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Scott Wedel 5 days, 18 hours ago on Steamboat marijuana business owner hits snag with Boston pot operations

As I read the Boston Globe article, the undercurrent I see is that the state gave licenses to questionable people from Colorado while denying Massachusetts locals for comparable issues.

It described another case where a license was given to a group that included one from Colorado whom was shut down for violating Colorado mj laws. In that case, the group was able to drop the Colorado bad apple, but retain their license.

Meanwhile, it says an application was rejected because it was considered to have inaccurately described a meeting with Worchester City officials.

I don't see the article arguing that it was wrong to allow mmj because they did not attempt to suggest that all, or even most, of the applicants should have been rejected.


Scott Wedel 5 days, 22 hours ago on Steamboat marijuana business owner hits snag with Boston pot operations

This has nothing to do with pot being legal. The Boston Globe article was primarily focused on the seemingly arbitrary manner in which some applicants were rejected while other questionable applicants were accepted.

And maybe Ryan Fisher somehow thought he had graduated and it was an honest error. But to believe that you have to believe that a college graduate when questioned about his degree did not call the college to rectify the mistake, but first said he had a transcript (which he failed to produce) and then said the college was refusing to acknowledge he had graduated because he owed them $3,600. Paper did a quick call to the college which repeated that Ryan did not graduate and that someone owing money does not affect the college's willingness to confirm whether someone graduated.

He lied on official documents. His situation is much worse than Josh whom was forced out of Golden Leaf when some forgotten police incident was discovered because Josh told the truth when confronted. When Ryan Fisher was confronted he did two more rounds of lying before removing the false claim of a degree from his resume.


Scott Wedel 6 days, 2 hours ago on Steamboat marijuana business owner hits snag with Boston pot operations

But even a politician falsely claiming a degree is not going to claim that it can't be verified because he owes a the school $3,600. He is trying to present himself as a successful businessman so when the issue of the degree is raised then he should be paying off any the debt to the school before that is also revealed in the background check.

And if he honestly thinks he has a degree then why wasn't his first call to the college?


Scott Wedel 6 days, 15 hours ago on Steamboat marijuana business owner hits snag with Boston pot operations

So he lied that he had a degree and then lied about getting a transcript and then lied why he couldn't get a transcript.

Funniest part of this is as a successful mj businessman should know better to tell a story about owing the college "thousands of dollars". It is like a kid saying he didn't break the lamp because he was torturing the pet dog. The excuse is worse than the original lie.


Scott Wedel 6 days, 16 hours ago on Steamboat TCAP results once again promising, Hayden and South Routt improving

“In a school district with 2,200 kids, it’s easier to rely on data,” Mohr said. “But in one where a kid is 8 percent, he or she has a bad day, it makes it extremely difficult for small schools to really adjust for that.”

I think the article shows that small school districts have adjusted very well to using that as an excuse. From a statistical point of view, the smaller districts could have big swings above and below what is the district's statistical average. It is just flat out wrong for small schools to consistently argue that their scores are lower because of individual students.

It would be correct for small schools to argue they aren't as good as some scores and aren't as bad as other scores because the difference of one or two students can move the test results.

And when Hayden scores 17% on 10th grade math in 2013 and then 14% in 2014 then there is no question that there is a huge problem.

Last night, Soroco's Superintendent gave a presentation that included the fact that over 12% of students living in Soroco's district have chosen to attend SB schools. So it like a substantial number of parents don't care about Soroco's results vs the state averages, but instead care about Steamboat's well above average scores.


Scott Wedel 6 days, 20 hours ago on Parks and rec commissioners call for more enforcement of wildlife closures after death of orphaned elk calf

and that is precisely the problem, the city treated it as a dog not on leash which is not a high priority to enforce.

The cited statutes do not include any penalty for violating a wildlife closure and would have required waiting until the elk calf had died before attempting to bring a rather speculative civil case against the dog owner. The elk were not directly hurt by the dogs.


Scott Wedel 1 week ago on Parks and rec commissioners call for more enforcement of wildlife closures after death of orphaned elk calf

Solution seems simple enough to me. Just increase the penalties so that no one risks breaking wildlife closures. Shooting a moose is such an expensive fine that hunters worry about shooting a moose.

Considering the costs of having to tranquilize and move them because people are violating wildlife closures, the minimum fine for violating a wildlife closure should be at least $1,000. And for those without the money then let them spend 10 days in jail.

Thus, make the penalties for violating a wildlife closure to be $1,000 or 10 days in jail. That will largely solve enforcement because there won't be many violations. It also tells law enforcement that someone entering a wildlife closure isn't comparable to a parking ticket, but is more like attempted arson. Which is a reasonably comparison, because like arson, violating a wildlife closure requires an expensive government response.


Scott Wedel 1 week ago on Gregory W. Smith: We work for Colorado, Routt County

Actually, in 2000 PERA was riding high and was fully funded. Then they reduced contributions which caused them to be modestly underfunded until 2008-2010 which put them dangerously underfunded and requiring intensive care to recover.


Scott Wedel 1 week ago on Gregory W. Smith: We work for Colorado, Routt County

A very disappointing letter that avoided mentioning the elephant in the room.

The big issue facing PERA is that it is substantially underfunded. It is amazing that the executive director of PERA could submit a letter to the paper without ever mentioning that issue. Instead he mentions a bunch of facts suggesting all is good while neglecting the facts of their future obligations.

A little bit of independent reveals PERA is about 70% funded which is considered to be a troubled, salvageable situation for a pension fund That requires reducing promises of future benefits, increasing contribution and setting a reasonable rate of future returns on investment. All steps white PERA has taken. Thus, PERA is now considered to be in a stable situation and if things go well then it's financial situation is expected to gradually strengthen. But any complacency that results in increasing benefits, reducing contributions or poor investment performance could quickly doom PERA.


Scott Wedel 1 week ago on Steamboat Ski Area, Winter Sports Club to build race venue


After my initial pots on the topic I thought I accepted that local soccer wasn't about developing a world class player. Thus, since the focus is even more about learning to appreciate the game then it makes a great deal of sense to minimize travel and play 7v7 or smaller so players get to experience possessing the ball and have more open space.