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Brian Kotowski 1 year, 3 months ago on Joel Reichenberger: Yes, we've been following the news


Devils Advocate Mode: Ukraine is one of Russia's major trading partners, and is being groomed by Putin & Co to anchor an alternative trading bloc to the EU. When Ukraine made noises about joining the EU, Russian hackles stood at attention. A significant number of the pipelines transporting much of Russia's wealth run through Ukraine. Russia has been salivating over a warm water port since Peter the Great, and isn't about to surrender its access to the Black Sea and from there the Mediterranean. Bottom line: the biggest and arguably most important satellite in their sphere of influence has tossed a wrench in their economic master plan by flirting with the enemy. Regardless of what we may regard as justification or lack thereof, the Russkies are securing their own interests. And they've accurately calculated that the West isn't going to war over Ukraine.


Brian Kotowski 1 year, 3 months ago on School district's world languages survey yields results but little participation

Complete, utter, and absolute nonsense. Portuguese, Madison? A language spoken by 3 one-thousandths of one percent of the world's population. And a kid who doesn't learn it will be “debilitated?” Seriously?

Bilingual education started as a do-gooder initiative to teach immigrant kids, and it's a wash at best. Once in a bilingual program, a student's English often does not improve because they are not using it. For Hispanic kids, the numbers are especially discouraging. According to the Census Bureau, the highest dropout rates are among Hispanics who speak English “with difficulty.” Only half of Hispanic kids who enter English as a second language programs will ever exit those programs. Compared to 92% of Korean language kids, 87% of Russian language kids, and 83% of Chinese language kids.

Comparing the US and Europe is ludicrous. You can drive from Munich to Barcelona in less than a day and encounter nearly a dozen different languages along the way. If you're a truck driver in Europe you'll learn how to communicate in some of them – and not because it was mandated by the bureaucracy.

Like it or not, commerce and economics dictate which languages are spoken and why. Regardless of how it may offend one's childish multicultural sensibilities. On the other hand, maybe I just need to “comprise” more minutes.


Brian Kotowski 1 year, 4 months ago on Thoughtful Parenting: Why kids should not get rewards for participation

Nicely stated, but I fear the good doctor may be leaning into the wind. Academia, both primary and secondary, are lefty fortresses where "self esteem" trumps reality and common sense. Too many of those sensibilities have invaded youth athletics. Friends of mine received a scathing email this summer after removing their 9 yr old from a soccer league after learning of its prohibition against keeping score. God forbid kids should ever be prepared for the possibility of failure.

It's For The Children ®.


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They can change their minds all they like. The judiciary has just insured that their feckless conceit can't be translated into law. At least with regard to concealed carry. Open carry of toys by Disney dolls on the other hand... It wouldn't surprise me to see Cali follow Britain's lead. Because that's the kind of vigilance that will keep us safe. It's For The Children ®.


Brian Kotowski 1 year, 4 months ago on Joe Meglen: Good riddance

9th Circuit Nukes California's Concealed Carry Restrictions

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the Second Amendment endows the right to carry a gun outside the home...

"...So concludes our analysis of text and history: the carrying of an operable handgun outside the home for the lawful purpose of self-defense, though subject to traditional restrictions, constitutes “bear[ing] Arms” within the meaning of the Second Amendment."


Brian Kotowski 1 year, 4 months ago on Ryan Spaustat: A global crisis

In case you missed it, it was 5 years ago in December that His Most Bloated Excellency, The Fleshy & Sanctimonious Al Gore predicted that entire north polar ice cap would disappear in five years. Have to give him credit: he was only off by about a million square miles. The Arctic ice cap has expanded by 50% since Jabba the Gore waddled his way through that Chicken Little fabrication.


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Curious how those cheerleading for the Broncos during the same discussion managed to evade your sanctimony. You've graduated from vacuous to asinine in record time.

Cheer up, Bret. It looks like fresh powder on the way this week!