Al Reiner

Steamboat Springs

Al Reiner 3 years, 5 months ago on Our View: Time has come to allow Triple Crown pilot program at Emerald Park

Okay; when they DEMAND use of the pilots front yard for parking, and require the town take them to Walmart, Safeway and Citymarket for beer runs we must give in or they will run to Kremling, Hayden, or maybe Walden LET THEM GO


Al Reiner 3 years, 6 months ago on Thinking About Health: The coming of Obamacare and what it means for you

Okay you are over 65 , a tea bagger and hate Obama, understand the ACA or Obama care does for you . Now on Medicare, a smaller doughnut hole , and now the annual wellness exam includes blood work ups, as part of the fee. I paid into Social Security for over 50 years, it is not charity, I earned it. Do you really care that insurance companies now are limited in the salaries they pay to top executives, and the Newspaper ads that they spend out of you're premiums? Does it bother you that they no longer can cancel you after you get cancer.


Al Reiner 9 years, 4 months ago on Ken Brenner: Balanced plan best for Roan

Come on people If White has his way both Tree huggers, Snowmobiler's and hunters will lose all access to the Roan . If it is radical to limit development to all our PUBLIC lands . What is it to suggest unlimited gas and oil will bring . The answer is: No Trespass signs put up by foreign gas and oil companies. Rememberer not to long ago the OIL Shale debacle that hit this state.


Al Reiner 9 years, 5 months ago on Mother Nature, new chairlift wreak havoc at ski area

The real story is how did the Management not know about the cable until opening day. Also why will they wait until 3 December to decide about additional chairs. The real story is are they acting like ASC or Intrawest. It seems that the ski area has responded with insults, and arrogance. Love it or leave it, Calling peopple who dissagree "poor B*stard" S...t doesnot happen it is caused by bean counters . Nobody was Otten back.. but at least last year he ran some chairs.