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Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Change Legacy

"The executive actions will follow the White House’s release last week of a proposed budget that would eliminate climate change research and prevention programs across the federal government and slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 31 percent, more than any other agency. Mr. Trump also announced last week that he had ordered Scott Pruitt, the E.P.A. administrator, to revise the agency’s stringent standards on planet-warming tailpipe pollution from vehicles, another of Mr. Obama’s key climate change policies.

While the White House is not expected to explicitly say the United States is withdrawing from the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, and people familiar with the White House deliberations say Mr. Trump has not decided whether to do so, the policy reversals would make it virtually impossible to meet the emissions reduction goals set by the Obama administration under the international agreement."

From the NYT, so of course they're spinning it as a bad thing. But even James Hansen - "the father of climate change awareness" - says the Paris jive is a fraud.


Brian Kotowski 1 day, 23 hours ago on Jim Dudley: Rearranging the deck chairs

It is rare that I react to an NYT op-ed with anything other than knee-jerk contempt and dismissal. But Mr. Domenech's musings contain elements that are worth considering. Given Trump's bonafides as a an establishment big-government whore, I could see him going along with a good deal of this. It may be the least malignant most politically feasible proposal I've seen. Which is not to be construed as an endorsement.


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Bowman's reply perfectly encapsulates the American left. Big Bro is shafting people and they don't like it? Boo hoo. Bonus points since the people grabbing their ankles are the degenerates we disagree with. Your 11 yr old is suspended for bringing kindergarten cutlery to school? Boo hoo. Conservative speakers are bullied, assaulted, and hospitalized? Boo hoo, crybabies.

You want more Trump, gang? That's how you get more Trump.

In other news, Trump & the GOP seem bent on screwing the pooch with their steaming pile of ObamacareLite. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


Brian Kotowski 2 days, 19 hours ago on Jim Dudley: Rearranging the deck chairs

My premiums and deductibles have nearly tripled under Obamacare, and my reward is inferior coverage. On the bright side, my policy does cover prenatal care and drug counseling. All I need now is a uterus and an addiction, and I'll be in like Flynn. Thanks, Obamacare!

Obamacare is a lame horse. Put a bullet in its head already.


Brian Kotowski 1 week, 5 days ago on Steamboat chief says more officers needed

Newsflash, newsies: spellcheck ≠ editing or proofreading: "... Steamboat Springs Police Chief Cory Christensen has given the City Council a head's up that he will ask to hire for more officers."

For is the correct spelling of for. But not four. Nor fore. For goodness sake. Fore!


Brian Kotowski 1 week, 6 days ago on Steve Zansberg: ‘Fake news,’ ‘the lying press’

Hi Joe

Methinks thou dost protest too much. By your own definition, Zansberg (whom I've never heard of until now) is an editorialist - by definition, a writer of "rant(s)" - in furtherance of his own ideological or partisan dogma. Anything but an "unbiased journalist." I'm unclear as to why you expect an "editorialist" to be a practitioner of "unbiased journal(ism)" in the first place.

On a whim, I googled "George Will Obama" - the first hit was this piece from January 4 (while Preezy was still the sitting President), wherein Will refers to a sitting American President as Obama - not President Obama - but merely Obama. Zansberg refers to Trump as Trump. Will refers to Obama as Obama. Is George Will guilty "of doing everything possible to destroy" a presidency because he called the President by his name, but omitted the title? If not, why?