Erik Dargevics

Erik Dargevics 3 years, 3 months ago on Ross Fasolino: Need new cop station?

Our law enforcement has all the resources they need to continue to their capable service to our community. A 10M police station does little to help our city long term, just like city hall, the empty multi million dollar courthouse.

We are blessed with a low crime tourist economy, bike paths, sidewalks, etc provide a friendly infrastructure for our moose, bears, dogs at large, and tourists.

Boondoggles, police station in the making. Really? Another government taj mahal?


Erik Dargevics 3 years, 8 months ago on Harry Thompson: Consider a merger

Sometimes the simple things, are difficult to accomplish. UNIGOV approach for services works very well. However our local government turf wars will never follow the path of reason.

County temples for Multimillion dollar over budget courthouses, competing with multimillion dollar City temples for law enforcement to chase bears show how our representatives blow dough.

Let's be clear on this, we must have multi million dollar court houses to procecute DUI'S AND DOGS AT LARGE. We need new multi million dollar police and fire stations in our parks to catch bears.

While our government officials are at it, let's give them 100% raises, with million dollar retirement packages. Go Harry Go!


Erik Dargevics 6 years, 1 month ago on Construction, tree removal lead to busy spring for ski area

We're optimistic of the ski mountain and base area sorely needed improvements.

The devil is always in the details and execution. Joe Krakum and city counsel's Steamboat Unbridled plan was surely a 20 million dollar boondoggle.

Steamboat Unbridled destroyed mountain retail, blew millions on a clunker gondola to nowhere for the benefit of bankrupt developers and the Ski Corp. URAC's self serving participants now are scratching their heads wondering what went wrong.

Thanks to their incompetence Steamboat is a second class experience. Travelers visiting Steamboat park more than a half mile from the disfunctional base area. HMM dumb idea or what.

All that was needed was a close in parking garage which would have drawn and retained traffic at the base area. It would have provided a better experience for families making the arduous pilgrimage to Steamboat for a $12000 experience for a family of four.

Duh the city could have charged for parking, payed back bonds, and earned sales tax income from viable mountain business. It's time to Bridle Steamboat's misguided government.

Stop the madness, never let people who can't make it in the private sector spend our money. Go Fred!


Erik Dargevics 6 years, 1 month ago on Our View: Steamboat Springs School Board should seek interim hire

Fred is on target with hiring locally with our folks invested emotionally long term in the best for our students.

Our well meaning hard working school board members need to wake up and look at the reality of our educational quality. It is far from where it should be! Interim, rush to a decision to hire another outsider to run our education is a cop out. Take time go for a local and get it right.

Reward excellence, dump tenure, adjust compensation and benefits to reality. In a small county like Routt, the city and county need to consolidate services, equalize the property tax base or continue down the path of destroying our economy.


Erik Dargevics 6 years, 1 month ago on Frequent superintendent turnover not uncommon

Fred is right on track. Steamboat grads are ill prepared for advanced education. While we have great people in our community, the union dumb's down the teachers, consistent with the NEA initiatives.

Government unions perpetuating tenure, liberal school years, kind pensions, little discipline have driven our educational system down in ranking relative to the world.

Wake up fish bowl, you get what you give. This school board needs to do more for our kids and less for a system delivering mediocrity. It is a privilege to teach our children, and our teachers want to do better but are not encouraged or allowed to do so.

We need year round education, teachers rewarded for excellence, and teachers weeded out for mediocrity. The governor indicated interest in consolidated school districts. This is an opportunity to upgrade for our kids.

See ya Shallee enjoy the wine! Stop with the madness of perpetuating mediocrity.


Erik Dargevics 6 years, 1 month ago on Steamboat's deputy city manager plans to retire by year-end

Wendy has been a great contributor to our community who we all should thank for her efforts.

Today is a new world, not friendly, more reality, of what needs to be done rather than what others want to be done at others expense.

The good news is when we are out of money fund for courthouses and city halls, forget about bike paths and recreation centers.

Buy some swat team gear.


Erik Dargevics 6 years, 1 month ago on Our View: The long, slow recovery

The painful article & comments while accurate are encouraging as folks are finally seeing clearly. The more the merrier and this will effect change.

At our local level all we can do is stop the madness. Recognize we have well meaning public servants, but that is all they are. Few have meaningful business experience, thus the easy way out is tax and spend.

The only way to cut them off is to cut off their taxation. Voters did not authorize inexperienced public servants to spend millions on Courthouses, public buildings, over promised useless gondolas, the destruction of Ski Time Square & base area without bonded improvements with a tax and spend policy.

Local governmental failure to protect the voters is apparent, and pointed out by comments. County officials were overly zealous in the building department with small contractors. They let the big boys pull off public funded projects funds with no consequence for gondola substitution, or knock down of performing mountain property.

After buying an empty hotel, now our government wants outfitted swat teams, increased pensions & wages, with ill prepared kids from our school systems.

It is an honor and privilege for elected officials & government workers to serve our public. They are rewarded with superior benefits relative to our small business economy that supports them.

They have an obligation to perform with excellence which as we can see is coming up short. Keep talking, commenting and let them know there is a price for mediocrity. The public is tapped out, and just starting to let them know.

Let the big cities have the swat gear. Be proactive getting our people back to work. This is Steamboat think global, remember to act local !