scary" rotweilers. Smart as tacks...and friendly. I like friendly.


brian ferguson 3 months, 1 week ago on Fallout from bus service cuts continues in Steamboat Springs

Got on an "extra" nightline bus last night at city market around 10:30. It was standing room only. Only saw two open containers of alchohol being consumed, by what looked like teenagers,loudly celebrating their intoxication. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN???????


brian ferguson 4 months ago on Routt County's improving economy confronts a shortage of workers

Restaurant kitchen employees: It is not o.k to handle raw poultry/meats with bare hands and then make salads with no gloves on. j.s.y.n ( no matter how "experienced" you are.) FOOD POISIONING STINKS!!!! I worked a job here in town for 9 years or so...every day I would check food temperatures in the morning ( because I give a crap) I kept finding the cooler running 45 I'd turn it down...only to find it turned back up to 45 the next morning. Finally I asked the "manager" why. He told me 45 degrees was proper food holding temperature. O.M.G !!!!! And that was after 15 years of him running the show.