aselch 10 years, 3 months ago on Doug Smith: Bypass needed

How about we restripe US 40 to more effectively use all that additional pavement the state layed down several years ago. It needs four lanes to at least Sleepy Bear. They could be had by narrowing the shoulders and center turn lane. Then lets put a frontage road between Cooper Ridge And Pioneer Village that allows access to 40 only through the light at the transportation center. As to a bypass, the only route left that won't impact a recreational amenity or building would be a tunnel under, or elevated roadway above the railroad, should only cost a billion or so. Lets write a grant proposal to Homeland Security, or some equally flush federal department. Then get our congressman on board. They are always looking for ways to bring home the bacon for the home district. No problem, right? I know, sounds a little kooky but who has a better idea? We have to start somewhere. Lets get the debate rolling.