Stan Zuber

Stan Zuber 3 years, 6 months ago on Yes on Amendment 66: The right choice for Colorado schools

How will more money "put effective teachers in the classroom"? How will more money " ensure all students have highly effective teachers"? I thought that would be a highly effective administrators job, and something that should have been going on for years. It has been mentioned that it will increase accountability. How will more money do that? You don't buy accountability. Read the Commentary by Bill Keller "An Industry of Mediocrity" in the Oct 24, Pilot. I do not mind supporting education and believe that the majority of teachers are effective. Throwing more money at some of the problems is not going to fix it.


Stan Zuber 4 years, 2 months ago on Steamboat City Council opposes bill that would give local firefighters collective bargaining rights

A Union is what made this country great. Unions are only as strong as it's members. Unions are reactionary, they came into being because something is wrong. I believe some Unions have changed their way of thinking on handling differences by going to interest arbitration rather than going on strike. The mediocrity that Scott refers to, happens because it is allowed to happen by both parties. As far as Unions are a nice concept, be careful what you wish for.


Stan Zuber 5 years, 1 month ago on Holly Wilde and Russ Doty: Unwanted consequences of the Keystone pipeline

I believe people do not realize that they are paying for two systems. When they wind doesn't blow or blow to much ( they do shut down at a certain speed) or the sun doesn't shine, you need back up. For every megawatt of alternative energy you need megawatt of back up. That's a fact. I'm all for alternative energy, but on a individual base. I don't know if big wind farms are in the best interest of the consumer or rate payers. Time will tell.