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Scott Wedel 1 day, 5 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to talk Emerald Park history, field usage on Tuesday

He [Kenny Reisman] questioned whether the council would hold such a public hearing on a contract for a group using the city's ice arena, for example.

Pretty pitiful comparison. The ice rink has a standard policy governing rink rentals. I or anyone else can go done and rent the rink according to their existing policies. There is no such similar policy for ball fields. I cannot go down and say I want to rent the Emerald Park fields for a few selected days.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 6 hours ago on Our view: The public deserves to know

City of SB could mimic corrupt FIFA which has an internal investigation led by Michael Garcia and a submitted report which another FIFA committee releases a summary which Michael Garcia calls materially false. And the corruption continued on until yesterday's indictments of FIFA officials.

As high ranking public officials, Rae and Delvalle job performance becomes indistinguishable from analysis of problems within the police dept. City manager can try to keep the report confidential as part of a job performance review and prevent the public from knowing if there are systemic problems in the SSPD. But the resulting public doubt in the SSPD would not be acceptable to the public or the police dept. So the report has to be released regardless.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 5 hours ago on Fielding: Another name proposed

So a "traditional marriage" requires that both are verified as fertile, legally commit to having kids and presumably certify to the state that they are having proper sex. A traditional marriage would also seem to imply that the wife has a legal obligation to obey her husband and that the wife has no right to own property and so on.

The reason that gay marriage is no big deal is that all that marriage requires is two consenting adults. A heterosexual couple isn't required to have kids. There are no special responsibilities for the husband or the wife because both are now legally equal and the same. So a gay couple can get married without having to falsely claim that one will be acting as the husband and the other as the wife.

Our kids are already being taught to be themselves and not to be afraid if they are gay. That is not the same as being told to "emulate" being gay. It most certainly is not that being gay is superior or that anyone is superior. It is to accept people as they are.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 18 hours ago on From the editor: Step up and serve

Well, the idea of you agreeing with me seemed so implausible that I had doubts you were talking nicely about me.

You know the first thing I'd do is propose a $15 minimum wage, right?

Seriously, it should be proposed if only to inform local businesses that is what they should be expecting in a place with lots of jobs and expensive housing. And that it will, in practice, happen even as local businesses scream that it would be catastrophic if passed into law.


Scott Wedel 3 days ago on Daily roundtrips to Denver from Yampa Valley Regional Airport drop to two for summer

“If we want to control aircraft and carrier, it’s get our checkbook out and never put it away,” Perlman said this month.

That is true if you expect poor seat sales. If planes were full with paying customers then we would get larger planes and more flights.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 4 hours ago on From the editor: Step up and serve


Short answer is for you, your friends, and me would be to agree that our political views are not the same, but we all agree the city manager and city staff represents all of us and not just the majority on the city council. County Manager and county staff does it so it is a realistic expectation.

I would be more inclined to restructure city government so that city manager is a less powerful position. The heads of public works, public safety and parks/rec could each report to city council instead of city manager. Each of those depts is a larger organization than was once the entire city government. The dept managers should all have the skills to be the public faces of their depts and communicate directly to the city council.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 4 hours ago on From the editor: Step up and serve

I think a mayor would be more accountable to the public.

But I think a strong mayoral system requires city council members to have dedicated staff to be able to give their side to the mayor's proposals. So a mayoral system REQUIRES even more city staff overhead.

The problem is that there is a majority of the city council that supports ignoring recently passed motions, secret confidential memos, serial meetings and a city manager that defines a course of action.

I think the better solution is for all city council members to agree upon basic standards of conduct for the city manager of respecting open records, open meetings and giving all information pro and con regarding issues. That standard of conduct is exactly how County Manager Tom Sullivan has operated for years with different county commissioners. Tom Sullivan has seamlessly handled a switch from Diane Mitsch Bush to Cari Hermanski. That is possible because Tom and county staff give pretty complete info to the commissioners. If you read through their meeting packets then the letters submitted by the public rarely complain that staff didn't present their side of the situation. Instead, the complaints are more often that staff was too kind giving credence to the other side.

When county commissioners were all Democrats then it would have been easier for Tom to just feed them the info they wanted to hear and leave Republicans fuming that they aren't even being heard. Tom Sullivan didn't fall into that trap and even on controversial issues, there was no complaining that people's concerns weren't being heard. County commissioners accepted a lot of data and information from the drillers and county staff accepted it as true as the environmentalist data. It was left for the county commissioners to evaluate and decide what was best for the county.

City's URA proposal is being handled completely differently with only supporting info in city staff reports.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 5 hours ago on From the editor: Step up and serve

Key questions that I think an open records and open meetings legal expert should address would be confidential work product documents, serial meetings and improperly held meetings.

I think that city manager labeling documents as confidential work product and thus not to be released or discussed with the public as a very dangerous idea because it has allowed the city manager to stifle discussion on topics by city council members. I think it also has no basis in law. I think the work product exemption to an open records request is purely practical to not require saving every draft version. I see no legal grounds to claim that work product is confidential and cannot be discussed with the public. Likewise, communications with the city attorney are not automatically confidential legal advice, It has to be legal advice regarding an active legal matter.

Likewise, from comments by city council members, it appears that city manager has held one on one serial meetings with city council members that are legally questionable. And now there were two attempts to hold serial meetings to discuss specific topics with council members. Thus, an outside legal opinion of what is the law would be helpful.

Remember the city attorney works for the city council and if council leadership is not interested in open meetings and open records then the legal advice can become as it was recently that it is unlikely that anyone would sue over violations.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 18 hours ago on From the editor: Step up and serve

"I love you, Scott."

So that is completely ambiguous. Two previous posts, both by someone with the first name of "Scott" and your warped mind :) is too unpredictable to deduce which one is the subject of your kind comment.