Stuart Orzach

Stuart Orzach 5 days, 2 hours ago on Our view: Housing demand outpacing supply

Actually the wealthy pull the average up while the median stays low. Hence, median income is more meaningful in a discussion of housing demand.


Stuart Orzach 5 days, 15 hours ago on Our view: Housing demand outpacing supply

The median is the midpoint of a set of data such that half the data points lie below and half above the median. It is not the midpoint between the lowest and highest data points. In your illustration, Rhys, the median would be 8, which, coincidentally, is the mode as well.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Brodie Farquhar: What's going on down under?

As the facts in this recent mass shooting are gathered, it becomes less and less clear whether the perpetrator was carrying out an ISIS inspired agenda or whether his act was anti-gay.

One thing that is almost always ignored is the high correlation between mass shooting and previous involvement in domestic violence.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Michael Turner: Council shows lack of integrity

As with the new apartment complex on Lincoln, the approval of the Ski View Apartments on Whistler Road made a mockery of our development codes. In addition to inadequate ethical standards, our City also lacks a legal compass.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 2 weeks ago on City councilman says decision to call dibs on concert tickets, VIP passes was 'boneheaded'

It's outrageous that Council would consider accepting any gifts from organizations that it funds. If they want to provide perks for staff they should pay for them. Where was the City attorney when Council was contemplating such unethical behavior?


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Suiter signs city manager contract

What the City squandered, and the new City Manager should work to restore, is not trust, but respect.

We have a representative democracy in which elected and appointed officials, and certain public employees are granted extraordinary powers. It is not in the public's interest to trust, but rather, to hold them accountable.

It's easier to talk about trust, or lack thereof, because it is an intellectual concept. It is much harder to acknowledge that you have lost respect, because that is something that is felt viscerally. But public discourse is littered with euphemisms. We often refuse to call things what they are.

Earning respect will take a long time, probably years, but it can be seriously eroded in an instant. It does not come about through a change of personnel, but through continuous appropriate conduct over the long term.


Stuart Orzach 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Doctors, hospital leaders endorse pot tax proposal

$350,000 is pocket change for the City. Anyone who pays attention knows how much money is wasted by this, and previous councils.

If this is important, and it is, then spend the money now and skip the tax and the ballot issue.

Money is fungible. This is a matter of priorities. What are this Council's priorities?

Is there a plan for how to spend the money? Is there a goal? Is there a way to measure progress?