armando arce

armando arce 1 year, 1 month ago on Sureva Towler: 1970s were ‘groovy’

I would like to thank you for putting a smile on my face Sureva. Having grown up in Steamboat in the 70’s and early 80’s I can testify that you could not be more accurate with your article. It was a special time and a much simpler era here in the valley.


armando arce 2 years, 2 months ago on Tom Wither: Stop raining on the parade

Tom Wither was just expressing his thoughts on a part of the 4th of July Parade that many people have complained about though out the years. I think it is so unfortunate that someone like Tom cannot make a statement, no matter how trivial it may be to some, without the sarcastic remarks. Tom Wither has as much love for our community as the next person who is so privileged to live in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding areas. He has given countless hours of his time to make Steamboat a better community. He was a great influence on many students who crossed paths with him when he was the art teacher at Steamboat Springs High School for decades. I have known Tom since the late 70’s and he is a good, caring and decent man who was just saying what was on his mind. Those type of insensitive remarks may prevent people who want to express his or her opinions in the future no matter how great or small their topics may be.


armando arce 2 years, 10 months ago on Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs shakeup ousts Aragon and Toy

It's a shame how this was handled by Jim Swiggart regarding the handling of 2 incredible people, Don Toy and John Aragon. Two individuals who are firmly intrenched in the Steamboat community, exceptional coaches and incredible people with boundless integrity. Props to Carol Baily for her loyalty to these two men! Not sure what the thinking is when a business like this needs more revenue and you decide to increase that revenue by letting the heart and soul of your business go.