Kevin Chapman

Kevin Chapman 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Jack Horner: Core trail is for bikers

Is the shoulder REALLY supposed to be used for merging? All drivers don't obey the rules of the road, so how could you expect to have every biker (insert generalization comment here) to do this? What really needs to be acknowledged is that a car can threaten the life of a cyclist. Be patient man, cyclists have a right to be on the road. Know the laws of right of way and be respectful of them, otherwise you are just being selfish, kind of like Phoebe. The law states you have to give cyclists a 3 foot buffer. So you are going to run into someone because they are going 22 and not 27mph. That 5 mph is going to give you a lot of heartache and headache if you ever hit someone in this scenario.


Kevin Chapman 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Rollingstone Ranch, Haymaker Golf Course set to open this week, weather permitting

Wow does the paper have some sort of bias towards the Steamboat Golf Club? You throw them a bone in the very last, and very brief sentence. If you are going to go to bat for local golfing maybe you should include these guys. They are doing a great job!! Go see Sean and Tony they will treat you well.


Kevin Chapman 6 months, 4 weeks ago on Omar M. Campbell: See how pot plays out

Haha I apologize, it was kid bed time and i was trying to juggle a few things. The 2 and the 3 are just too darn close together on my lap top.


Kevin Chapman 7 months ago on Omar M. Campbell: See how pot plays out

Sounds just a bit like Chicken Little don't you think? The democratic process can be frustrating eh?

The vote occured and i believe the "yes" vote was in the range of 72% within Steamboat. It is impossible to argue that only "perverse" young liberals pushed the vote 32% above the 50% mark in this round of voting. I am sure it is a tough pill to swallow, but i am also sure you agree that a majority of that degree is simply undeniable.


Kevin Chapman 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Joe Mattingly: Still kid friendly?

Joe the sky is not falling. I would bet both arms you will not see any change in your vacation environment so come and enjoy. We are a tourist town and value your patronage. The other thing you have to wrap your head around is that this is a democracy and Amendment 64 was heavily voted in favor of in Routt county and in the state of Colorado as well. You are from Houston, Texas. This is a very conservative state and I can understand as i am from South Carolina, also a very "red" state. These issues have been so suppressed in these areas for so long that our parents likely taught us that weed is "the devil". Relax and back away from the dramatics. When all is said and done if you don't have a good vacation on your next visit you will likely go elsewhere. That is your right. Come back and try your best not to carry a hyper aware sense of marijuana as this will skew your opinion. Approach it with the same mentality you have previously ("let's go rock some ski runs- adults only - and have a cold beer afterwards to reflect on the sweet turns we got in today") and i am sure you will have a great time.