beverly lemons

beverly lemons 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Gary Hofmeister: Really, really, really…

How about a black person lectures Gary and friends on white history while advising them about wonder bread and mayonnaise? Should they decorate themselves with the rebel flag or the tea party snake while walking around Walmart with their assault weapons? How about the wonderful white Christians of Steamboat disenfranchise themselves of the notion that it is their right to go Ayn Rand on those who were not born into the white privilege they are so freaked about keeping? People of color will not kotow to you, get over it.


beverly lemons 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Kate Nowak: A plethora of resources

Thank you Kate! I am a grandmother, so not as aware of these resources as a younger person would be. May I add that anyone facing a crisis can reach out to neighbors and co-workers? Let's not be silent when it comes to our children, and the children of the people in our community.


beverly lemons 3 months, 4 weeks ago on Dagny McKinley: Any help for mothers?

Dagny, you are writing the same questions I, and many others have. So far, only the anti-abortion group (Selah) is offering support for troubled parents, and I doubt they are really able to do much. Social services does not seem up to the task, either. This tragic and horrible death of a small child via extreme neglect highlights a severe gap in our community when it comes to the needs of children and parents who are not able to care for their children for whatever reason. I would like to see day-care for any child made available to all the families in our community, as well as a whole slew of parenting classes and support services for folks who are ill-equipped and overwhelmed and want to do better. Will different groups and entities do something proactive about this? Making child care available to everyone will bring cases like this to the attention of the authorities before it results in death, again. It would also allow parents the opportunity to get a grip on what they are doing, if they are in trouble.


beverly lemons 3 months, 4 weeks ago on Thinking About Health: Facing the realities of high-deductible insurance

You're lying. I was never eligible for medicaid or any other programs. Many people just like me have gone without healthcare until now.

No one has stolen anything, and no one owes you an apology. If you're without insurance at this point, it's all on you, not me, not Obama, and not the fault of the AHA.


beverly lemons 4 months ago on Thinking About Health: Facing the realities of high-deductible insurance

I am so glad to finally have access to health insurance that is affordable and effective. As a self-employed woman, the AFA is crucial. Because of Obamacare, I have health insurance for the first time in years.


beverly lemons 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rob Douglas: Abolish mandatory drug sentences

I have never seen any benefit, to either our culture or to individuals, for incarcerating people solely for drug use. It does nothing to curb addiction. It does not put a dent in cartel activity, and it ruins people's lives. If one engages in crimes against other person's (like assault and theft,) a penalty needs to be incurred. For getting high? Not so much. I suspect many drug offenders would never commit, or engage in, any other criminal activity apart from what they do to themselves. And that is their business. Too many drug enforcement teams and for profit prisons are dependent on drug users to justify their livelihood. Drug use should not be a crime. Exploiting those who imbibe for your own gain, or using their proclivity for altered states as an excuse to run around with guns and haz-mat costumes should be. Law enforcement can be far too much about access to grant monies and stroking ego's, building careers and getting access to public office. It is time to amend policy and law on the side of reason.