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Brian Kotowski 3 days, 8 hours ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

Gun control - specifically mandatory confiscation - is demonstrably effective in the countries where you can pull it off, when it comes to meaningful reductions in gun violence. That's why Preezy & Co are constantly touting the Aussies and the Brits as examples for us to follow. It remains a problem in these parts, however: "And you chalk that up to our wonderful constitution, yes indeed we are surely exceptional" said the gun controller, contemptuously.

If Hillary wins (and quite likely Trump for all anyone knows - he's been on all sides of this issue like he's been with every other), we can expect a re imposition of her husband's '94 ban. And that's probably the best the gun controllers will be able to manage - sound and fury signifying very little, if anything at all.

Anything short of confiscation amounts to pissing in the wind. Given the constitutional barriers that have our gun-control friends so upset, the solution is obvious, and it's been there for more than 200 years: Article V of the Constitution. Get two thirds of the Congress and the Senate agree on a Constitutional amendment to present to the country. Then all you need are 37 state legislatures to agree. If support for Aussie/UK-style gun control is as overwhelmingly widespread as the gun controllers assert, it oughtta be a cakewalk.


Brian Kotowski 3 days, 10 hours ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

A former Navy SEAL, making the case that you and I should acquire an AR-15 (I already have one. Perhaps another?).


Brian Kotowski 3 days, 10 hours ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

The 1994 Clinton ban (which Hillary would like to reimpose) was in effect for a decade. Congress held hearings in 2013 to review the findings of a study led by Christopher Koper: An Updated Assessment of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Impacts on Gun Markets and Gun Violence, 1994-2003.

Wayne LaPierre testified the ban had no impact; Dianne Fienstein said it did. The reality is they were both cherry picking. According to Koper:

"Although the ban has been successful in reducing crimes with AWs [Assault Weapons], any benefits from this reduction are likely to have been outweighed by steady or rising use of non-banned semiautomatics with LCMs [large-capacity magazines], which are used in crime much more frequently than AWs. Therefore, we cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation’s recent drop in gun violence. And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence, based on indicators like the percentage of gun crimes resulting in death or the share of gunfire incidents resulting in injury, as we might have expected had the ban reduced crimes with both AWs and LCMs.

What we found in these studies was that the ban had mixed effects in reducing crimes with the banned weaponry due to various exemptions that were written into the law. And as a result, the ban did not appear to effect gun violence during the time it was in effect. But there is some evidence to suggest that it may have modestly reduced shootings had it been in effect for a longer period."


Brian Kotowski 3 days, 10 hours ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

Apples & oranges, Neil. Australia & the UK don't have anything like our 2A protections; that's the only thing preventing Preezy & his ilk from doing exactly what they did. But even if you could wave a magic wand and eradicate that obstacle, what makes you believe that anyone but the law abiding would comply? If 100% of us coughed up our guns, that would still leave 100 million (or more) small arms in the hands of criminals, terrorists, and the deranged. The rest of us get to live like prey. Thanks Barry!


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I'm a little surprised that you didn't start with" Let me tell you what I know about the Negro." I bet you and Cliven Bundy would be fast friends. Those darn lazy blacks. And with Obama encouraging them to be even more lazy, what are we to do.

Did your ears get all red and smoke come out of em? Your panties get a twisted up again? Wrong time of the month for you?

Robert is exactly right here but the right wing nuts have no answer... No comment from the nuts... Again, no comments here from the crazies...

Here's the really interesting thing about you right wing nuts... I don't see the point little man. I guess it's a way for you to deal with your lack of self worth...

Well little man, why don't you try and find some big girl panties to put on and grow up.

What's the matter, am I hittin a little to close to home and gettin your panties all tied up in knots?

I thought for sure you were all hunkered down in a concrete bunker somewhere, with full camo gear, combat boots, gas masks and armed to the teeth, with the short wave radio scanning for news of the imminent attack! Oath Keepers on guard placed in strategic observation positions with fields of fire and kill zones established, silently lying in wait for the soon to be approaching black helicopters.

I do have a story about that, anecdotal of course, but I won't go into the details here. Has to do with the conservative brain being unwilling to accept change and accept the science behind how a ski interacts with the snow, which of course leads to the inability to accomplish personal goals.

Here's what I think, not that anyone cares, I think John and Dan and Jerry and all of you who are right wingers, assuming that you are, are living in intense fear. Fear is what drives you to ignore factual data. Your like a child fearing the boogeyman living under the bed.

But he never casts aspersions or insulting generalizations. He's all about civil dialogue and reasoned discourse. Always has been; just ask him. There are many, many more of these, but the comment utility limits the size of any given post.

He's here all week folks - tip your waitress!


Brian Kotowski 4 days, 5 hours ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

David Gibbs is quite right in one important respect: despite these horrible mass shootings, the national rates of violent crime in general and gun violence in particular has been in steady (“historic” according to Eric Holder) decline since the early 90s.

"This reduction in the violent crime rate continues a historic trend, and comes thanks to the tireless work of police and prosecutors throughout the nation," Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday [quoted by USA Today in 2014].

While I have little regard for Mr. Holder, the numbers bear him out. That so many Americans are unaware of those facts suggests that the mainstream media is in lockstep with the gun control crusaders: to hell with the facts; let's penalize the law abiding Americans who have nothing to do with the crimes we're concerned about.


Brian Kotowski 4 days, 7 hours ago on Ken Collins: A scary scenario

Ken Collins:

Once again, deploying a fabricated hypothetical to impugn the 'Charles Bronson wannabes' with whom you disagree (I'm sure you meant is as a compliment, though, so I'm sure you won't mind if I refer to you as Liberace from here on out). Of course you shouldn't be boozing it up with a 9 millimeter on your hip. That's likely to be one reason none of the Pulse patrons were armed - despite Pulse being a self proclaimed "gun free zone." A 'no guns allowed' sign does not have the force of law in Florida (nor here in Colorado). Which means that even if there had been any concealed carry permit holders on the premises, not one of them brought a gun to the party - by choice.

That's because permit holders are discriminating about where & when they carry. Once while on the road during the 90s, I went into a restaurant/bar at lunch to us the phone. There was a bandstand with chicken wire around it, just like in that scene from the Blues Brothers. I did not return for dinner. Likewise, if I know I'm going to be drinking, I don't avail myself of the privilege my CCW entitles me to. Despite your Charles Bronson smear.

And even with all of that, the quite sensible prohibition against guns in a beerhall didn't preclude Mateen from his slaughter, in the name of the Prophet Muhammad (Propeller Beanie Upon Him).

Instead of inventing the most lurid bloodbath scenario you can come up with, it would be more compelling if you could cite instances where the Charles Bronson knuckle draggers you're so afraid of spilled all the blood you've talked about.