Kevin Chapman

Kevin Chapman 3 days, 12 hours ago on Speaker warns of Chinese military threat

You seem the kind to let the weather be decided by a varmint but won't let scientists convince you that the earth is indeed warming. Globalists? Did you make that up- maybe you are a member of the Old Curmudgeonist?


Kevin Chapman 1 month, 1 week ago on Mountain lion shot after killing dog

If you have a chance take a look at a book called "Beast in the Garden" it describes in detail why Boulder had such a struggle with Mountain Lions and outlines their pattern of behavior over time. It could help us see where this pattern may be heading. I do not agree with Mr. Haskins assumption of "This has just never been an issue here, and I don't expect it to happen for a long time," Haskins said.- This is absolutely not true. A dog in south routt many years ago was dragged into a pond by a desperate male lion. Photos surfaced of a Mt. Lion very close to Mtn Bikers at the quarry area on Emerald a few years back. There was the issue of Little Bear trail (Strawberry Park) and a Lion attacking the hikers dogs. Be aware, don't let your little ones get out of sight when hiking.


Kevin Chapman 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Kevin Copeland: Goal will destroy area

If you REALLY believe the megatons of pollutants that "clean burning coal" (no such thing actually) send into the atmosphere is how "god and nature intended it" you are sadly mistaken.

I post this assuming that national geographic is a well respected magazine unspoiled by the likes of Barack Obama's checkbook.


Kevin Chapman 1 year, 2 months ago on Founders of new food delivery business in Steamboat Springs were involved in travel company scam

I read the Docs and they seem like scammers. Seems pretty straight forward to me. You have to go further than Steamboat to get away from those skeletons. Four months after the settlement do you honestly believe their new business model is on the up and up these days?