Elizabeth Danielson

Elizabeth Danielson 1 day, 20 hours ago on Roundabouts one way to meet several goals at approach to resort base

Walt, you obviously don't live near Steamboat Blvd. A roundabout at that intersection with Mt. Werner would be a wonderful solution! Hope these traffic improvements are given a high priority.


Elizabeth Danielson 5 years, 11 months ago on County shuts down Steamboat's Sweet Pea Market and Cafe

When the law stipulated a financial penalty (fine) for non-compliance, it made more financial sense for this small business to pay the fine rather than close during the time they could make the most revenue. They paid the fines, they've corrected the issue - this seems to be a case of double penalties being invoked for the same offense; I hope some lawyer will take a look at the legality of the county even doing this. It's not only Sweet Pea that suffers, but this also impacts every county resident that shops at the store and is now denied access to the products they want, and of course trickles back as a negative impact to every vendor (again many small businesses) that supplies the store who will see a decline in their revenue as well. A poor decision in this economic climate....


Elizabeth Danielson 7 years, 2 months ago on Johnson murder retrial begins in Larimer County

Do I remember correctly that he used a stun gun in the attack? I don't think people usually carry a stun gun when trying to convince someone to serve as a maid of honor......