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brian ferguson 1 year, 1 month ago on Community Ag Alliance: A unique opportunity for mountain irrigators

This money used to off set "out of pocket" expenses is O.P.M, yes? How do the people on this forum who dont like to see their money being spent by the govt feel about this and other govt grants given to (most likely) wealthy land owners? Or at least "land rich" Just wondering. Is it any different than designating moneys toward affordable housing?


brian ferguson 1 year, 1 month ago on Vehicle repairs adding up after fuel contamination in Steamboat

Polluted the river a few years back and now this!!! That station is sooo sketchy. I worked there for a short time and talked to a few fuel truck drivers. They were telling me how much of an ecological nightmare the fuel depot was....gas spilling everywhere. And for the few people who are unfortunate to work there, be careful, if you quit they accuse you of stealing and never give you your last paycheck. They still owe me $200.


brian ferguson 1 year, 1 month ago on Affordable apartments pass first test with city of Steamboat, more to come

Wow...bla bla bla, you guys sure do talk/blog alot. Anyway, how many millions of tax dollars does the govt shell out to land owners every year for agriculture grants. I know a millionaire that recieved $5000 (of mark's tax dollars) to keep elk out of his b.s moldy hay pile. ...o.k, off to work now.


brian ferguson 1 year, 1 month ago on Forest Service seeks feedback on new Buffalo Pass trails

With increased use on buff pass the forest cops will have more people to choose from to harass. Heaven forbid someone camps in an empty parking lot on forest land for one night. No partying, no bonfire, no off road destruction...just trying to catch some rest and get an early start in the morning. I guess it is "clearly"marked no camping with tiny signs 40 feet up in the trees. Should have known better, it is public land in routt nat forest. I guess building illegal trails would have been better...even celebrated. So no fines for these Illegal trail builders? Must be nice.


brian ferguson 1 year, 2 months ago on Dog's Eye View: Reaching critical mass

Critical mass? about walking 3 dogs off leash. All well trained I'm sure. Smart as tacks.(border collies) Untill one breaks from "voice command" and bites what happened to me today by the river. Luckily just superficial wounds. I've been hanging around some great dogs lately, from tiny chihuahuas to "big n' scary" rotweilers. Smart as tacks...and friendly. I like friendly.


brian ferguson 1 year, 5 months ago on Fallout from bus service cuts continues in Steamboat Springs

Got on an "extra" nightline bus last night at city market around 10:30. It was standing room only. Only saw two open containers of alchohol being consumed, by what looked like teenagers,loudly celebrating their intoxication. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN???????