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We don't exactly what happened in 1273 AD. We didn't have satellites measuring solar intensity or measuring heat leaving the earth into space. We didn't have ocean temp monitoring stations and so on. It could even have been strong El Nino which appears to affect global weather patterns so it could have largely been a fluke of ocean currents.

But now we have accurate measurements and we know that the "pause" is the result of the oceans absorbing the heat. That wasn't in the computer models, but the observed increase in trapped heat is pretty close to the computer models.


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Bingo! Lack of good education in science demonstrated in AP article.

There has been numerous scientifically unchallenged studies that the earth is gaining heat. Satellites can track solar intensity and see how much sunlight and infrared radiation is leaving the planet. So that the earth is gaining heat is a measured fact.

Question was where was it going because the air temps were not increasing as fast as predicted in most models and so the heat is not all staying in the atmosphere. Recent studies have found more ocean warming at deeper depths than predicted in most models. So with the deeper ocean warming then the missing heat has been found.

And now the computer models are being revamped to focus more on ocean warming. The models had warm surface water not mixing much with deeper cooler water. That sort of temperature layers should be stable. The surprise appears to be that surface winds appears to have a much stronger mixing effect than expected.

And this ocean warming may be bad news because observations of melting the Antarctic ice sheets show more faster melting than in most models. And the warmer deeper ocean appears to explain the faster melting. So there are concerns that ocean levels rising will be worse than generally predicted.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 13 hours ago on Yampa Valley airport faces a decade of austerity due to slow recovery in passenger numbers

Okay, you go out and buy an airline and try your pricing model. The fundamental problem is that any airline subsidy program needs to be able to promote and convince people to fill up the planes at about full fares. If demand is so bad that selling some cheaply is viewed as better than empty seats then the costs of the flight revenue guarantees is unsustainable.

And so then someone buys an online claiming to be a local. Shows up at airport with a Denver driver's license. Do you refuse to let them board the airplane? What if they produce an electric bill with a SB address? Can gate agent tell if the electric bill was photoshopped?

Not all flights from YVRA are subsidized. I am pretty sure the Denver flights are generally not subsidized. The flights to Houston, LA and so on are heavily subsidized.


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So any misstatement counts as a lack of education?

Pelosi meant 500 thousand, not million. Obama had been to 57 primaries and caucuses so he meant to also say territories and protectorates.

The true evidence of people lacking education are those that deny the basic science of global warming. That increasing atmospheric CO2 will have heating effects is well established as it is basic physics understood for over 100 years. That the scientific debate is over what exactly will be the consequences and effects of that warming. The challenge is to understand and quantify amplifying and dampening effects.

But some people have such poor scientific education that they think that uncertainty about predicting the consequences means the underlying issue doesn't exist.


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One of the silliest aspects of deleted comments is that the policy is so inconsistent that the comment can be reposted and it won't be deleted.

I had a comment a few years ago on how the city excuses for the default crisis on maintain ura bonds made no sense because, in particular, Cari H's background meant that she understood misrepresenting projected income affected a bond's rating and so the city's lies on the bond's issuance mattered. So anyway, I had the deleted post still in another tab and reposted it in several pieces asking if this was the objectionable passage. And none of the reposted passages were deleted.

So I don't think we are "walking on eggshells", but just dealing with an arbitrary capricious system that often cannot even remember what is deleted for what reasons. So just repost unless there is an obvious violation.


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Wildlife experts seem to agree that bears learn how to forage for food and once a bear learns to forage human food from cities then it is hard to get them to go back to the wilderness.

When they capture and relocate a bear then it will most likely return to a city for food.

It is a learned behavior for bears to hang out and forage for human food in a city. And mama bears teach their cubs how to forage for food so a mama bear living off of human food will teach that to her cubs.

If 30 wilderness bears were killed then 30 city bears would not move from the city to the wilderness. The city bears are doing fine living off of the city.

The bears are not cycling through wilderness and cities. Bears are one or the other. Killing wilderness bears is not going to affect the city bear population. It would be effective if there was a hunt to kill the citified bears and it would be important to kill them all so there aren't bears to teach cubs how to successfully forage in the city.


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Why was my comment deleted???

Because I said the problem with counselors is that they work for the school district and not the kids?

Because I noticed she worked for Hayden School District where the best advice for the kids would be to go elsewhere before they reach high school where the standardized test scores are awful? I think math scores half of state average is pretty awful.

Because I said she probably would be fired if she gave that advice?

Online commentary criticizing a poorly performing school district is not allowed?

Or was it because I observed that, surprise surprise, that an association of school counselors states there is a need for schools to have more counselors?


Scott Wedel 2 days, 20 hours ago on Yampa Valley airport faces a decade of austerity due to slow recovery in passenger numbers


I don't dispute that cheap fares would be nice for locals. The reason we don't see cheap fares is because the airlines need good revenues to offer the flights.

You cannot offer cheap fares to fill seats without affecting people's willingness to purchase full fare seats. And that will nuke overall revenues more than empty seats.

The fundamental problem is that we don't have the demand to fill seats at high enough fares needed to meet revenue requirements.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 17 hours ago on City will hire deputy city manager

Well, they also passed a motion that URA was dead unless BID passed and that was ignored.

I think the situation is that city manager is free to do whatever until city council says she is to follow their directions.

City Manager has a history of evading Colorado open meetings laws by speaking to several city council members individually So she probably has 4 saying they are inclined to approve and she didn't talk to those that care about open meetings or have been critical of her.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 18 hours ago on Colorado weighs the best means of sharing the water

It was 1922 when they looked at rainfall levels. Arizona had been a state for all of 10 years. It was a best guess when they predicted average rainfall levels.

The science is settled only at the most basic levels. Does gravity exist? Sure, that is settled. The exact gravitational effects of a rapidly spinning black hole or neutron star is still a topic of active research. Likewise there are some fabric of the universe questions that allows for the gravitational constant to not be a constant, but to be affected by the expansion of the universe.

And btw, Las Vegas has significantly reduced water usage by a claimed 40%. They have largely xeriscaped the city and their water treatment plant returns water to Lake Mead for it to be reused.

The people with the biggest water concerns should be farmers receiving water from the Central Arizona Project. They are the first to be cut off. Next would be Arizona cities. San Diego's concern is that they get water from LA's water district and they will get less as LA continues to add population.