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Scott Wedel 1 day, 21 hours ago on Yampa Valley Housing Authority board in line for new members

That people join boards and committees which interest themselves is one of the great problems of government. Instead of getting a reasonable cross section of the population, they get a self selected group that cares deeply about the issue and thus tends to share the same concerns and seek the same solutions.

I was at a YVSC meeting in which numerous board said corporations were evil. Well, at the most basic level, it isn't sustainable to oppose virtually every business in town which are not sole proprietorships, but are locally owned corporations, typically Limited Liability Corporations.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 22 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to hear Yampa Street park proposal Tuesday

"A citizens committee that recommended the purchase of the park has suggested that sponsorships or grants could be used to help fund of the future amenities."

Yep, that seems to have become the new operating mantra for SB City. Shoot first and then wonder what they were supposed to be aiming at.

So, buy the property first and then hope for sponsorships to fund improvements.

People like to make fun of Boulder, but at least their URA got a developer to commit to spend $26M on the new hotel before they agreed to spend $12M on a public parking garage which the hotel was allowed to partly use.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 22 hours ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat


The voters knew what they were getting with the new library and they approved it. The new library was presented to the public as a new, larger library, that would be better. The old library was not just old, but small and lacking areas for kids to read books, or use computers or study. It was not sold as a project that would redevelop the area and so on. Thus, the reasons for the new library were generally honest and they built the promised design.

The new police station project started with a lie that selling the existing building would jump start economic activity on Yampa St. The justifications still have not proceeded beyond that the current station is small. They haven't even asked the question of whether certain functions such as evidence storage could be moved to another site and thus remove the need for a new building. The criteria for a new site are so vague that apparently the forest service parcel was once the preferred site, but is now eliminated as unworkable. The proposed design for the new station shrank by 20% from what was claimed to be the minimal sufficient design. So how are the requirements for the new station so vague that it can shrink by 20% while meeting the same standards?

And if a new use of the Public Services building is to boost Yampa St then what are the plans for moving out the fire dept?

The new police station project is a much larger project than the new library, and yet still cannot answer almost any questions about any aspect of the project.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 2 hours ago on Audrey Dwyer: My tips for a winning Super Bowl party

Drinking? This is SB so why not mention which buds to smoke? RMR's owner has Massachusetts connections so that is where Patriots fans should buy. And Seattle must have some favorite bud.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 2 hours ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat

It is an indication of locals being out of touch with the rest of the world to complain about property taxes. We pay 46 mills per $1,000 of assessed value. So a $350,000 house pays about $1,300 in property taxes. That is a low property tax rate. It probably does help the local housing market and encourages construction which is a good thing especially when people talk about affordable housing.

Meanwhile, property taxes in Oak Creek are over 83 mills Soroco's property taxes are 20 mills higher than SSSD's. There is a 9.9 fire district tax compared to zero in SB. There is an 11.2 town property tax compared to zero in SB.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 3 hours ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat


Taxes for the library district are less than 10% of your tax bill. About 80% of your property taxes are split about evenly between Routt County and the school district.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 5 hours ago on Yampa Valley Housing Authority board in line for new members

I think it would be better for YVHA to leave board seats empty than reappoint board members responsible for bad decisions of the past and lying about those decisions.

And that isn't just how they fired George. They also had a pattern of lying regarding the refinancing of the Elk River parcel. They lied when they said TABOR prevented the mortgage since TABOR just prevented the lender from suing to force YVHA to continue to make payments. They lied when they said that TABOR invalidated the mortgage and meant that YVHA could gain possession of the parcel with reduced debt.

Their lies are so bad that they don't even pretend that their lies are true. To this day they continue to have mortgages on two Sierra View lots, Hillside Village and Fish Creek Mobile Home Park.

Hopefully the new board members will be able to correct YVHA's pattern of deception. The first thing they could do is refuse to conduct their everyday business in executive session. Since real estate is allowed to be held in executive session then YVHA is legally allowed to conduct all of their important business in executive session. That is not a requirement and they will never gain any public trust as long as they chose to discuss their critical issues in secret.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 21 hours ago on 'Modest accumulations at best' with weekend storm

" the ski area needs more than 6.25 inches of snow to fall if it wants to beat the previous driest January, "

I didn't realize the ski area was sentient and had free will allowing it to decide if it wishes to best the previous record. I think having a sentient ski area with free will puts us in an unique category which we have, so far, failed to adequately promote.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 1 hour ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat

Local voters tend to be modestly skeptical. If it is half baked then it will often fail. But generally, locals are willing to pass something if there aren't obvious big problems.

If you look at what SB voters have passed then there is no reason for public officials to be overly concerned of getting public approvals.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 1 hour ago on Steamboat City Council backs city manager after two members seek her resignation

The city and county attorneys would not appear in court for YVHA. They are a separate government authority.

Colorado COML states that no decision made in a secret meeting is not valid. YVHA acknowledged that when they held a second meeting in public to make at least a legally defensible argument that the decision was made in the second, publicly held, meeting. Looks to me like Bob Weiss did a good job of treating it as if it was a mistake, holding a public meeting and so on to reduce their legal exposure. You have good reasons to be mad at the YVHA board. But with Colorado being at will employment state then that makes it far harder to not be fired.

Are you arguing that the Sep 2 motion by the SB city council was an illegal motion? And that city staff has been ignoring that motion because they considered it invalid? And that they were keeping their opinion that it was an invalid motion secret while ignoring the motion and continuing to work on proposing an URA?