Stuart Orzach

Stuart Orzach 19 hours, 32 minutes ago on Ed Miklus: City must hire smart

Save the head hunting fees. Just hire Dave Kleiber as Police Chief. Kristin Bantle can run for Sheriff.


Stuart Orzach 1 week, 4 days ago on John Whittum: Emerald Park dilemma

Thanks for writing this letter, John.

Here's a link to an article in the latest issue of High Country News describing the effects of tourism marketing run amok in Southern Utah, a place that many locals are familiar with:

City Council will be taking up this issue at this Tuesday's meeting in Centennial Hall, 5:00 P.M. Council needs to hear what people think about this issue.


Stuart Orzach 1 week, 6 days ago on Jim Clark: Customer service makes the difference

I think you nailed it, Scott.

Personally, I'm a bit tired of all the fake friendliness in some of our business establishments. I feel like I walked onto the set of "The Stepford Wives".


Stuart Orzach 2 weeks ago on Spoke Talk: On your left ...

I ride as far left, in the lane, as I need to in order to be safe. Hugging the line invites drivers to try to thread the needle and slip past you, within the lane, which is a recipe for danger. In all cases, my objective is to force passing drivers to cross the center line. The reason for this is that the center line is the primary visual cue that drivers use to stay in the lane. Once they cross that line, they inevitably drift further left, giving me adequate room.

Any driver who pulls out to pass without adequate sight distance deserves what they get. I always keep at least a three foot buffer on my right so I can tap my break and drift to the right, protecting myself, and allowing the errant driver to recover.

If I have to, I'll ride left of the center of the lane, like you would in a motorcycle, which tells the driver behind me that it's unsafe to pass unless you can change lanes, so don't even try it. The right lane on Lincoln Avenue through town, is an example of a place where I would do this.

Now, if I see that there is a big truck, motor home, or any other ungainly vehicle behind me on a windy or hilly road with limited sight distance, I'll just slow down and come to a complete stop, off the road, and let them pass.

No need to argue these points because I'm not telling anyone else how to ride, how to drive or what to think. I'm responsible for my safety, not the other guy, and it's all legal.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 1 week ago on Steamboat City Council rejects downtown URA

It is important that people get the facts and the terminology straight. The URA (Urban Renewal Authority) is not dead. It still oversees an urban renewal district at the mountain. Only the idea of forming a second urban renewal district downtown is dead, and only temporarily. It can come back in 24 months.

There are only 2 reasons to form an urban renewal district. One is the use of TIF (tax increment financing), and the other is the exercise of eminent domain. The City was not planning on exercising eminent domain downtown, and the use of TIF became too slow, cumbersome, and unpredictable due to the new State law.

Chuck McConnell's petition should absolutely go forward as planned.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Chuck McConnell: Voters should decide

Actually, the Urban Renewal Law contains the following language about abolishment of URA's. Please see 31-25-115(2) below:

31-25-115. Transfer - abolishment. (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this part 1, the governing body of a municipality may designate itself as the authority when originally establishing said authority. A transfer of an existing authority to the governing body may be accomplished only by majority vote at a regular election. (2) The governing body of a municipality may by ordinance provide for the abolishment of an urban renewal authority, provided adequate arrangements have been made for payment of any outstanding indebtedness and other obligations of the authority. Any such abolishment shall be effective upon a date set forth in the ordinance, which date shall not be less than six months from the effective date of the ordinance.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Our view: Shared facility merits consideration

"Committee member Charlie MacArthur also said the city could buy some time and hold off on building a new facility by doing some modest renovations to the existing facility."

The need for a new facility may not be quite as urgent as City staff led us to believe. Remember, it was not even on Council's radar until, all of a sudden, it was the highest priority. It was all tangled up with a plan to sell the building to BAP, as well as a nebulous idea about revitalizing Yampa St.

Later, staff wrote, in a communication form, contained in a City Council packet, that we are operating out of 6600 square feet, but we need 18,000 square feet just to meet current needs. That is not a credible statement.

Also, I don't understand why the editorial committee cites the "County's outlook on the Urban Renewal Authority" as an impediment to developing a shared facility. It seems to me that the County is more rational than the City when it comes to the URA.