Ted_Bell 8 years, 8 months ago on Epilogue hosts release party for latest in vampire book series

No. You are so wrong. I taught my kids about vampires and witchcraft so that even if they do get into a car accident their skills will keep them from being harmed.

What good does a bible do to prevent accidents? I know a missionary who got hit on the head with a bible. He has never been quite the same ever since. And then there was that local guy who thought that Jesus would protect his home from being bulldozed to build the new school. If he would have engaged the services of the local vampires and witches, he would probably still have his home and what not.

There have been lots of movies about the bible but the movie based on the Twilight series has not even yet been released so how do you even know what the hail you are talking about since you could not have seen the movie unless you have been hanging out on teh set.


Ted_Bell 8 years, 8 months ago on Radon lurks in city homes

How many people do you know who have died of any reason in their own home with drugs or alcohol being a contributing factor?

I had a friend who had a tenant who died of a heroin overdose in one of the many units my friends owns. His management company uses all reasonable due diligence to pre-screen tenants for criminal history and they run credit report. No matter how many employees has, he still cannot save his tenants from their own poor decisions. The friends of the family of the man who died were livid that the property owner did not always maintain drug sniffing dogs on the premises and sued for wrongful death.

It was a good thing that my friend had some talented lawyers always on retainer. The family of the deceased tried to claim that is was RADON (or maybe it was Radar) that killed the bloke even though the tox report showed that the bloke had essentially embalmed himself with drugs and alcohol.

Once a woman died because she was intoxicated in her rental unit and her burning cigarette caught the bed on fire. Her husband sued for wrongful death and lack of consortium and blamed RADON and the public schools (for lack of DARE training in the 70s which no doubt contributed to this tragic event).


Ted_Bell 8 years, 8 months ago on Peggy Watson: Save The Tugboat

Save the Tugboat. Bring Back Dos and Mattie Silks!

These places were classy! I love restaurants with clean kitchens, no back door drug transactions, no money laundering, great food and the absence of presence of alcoholics and coke fiends as they are great places to take family. I always treat out of town guests to dining out in such establishments so that they will get an accurate picture of what this town is (was) all about and by that I mean CLASS and clean living!

I am so sad that things are changing.

P.S. My favorite color is brown. I hope that the new structures that pop up in Ski Time Square maintain look just like the old ones because, like I said, I love brown and anyone who does not is probably just racialist.


Ted_Bell 8 years, 9 months ago on Doug Monger and Nancy Stahoviak: Re-striping of C.R. 36 a safety issue

I heard a rumour that Rob Douglas and Nancy Stahoviak are both training to be cage fighters and that on the 4th of July they are going to cage fight on a float pulled by Doug Monger's farm truck for some new charity called Citizens for Entitlement of Restoration of Physical Fitness Training and Performing Arts in the R2 Public Schools, is that true? I am not sure I believe it. Such an event would need to take place on a road with very wide lanes.


Ted_Bell 8 years, 9 months ago on City regrets disposal of dead dog

Another lesson (that might be totally unrelated to the Engle story) but I just through I would mention while we are on the topic of safety and preservation of life.

If you have a friend or a family member who has substance abuse/ substance dependence issues, if you love them you better confront them on those issues. Intervene and get them into treatment.

Why is it that there have been so many deaths in this community that are drug and alcohol related. Inevitably hoards of "friends" will come out of the woodwork to mourn the death of their beloved friend and sometimes even release balloons into the air. Where were these "friends" when the deceased was so often intoxicated? People who have substance abuse and dependence issues tend to associate with others who have the same problem.

Never mind, it is ALWAYS someone else's fault. The alcoholics/ users in this town should give their family members a list of their dealers and establishments where they drink and purchase liquor so that the family members know who to sue when their beloved overdoses or drinks herself into a coma.

Suggestion- That superintendent who was bought out of her contract ought to be forced to perform some services for that buy out money. There is a huge need for adult babysitters in this community.