another_local 8 years, 10 months ago on Brent Boyer: Cleaning up our online comments


First of all, sorry, I was not addressing you specifically. I was responding to several posts, yours among them, that seemed to imply that the newspaper has ulterior motives in collecting information. I apologize if you felt I was attacking you.

Dense? No, and I don't appreciate the characterization.

Trusting? Yes. I know Brent and a number of other people at the paper and I do trust them. I would trust them with considerably more (for other purposes) than they are asking for here, especially since they are asking for information that is available anyway.

"Identity Theft? Really?" Refers not to my doubt that this can be done, but rather, to the belief that this information is enough to do it and that information gathering is the purpose of the policy.

I am not thrilled that they exist but all this information and more is available on-line by using any of several people search websites. Giving this small amount of widely available information to a business that already knows more than that about me does not bother me in the slightest.

Most people here generally leave doors unlocked and we trust our neighbors with a lot more than our year of birth and phone numbers. I understand that is no longer that case in many places, but perhaps that is one reason so many want to visit here? I did not mean to imply that you would leave the community, stop visiting or that you should, but simply that we would not be seeing comments from people unwilling to meet the requirements for posting here.

This issue is about some level of accountability for what is said and the ability to determine who can enter and participate, not about gathering information.


another_local 8 years, 10 months ago on Brent Boyer: Cleaning up our online comments

All the info except the year of birth is in the phone book.

Identity theft? Really? That is the reason on you object? I guess we will not be hearing from you any more.


another_local 8 years, 10 months ago on Brent Boyer: Cleaning up our online comments

I am amazed at the number of people who have evidently not read the new policy carefully. You will still be able to post without your name appearing if that is what you wish.

Yes, the newspaper will have a couple of people with access to your identity but it will not be published.

My guess is that this will halt some of the more irresponsible posts in addition to preventing people who are banned from re-registering so easily.

As to free speach issues; this forum is a privately owned place to which the public is invited. The newspaper is well within their rights to insist on knowing who is in here and is under no obligation to tolorate some of the nonsense that occurs here daily.

This is a good change.


another_local 8 years, 10 months ago on Police defend use of Taser

This is absurd. The officer could have waited for another officer to arrive. The subject was not going anywhere. There was no reason to push into the house or use excessive force.


another_local 8 years, 10 months ago on Triple Crown could stay

addlip, 1st. Building fields IS spending money on us. It is our kids that will use them most of the year. (Why they would cost a million apiece to build is another question though. Seems way high to me) 2nd. Govt spends money on things that benefit private enterprise (which in turn funds govt through taxes on economic activity) ALL the time. Public roads are a good example. Roads are built at great public expense to connect private enterprise to the economy. In this case, local businesses make a lot more sales than Triple crown as a result of them being here and therefor employ hundreds of people. The sales tax generated is many times greater than the expense.

The other communities already have the fields. Our facilities ARE substandard. When we travel around the state for kids sports we find that most places have both more and better athletic facilities.

However, I think you are right about the negotiations.


another_local 8 years, 10 months ago on Steamboat airfare deals pop up

Changing airlines on an itinerary will cost you a lot of money no matter where you start. That is not a Steamboat/Hayden issue. I have flown out of Steamboat for years. Airfares are generally not bad compared to the expense and time used driving to Denver for cheaper fares. Most of the time I get round trips for $300 - $400 out of Hayden to the West Coast and a little more to the East.


another_local 8 years, 10 months ago on Dr. Henry R. Savage: CO2 is food

The new Henry though, can't seem to find anything on google other than his contributions to the Pilot.