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brian ferguson 4 days, 3 hours ago on Routt County's improving economy confronts a shortage of workers

Restaurant kitchen employees: It is not o.k to handle raw poultry/meats with bare hands and then make salads with no gloves on. j.s.y.n ( no matter how "experienced" you are.) FOOD POISIONING STINKS!!!! I worked a job here in town for 9 years or so...every day I would check food temperatures in the morning ( because I give a crap) I kept finding the cooler running 45 I'd turn it down...only to find it turned back up to 45 the next morning. Finally I asked the "manager" why. He told me 45 degrees was proper food holding temperature. O.M.G !!!!! And that was after 15 years of him running the show.


brian ferguson 4 days, 4 hours ago on Routt County's improving economy confronts a shortage of workers

hey...could one of the eleven jobs I applied for please get back to me...thanks. Oh...and be careful who you work for...they might steal your last paycheck.


brian ferguson 3 weeks ago on Tight rental market, limited labor force are challenging employers in Steamboat Springs

Employers need to make it easier for potential employees to get hired. So many hoops to jump through to get the simplest of jobs. Talking to someone in florida for a local job? Locked doors to establishments even though they day to come to the side door? Resumes??? To flip a burger??? Even when their ad days just to swing by?

And by the way...what the heck is a "competitive" wage?

My favorite job interview lately involved being told 10 dollars an hour was an EXCELLENT wage, and anything broken in the store by customers would be coming out if my paycheck...and then I was told training was "half pay"

Man...i miss Steamboat...the way it used to be..bunch of clowns running the show nowadays


brian ferguson 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Libby Foster: Community effort

Sounds great, but why were there representatives from banks there? Trying to get a better look at who NOT to lend money to I guess.


brian ferguson 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Tom Ross: Locks were meant to keep bears out of dumpsters, not keep them in

....wish I had video of the bear on top of me back in 92'.....yea, on top of me...learned my lesson quick about leaving food out at camp (summit lake)