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Brian Kotowski 4 days, 19 hours ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: In uncertain times, look to America’s principles

The compassionate left: "Funny story. I was recently in Gatlinburg. Had a terrible time. I felt the place was a cesspool of consumerism and a bastion of the worst aspect of southern culture. Turns out a wildfire just burned most of the town to the ground. Good riddance, Gatlinburg. And good luck you mouth-breathing, toothless, diabetic, cousin-humpin,' mountain-dew chugging, moon-pie-munchin,' pall-mall smoking,', Trump-suckin' pond scum. (Chuckles and smiles like the smarmy liberal elitist I am," Bonner wrote."

Perfectly reasonable, because voting inappropriately means people have to die.


Brian Kotowski 1 week ago on Jennifer Schubert-Akin: In uncertain times, look to America’s principles

Reeling Dems look for new leader

"The announced candidates — Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.), former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, New Hampshire Chairman Raymond Buckley and South Carolina Chairman Jaime Harrison — will make their pitch to state party leaders at the Association of State Democratic Chairs."

Dean has dropped out since this was published. That leaves an anit-semitic, homophobic, anti-American segregationist with documented ties to jihadi scum as their front runner. Yeeaaaahhhh!!!


Brian Kotowski 1 week, 1 day ago on Accused Steamboat man previously arrested for engaging in prostitution

The whole story is a fabrication. It couldn't be any more clear that someone made a call to Central Casting, and said "Send me the sketchiest looking dude you have."


Brian Kotowski 1 week, 2 days ago on $1M bond set for man charged with sex, drug, prostitution crimes

That's the second time today someone has posted "This must be what Donald Trump was talking about" in these forums. I'm as anti-Trump as can be, but I'm not getting the reference.


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North Park University student fabricated anti-gay ‘Trump’ notes, school says

"An openly bisexual Chicago student who claimed she received anti-gay, pro-Donald Trump notes and emails after the election is found to have fabricated the entire story, North Park University said."

It's not fair! We know those slack jawed Trump loving haters are out there, but they won't hate me, the lazy bastards. So we need to, um... help things along a bit. Because being a whiny, persecuted victim is a birthright, here in the land of the weenies and the home of the snowflakes.