Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer 3 days, 6 hours ago on From Verne Lundquist to Buffy the Tire Slayer: Buffalo Pass trail name ideas run the gamut

This trail is for everyone. Not just bikes. The Pilot, the 2A Trails Committee and BTUSA (being paid by the city to market these trails) are doing a disservice to this trails project by focusing on bikes too much.


Eric Meyer 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Fly-in campground being built by Steamboat Springs Airport to attract outdoorsy pilots

Assume for a minute that Parks & Rec Staff told City Council that they have started to build a campground on Howelsen Hill & Emerald that was free to individuals who came and raced in trail events but no one else could use the city staff built and presumably maintained campground. Would City Council or City Manager be okay with 1) building a campground without going through planning or parks & rec commission 2) doing a capital project that is not on the CIP 3) not charging a fee 4) only allowing a small, likely better off than many, set of individuals access? I am sure I missed other reasons why this is really strange.


Eric Meyer 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Do you think the city should approve the revised RiverView downtown development plan, which was endorsed last week by the Steamboat Springs Planning Commission?

We lost public access when they convinced the city to vacate the roads (HUGE gift that they paid $10 for) when they called it "riverwalk" and now even less public access in the new "Riverview" proposal.

I think a better question is why anyone would support a few future private residences blocking access to city owned river property?


Eric Meyer 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Tom Bowers: Colorado does not need wolves

I saw them in the wild for the first time in 2002 in yellowstone as a lone wolf was accepted into a new pack. It was amazing to see. They are already here and will likely grow in numbers. This is some evidence that is easy to watch and understand. I would be open to seeing your claimed damage and keep an open mind, but my experience has been positive so I disagree with your stance until you take the time to actually show the damages you claim.


Eric Meyer 3 weeks ago on Harriet Freiberger: What’s in a name?

Great history. Personally, I don't think any trail should use the full name of any individual even if they where the sole driving force to make the trail a reality (not the case for this trail). Do a quick google search for Lynn Jones. Pretty common name that could easily be confused with others more famous or recognized than the local Lynn Jones described above. Just my 2 cents.