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Ashley DeCurtis 1 year, 11 months ago on Former Routt County deputy treasurer arrested on embezzlement charges

Are you really trying to suggest that theft of 20000 dollars is excusable? It doesn't matter whether it's personal or public money. We go to work and earn the dollar we agreed to- the only difference between her and a bank robber is she doesn't risk her physical well being during the crime


Ashley DeCurtis 1 year, 11 months ago on Ed Miklus: Unified policing

I also forgot to mention that I understand that this discussion was brought around by the sheriff-

He wants to expand, and this is the way to accomplish that. He wants to increase their funding, and this will accomplish that.

This is the perfect time to swoop in looking for support from civilians.. There has been a recent spike in confusion and distrust because of the allegations, and a continued impasse on the new police building discussions.

Here the sheriff is saying, "Don't worry- let me take care of things. Let's just get rid of this little problem and 'combine'". And people are going to agree even though its a bad idea. Unfortunately, the consequences are far reaching and will take a long time to unveil, once its too late and too expensive to revert back to how things were.


Ashley DeCurtis 1 year, 11 months ago on Ed Miklus: Unified policing

It would not be a unification. There are two options: 1) The municipal police department is dissolved, leaving the county sheriffs with the same jurisdiction but a much higher call load. There tends to be an awkward reshuffling of positions and several people from the municipal police would be left without jobs. 2) The municipal police maintain their jurisdiction and there are two separate agencies cramped together in the same building with a completely different operational structure.

What you are most likely describing is just creating more sheriffs positions and closing the police department. You cannot have a hybrid department.

Most people do not realize that even though county sheriffs have jurisdiction over the whole county, they only operate in county areas outside of cites, or the "in-between". This is standard nation wide. This means they generally deal in highway crashes, and more uncommonly, residential calls for service. It is a completely different style of police work.

An important problem, because it has serious safety implications- is that the average response time for calls would increase significantly.

I am a police officer in Florida, and I could not imagine a sheriff only police system. We had unification discussions at one point, and they were almost immediately squashed. This kind of discussion almost always tends to happen when some sort of scandal occurs- or citizens (usually without police experience) start to focus on the money without realizing the full implications and consequences. I think in this case it is a mix of both. This is not the kind of decision that should be made simply because civilians think it should suddenly be changed. There is a reason it hasn't happened already. In reference to your comment about how it is successful elsewhere: comparing Steamboat to Salt Lake City Utah is like comparing Colorado Mountain College to University of Colorado. They are in the same genre, but any discussion of policy change, or operational goals would simply not compare or translate.

I appreciate your opinion, but most of your bullet points are singularly opinionated and have no basis in fact.


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Excellent! I come in the 14th-21st. Can't wait to get out there!!