Erik Dargevics


Erik Dargevics 6 years ago

It's great to hear everyone talking about Colorado's budget with the Governors visit. The notion of firing government employees to address budget cuts adding to the unemployment roles is ludicrous.

It's simple math, during the boom years our government paid themselves 42% over the private sector. Now like the private sector adjustment of 40% income loss, government needs to lead by rebalancing.

It's about leadership, the top paid government employees need to accept the largest cuts on a progressive basis, rather than fire the lowest paid workers, who tend to be the most productive.

People need time to adjust over a 5 year time frame to private sector pay levels. Should government employees find better private sector opportunity they should be free to move up with a portion of their vested retirement.

A sensible fair approach rather than layoffs of the lower paid would be to keep folks working while returning to a balanced budget. And yes Colorado people should dedicate a 1% income tax exclusively to roads, bridges and a portion to tourism promotion.

Our governor needs to lead, in addition to empowering local out of control local spending governments with Taj Ma Hall vacant Courthouses for the benefit of incarcerated folks. Great to have steamboatians finally paying attention!


Erik Dargevics 6 years ago

Routt county and the city have a brilliant opportunity to serve the community by unified government for all area services including education.

The governor was kind enough to stop by and give us a heads up, there's no state money.

Pay attention servants, federal money is going away as well. Below is a link to an article by the former comptroller of the currency. Appreciate many of Obama's economic advisers are jumping ship.

US Finances Rank Near Worst in the World: Study Published: Thursday, 24 Mar 2011 | 8:43 AM ET Text Size By: Jeff Cox Staff Writer

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The US ranks near the bottom of developed global economies in terms of financial stability and will stay there unless it addresses its burgeoning debt problems, a new study has found.

US Capitol Building with cash

In the Sovereign Fiscal Responsibility Index, the Comeback America Initiative ranked 34 countries according to their ability to meet their financial challenges, and the US finished 28th, said David Walker, head of the organization and former US comptroller general.

"We think it is important for the American people to understand where the United States is as compared to other countries with regard to fiscal responsibility and sustainability," Walker said in a CNBC interview. "Americans are used to rankings and they're used to ranking very high, but frankly in this area we rank very low."

While the news is bad, there is a bright side.

"Here's the good news: Some of the top countries had their own fiscal challenges, made reforms and now rank highly," Walker said. "If we adopt the recommendations of the National Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Commission or ones that have similar bottom-line impact, we move from 28 to 8."

As the US languishes near the bottom, these countries make up the top five: Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Sweden, China and Luxembourg.

Walker acknowledged that some of the countries that rank ahead of the US do not have the same type of challenges.

But he said policymakers in Washington can learn much from countries like New Zealand, which faced a currency crisis and made the necessary reforms to get back to prosperity.

"First, they're arguing over the bar tab on the Titanic," Walker said. "We need to cut spending. Frankly we need to cut spending more than what has been talked about but over a longer period of time. But what's imperative is that we need to attach some conditions to increasing the debt ceiling limit that will bring back tough budget controls..."

Walker predicted the US will have a debt crisis "within the next two to three years" and implored Washington lawmakers to "wake up."



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