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Stuart Orzach 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Tenants move into 42-unit Skiview Place rental complex this summer

The viability of this project is contingent upon a long term commitment to a reliable public transit system. City Council can't have it both ways. You approved this project with full knowledge that you were making that commitment. Now, uphold it!


Stuart Orzach 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Our view: Economic turbulence ahead

I'm struggling to reconcile the cautious, realistic approach taken by the County with the irrational exuberance and magical thinking of the City Council majority that is promoting a TIF based URA district downtown.

Let's just form an Airport URA. I know a good consultant.


Stuart Orzach 1 month ago on City will hire deputy city manager

The Deputy City Manager position was eliminated in January, 2014 by Ordinance. Now it has been reinstated administratively by the City Manager. At least some Council members only found out about it from the newspaper. What does the law specify regarding how such a position can be created or eliminated? What does the law say regarding the City Manager's right to overturn a Council decision made by Ordinance?


Stuart Orzach 1 month ago on City will hire deputy city manager

Scott W.- There should always be a succession plan in place regardless of circumstances. Until now, the plan has been that all the department heads rotated, on a monthly basis, serving as Deb's second in command. That may have served adequately when temporary illness or injury was all that was contemplated. The Police Department investigation brings other contingencies into play for which the current succession plan is not adequate.


Stuart Orzach 1 month ago on Boomer joins ranks at Sheriff's Office

Do police have the right to have the dog sniff any car they pull over if the driver doesn't give consent and they don't have a warrant?

If the cop says the dog "smelled" something, do they have the right to search the vehicle if the driver doesn't give consent and they don't have a warrant?


Stuart Orzach 1 month ago on City will hire deputy city manager

Scott Franz- I don't remember the City Council reinstating the Deputy City Manager position either. I do remember them eliminating it some time ago.

Also, it is my understanding that the City Manager was asked to come up with a succession plan because she is implicated in the Police Dept. investigation, not because her assistant is leaving. He was never in line to succeed her anyway.

Also, I was not aware of the existence of a second assistant to the City Manager. Can you tell me who it is?

I think it is very important that you investigate these matters of fact and report to the public if any corrections to this article are needed.


Stuart Orzach 1 month ago on Our view: Cameras don't change their stories

The Editorial Boards' viewpoint strikes me as overly optimistic, simplistic, and a bit naive. These days, it appears to be human nature to throw money at a "feel good" solution and call it good. We have yet to properly frame the issue, much less establish goals and a means of measuring progress.

Body cams may help or hinder justice. Who turns them on and off? Who directs their gaze? Who has custody of the evidence?

I don't yet claim to "know" the answer. However, I'm inclined to examine the recruiting. training and management practices at the SSPD. I'm concerned about the poor retention rate. I think that arming citizens with knowledge of the law and their rights is necessary but not sufficient. I think that some sort of citizens' review board may be a good idea.

The number of allegations of "For Profit Policing" leads me to suspect that we are over regulated and under served.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 1 week ago on Some community members continue to call for more enforcement of Yampa River rules


Thanks for clarifying you comments. Perhaps the Property Management Companies are de facto commercial tubing operations. I wonder if your regulations contain clear definitions.

How big a problem is alcohol on the river?

How much of the trash on the river emanates from sources other than tubers et al? There's plenty of trash along the banks of the creeks right now, and much of it will end up in the river. There's a lot of wind blown trash that unfortunately ends up there too.

Please tailor your solutions narrowly to address the problems. Make sure you have clear objectives and can measure your results. Keep in mind that you will never achieve 100% compliance with any regulation and it is not worth trying to do so.

I'm not a fan of throwing money at "feel good" ideas.

The best solutions are often indirect and totally counter intuitive.