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Alvin Wolff 6 months, 1 week ago on City of Steamboat Springs settles Howelsen Hill skier death lawsuit

The reason the case was settled for $150,000 is because of tort reform. When there is a cap on a case, that is tort reform. The reason there is tort reform is because politicians feel that while you are smart enough to elect them you are not smart enough to value human life. It's a total insult to the Constitution of the United States. The right to jury trial should not be violated by any law...but it is.


Alvin Wolff 6 months, 2 weeks ago on City of Steamboat Springs settles Howelsen Hill skier death lawsuit

The contingent fee contract gives a person the key to the courthouse. I doubt if many working families in Routt County can pay a lawyer 250 an hour x 200 which is what I estimate the hours to be. The lawyer took the case on a contingent fee basis which means he can put in all the work and not get paid if he looses. He also probably spent upwards of 25k on expenses. He had to get experts. He had to argue and win an appeal after the trial court threw out the case. He had to beat a governmental entity which is hard to do. He did all this despite a cap of only 150k which means his upside potential was nil. In addition, while all this was going on and he was not getting paid, he had to pay rent, electric, copier, postage, databases, secretary, paralegal, office supplies, and insurance just to kept the lights on and the doors open. This work is not like saying I have a case, I'll write a letter, and manna will fall down from the sky. It is hard work with a lot of ifs, maybes and probably not. The lawyer also spends a lot of time telling people they don't have cases without pay. The money sounds like a lot but after taxes and expenses and risks, it's really not.


Alvin Wolff 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat City Council to vote on whether to remove parking spots from Yampa Street

$54,000 for a parking study? Are you crazy? Get a high school kid to ask 200 pedestrians what should be done for a buck a person. You'll get the same results for $200 and save $53,800. This is not rocket science people. Use common sense and you'll figure it out.


Alvin Wolff 1 year, 7 months ago on Gardner Flanigan: Apology needed

The papers duty is to print the news. Unfortunately it can't always be Cotten candy and daffodils. Murder is murder. It is news. Losing an athlete is news. A mother murdering her son is news. Public mournings are news. If Mike wanted privacy, that could have been arranged. As sad as everything is, it's news. Most of the news the pilot prints is happy stuff. Life is not always about happiness. Sometimes it's plain tragic and the paper has done a remarkable job covering this horror.


Alvin Wolff 4 years, 5 months ago on awolffjr

These guys that put on the wine festival appear to be total carpetbaggers. They're getting 90 bucks for consumers to drink $15 wine. For these prices the quailty should be much better and the local restauraners should be getting a bigger bang for their buck. Steamboat folks could and should do a much better job producing this event locally. What can you say about a wine festival where the margaritas are better than any of the wines poured?


Alvin Wolff 5 years ago on awolffjr

In 30 years, I've seen many life changing disabling head injuries. Each of the clients thought that he or she was bullet proof the day the injury occured and the day that nightmares began of personality changes, headaches, early alzheimers, multisystem dysfunction, etc. It's not a pretty sight to see a tough guy having spit wiped from the corners of his mouth because he can't do so. It used to be that you didn't have to wear a seatbelt. Now it's the law. That is because seatbelts save lives. It's documented and proven. Same with helmets. That the recent ski area deaths didn't involve a helmet or head injury means nothing to the next out of control skier who hits a tree or gets creamed by somebody else on the slopes. My only point that it is much more effective to change behavior by leadership practicing what they preach rather than saying: "do as I say, not as I do."