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Scott Wedel 1 day, 3 hours ago on From the editor: Having the right and doing right are 2 different things

Klieber's letter also refers to 34 arrests due to failing to cooperate with police. Arguably, that is a sign of an overactive imposing police dept. That those sort of arrests create distrust and fear of the police dept.

So that part of the letter is probably going to be primarily investigated as another example of bad management and will be referred to the state or feds if some criminal acts are uncovered.

That why when I read the letter that I don't see it as a serious call to put Rae and DelValle in jail, but it does make you doubt that they should be in their jobs.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 3 hours ago on From the editor: Having the right and doing right are 2 different things

Klieber's letter refers to 4 lawsuits.

One, also from an incident at 24 hour Fitness, has been dismissed. Case was of someone being arrested for refusing to fill out a police intel form.

Another appears to not have progressed from recently being filed. From incident at County Jail in front of County officers. DA didn't prosecute. I'd guess likely to be a case of bad, but not illegal, police response.

I didn't find the fourth case, but that Klieber's description also looks like bad, but not illegal policing.

This sort of bad, but not illegal, police activity might be why there are former officers in Sheriff's dept willing to say bad things. So they aren't failing to report crimes by SSPD, but they also know it isn't right.


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Well, the cases have not been going well for the defendants. Even Ferrugia has had the judge rule against his unlawful arrest claim. It is implied that Ferrugia never should have cracked the door open. That put him in the presence of police that had reasons to detain him.

The laws generally protect police officers. That can be seen from various shootings in which the courts ruled the officer didn't break the law, but obviously the police could have handled the better so that it didn't end up with a shooting


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That allegation about retirement makes no sense.

The allegation that a verbal request to the Police Chief did not result in immediate pension info is silly. If Klieber really wanted pension info then he should have submitted a written request.

The City has an entire finance dept that handles money and writes checks. Police Chief never personally handles the pension funds

So it boils down that Rae failed to forward a verbal request for pension info to those that can answer those questions. Not a crime and not significant.


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Actually, it isn't crickets (silence) from Obama. He is often mentioning how the budget deficit is down significantly from Bush's final year. And that a good chunk of that deficit reduction is due to Obamacare reducing the number of uninsured.

You are free to disagree with him, but he is not silent on the issue.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 9 hours ago on Do you think Steamboat Springs City Manager Deb Hinsvark made the right choice in hiring Heather Coogan to conduct an investigation into police misconduct allegations?

And so the incompetence of handling this crisis by the city manager, city council and poor reporting by the paper results in the public having no confidence.

Technically, the question isn't accurate because Hinsvark did not directly chose to hire Cooganm but the city manager and city council has failed to accurately describe the independent investigation and the paper has failed to print an article on it.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 9 hours ago on From the editor: Having the right and doing right are 2 different things


I think it is pretty easy to say that SSPD is big enough as half of the county's population that merging it's police dept with the county sheriff's office is not going to save money, but make the Sheriff's management job much harder. I see no interest in that by anyone.

The question of whether a police dept is the right size often comes down to city tax revenues. SB has relatively lots of money so it can comfortably have a larger police dept.

The same lack of rationalization is pervasive throughout city government. City needs the planning staff it has because of the zoning rules it has passed. So as long as there is the budget to hire more planning staff then planning board is free to add more rules and to enforce every obscure provision.

And I claim no special knowledge from last year's post. It was just obvious that the involved police officers could have called the business owner BEFORE getting into physical confrontation with the person saying he had permission to be there.


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I think we are moving away from Washington DC doing much to the states doing what they want. If states don't want to teach science then that is their problem. If a state wants to allows discrimination against LGBT then so be it.

It just means that companies will decide where they want to locate employees. And we will see how that works out for different states.


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Well, apparently I am allowed to summarize and generalize the allegations.

There are a few alleged incidents in which Joel Rae lost his temper. In one case it is alleged he was yelling at a female worker so long and rudely that two officers mentioned by name went over to see what was going on and if she was okay. It is alleged that in a specific meeting intended to review police response to an incident that Joel Rae made it clear that there would be no criticism of him.

It is also alleged that the negative workplace has led to more lawsuits from improper arrests. Though, no evidence was given of that link other than more now vs very few in the past.

There are a few other allegations which I view as nearly including the kitchen sink. Alleged of improper turkey hunting in Kansas, not properly reporting a noninjury car accident in Wyoming and once driving drunk in Denver with Klieber after a night of drinking on a business trip. They weren't pulled over, but it is Klieber's belief as an intoxicated passenger that Rae was also too drunk to drive. I don't see how these could ever be proved or disproven.

There are allegations of Rae and DelValle having outside work interests, but it appears they date back many years such as prior to DelValle being promoted to detective. I'd guess that these will only be investigated long enough to show it hasn't happened in the past several years.

But overall, the allegations are primarily that Rae lacks the temperament to be the police chief and that Rae and DelValle are not even making much of an effort to hide that they are sexist pigs.

So there is not much to criminally investigate.

I speculate that Klieber sent the original letter to the current and former officials in order to have them write a letter like they signed and submitted. I am guessing that Klieber believed that his original recipients may have seen or heard Rae and/or DelValle make comments in poor taste. So his letter was making the argument that the public officials had been seeing the visible part of the iceberg and the letter describes the true severity of the issue.

I note Klieber was, in theory, taking a huge risk that the original recipients could have written a letter saying how they personally knew Rae and DelValle were nothing like that and how Klieber is evil trying to tarnish two great men.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 22 hours ago on From the editor: Having the right and doing right are 2 different things

This editorial argues that there is a false choice between printing the complete letter and printing none of the letter.

I suggest that there is a middle ground not considered by the Editor. She could print a summary of the allegations and the specific incidents. It is possible to mention the allegations without mentioning names or the precise details.

For instance, it is possible to mention that one of the allegations is sending emails of porn. That can be said without mentioning everyone Klieber claims was participating or the description of a specific image. Also, that it is alleged that offensive sexist terms were often used to describe female coworkers and members of the public that alleged specific terms used to reference specific people at specific times.

It would be wrong to mention the names of women that Rae and DelValle are alleged to have said are fat or ugly. But it can be printed that Rae and Delvalle are alleged to have made such comments in the presence of others at work.

That is not publishing the letter, but it does let the public have a fairly clear idea of what is being alleged. That theft is not being alleged, for instance, but also that their are specific allegations of offenses that would force them out that can be verified or proven false.