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Andy Kennedy 3 years, 11 months ago on Deb Babcock: Good for your garden and town

Great article Deb, thanks for spreading the word on how valuable compost (and our industrial compost facility) is!! I shared it with our networks and posted it on the Zero Waste page. Happy Spring!


Andy Kennedy 4 years, 7 months ago on Antigrowth documentary to screen Tuesday in Steamboat

In conjunction with YVSC's Talking Green program's Annual Local Garden Potluck in conjunction with Transition Steamboat, the screening actually starts around 7pm, after dinner. Locals are invited to both events, bringing local food from gardens or suppliers to the potluck. Gardner is also showing a shortened version of the film. For more on this event, see


Andy Kennedy 5 years, 7 months ago on Our View: Plastic bag fee won’t work

It is surprising to me that the board has not done more research on this controversial topic before issuing what sounds like a blanket statement.

Over 30 countries have banned the plastic bag, including China, who makes them for us. As many or more countries and US cities, including Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, and Telluride, have opted for a green fee for bags instead because it DOES encourage change faster than free bags do, to the tune of 95% reduction of plastic bag use in Ireland.

I am also curious as to how the Pilot proposes to raise funds for their expensive suggestion, a budget that YVR simply can not raise, likely $5-10,000 per year for these reusable bags. I think you are assuming quite a bit in saying that residents and visitors will return these bags, when most visitors will likely take them home as Steamboat souvenirs.

I urge those of you who care strongly either way about this topic to listen to the facts and education power point on 9/6 to City Council before you make a decision.


Andy Kennedy 5 years, 7 months ago on Should Steamboat Springs require retailers to charge their customers a fee to use disposable plastic grocery bags?

  1. While paper isn't great bc it's expensive and made from trees, it not only biodegrades, it's compostable and reusable. Plastic is made from petroleum, therefore goes up in price when petroleum does, doesn't biodegrade, and is confusingly recyclable - it's only recyclable at the stores, not through Waste Management but winds up in WM bins bc of the recycle logo on it. Bottom line, we shouldn't be using EITHER. Charging or banning plastic doesn't mean people will use paper. It means they'll bring their own bags.

  2. Currently Yampa Valley Recyles and the Zero Waste Initiative are creating a powerpoint on this with pictures of -yes- bags blowing around town and our river, facts on what other resort cities are doing and how easy it is to monitor and share the funding. Please attend on 9/6 if you support!

Steps to keep this from truly impacting the retailers and visitors: 1. You can always get plastic bags from the outside recycling bin at City Market and Safeway if you forget them. 2. We can use this as a way for funding for Yampa valley Recycles and the Zero Waste Initiative. 3. Get green companies to sponsor bags for prop mgnt companies (PMCs) as additional advertising and show of support. 4. Encourage PMCs to spread the word in email to bring own bags if they need more than the one pmcs will provide. 5. PMCs can tack the 50c onto each room bill to help pay for bag when sponsors dwindle. 6. If visitors get a bag, what a nice steamboat takeaway to bring to their town and carry on this effort. 7. Make this optional for smaller retailers and help train their staff to simply ask. 8. A portion of the 20c can go back to retailer to pay for the tracking and payout on this. 9. This will continue to market Steamboat as a Green Town that the growing waves of Green Travelers will applaud. It's not all about appeasing the Triple Crown Gang, many of which are also Green Travelers. 10. Many other resort towns are doing this, and many more ideas can be borrowed from them.

Andy Kennedy, Zero Waste Initiative Thanks TV18 -


Andy Kennedy 6 years, 10 months ago on Fall paving likely in downtown Steamboat

The construction is unavoidable at this point, and instead of complaining we should all go downtown and shop to support those businesses.

But in the meantime I support a workshop on traffic control for our officers, they obviously don't know what "keep the flow moving" really means. One car at a time is not "flow."

I also am concerned to hear that the asphalt they're ripping up is going into a landfill near our river instead of being picked up for free and recycled by Connell construction, which I know from an employee that they offered to do.

I would love to see all these concerned citizens collaborating on how to fix the problems in this horrendous nuisance that we actually can help solve.


Andy Kennedy 7 years, 2 months ago on Couple works to open town to those with disabilities

In-kind donations and volunteers are still being accepted for our 2010 Ski Camp! Contact Access Anything through Thanks Joel for such a wonderful article!


Andy Kennedy 7 years, 10 months ago on Corna death under investigation

oh Chris, you were taken from us way too soon. you leave a huge hole in Steamboat's heart that we'll never be able to fill. this is such a sour tragedy, and our deep loss is heaven's great gain. we can only ask, why?