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Scott Wedel 8 hours, 27 minutes ago on Hahn's Peak water system at issue in long-term housing of workers in country inn

So the issue is solved if the workers rent their rooms for a weekly rate instead of a monthly rate? You would think that after the Alpiner issue in SB that regional motel owners would learn how to rent rooms for extended stays without violating zoning laws.

Seems to me that the fundamental issue is is limited supply of water and that their use permit should have required that they use no more than a specified amount of water per day. Modern water meters can be continuously read wirelessly so it wouldn't be an unreasonable requirement.


Scott Wedel 14 hours, 27 minutes ago on Front Range group spent $40,000 on Steamboat school board race last fall

Oh no, Obama's goon squads! So much scarier than jails in the South in the 60s faced by Freedom Riders. Nixon's "plumbers" that illegally broke into doctor's offices, placed wiretaps and so on. J Edgar Hoovers illegal wiretaps and dirty tricks against Civil Rights leaders.

Apparently, today's conservatives are a pathetic bunch being scared off by Obama goon squads.


Scott Wedel 15 hours, 17 minutes ago on Front Range group spent $40,000 on Steamboat school board race last fall

Our Founding Fathers did not anonymously sign the Declaration of Independence despite expecting retaliation if caught by the British. In fact, John Henry signed his name largely and clearly so there was no doubt it was his signature.

That some action for justice is worth undertaking despite the consequences and possible retaliation has been a guiding principle of fighting injustice. US civil rights activists were often arrested. The intent of the Freedom Riders were to get arrested for exercising their constitutional rights, but violated local segregation laws. The Freedom Riders wanted to overwhelm the local jails and show that segregation became unenforceable when opposed by even a modest portion of the public.

Anonymity allows being offensive without taking responsibility.


Scott Wedel 15 hours, 50 minutes ago on Our View: Pulled over for reckless thinking

SSPD moved into the current building when it was a smaller dept serving a smaller city. So it is crowded and they are short of about everything from private offices to interview rooms to evidence storage room. You just don't have cities of our population in police stations that small.

You can say it is still workable, but then we aren't far from it becoming a real problem. And because of strict building codes for essential public safety buildings, it cannot be remodeled and expanded.

It does make sense that a new police station is a current objective. Though, it is not a public emergency and they could wait out the Sheriff until he drops his demands that he also get a 15,000 sq ft expansion.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 5 hours ago on Our View: Pulled over for reckless thinking

The current police station is at end of life. If you argue that it is currently tolerable then it is on the verge of becoming intolerable.

What consulting architects draw up as being needed is that they are told to draw up. SB's first drawing of a police station had a police chief suite that dwarfed the current executive offices of CEOs for billion dollar corporations with tens of thousands of employees.

The current situation is not comparable to that which led to the construction of the Justice Center. The county was under a court order to correct a list of problems with the courtrooms in the downtown county building. There were safety issues and witnesses had to wait together which created all sort of potential issues that could lead to reversals on appeals and so on. It was even plausible that judges could have held the county commissioners in contempt of court for failing to provide safe and proper courtrooms.

The current sheriff's office wasn't seen as a problem and no one was considering that it needed an expansion as large as the entire city police station. And if sheriff's office needs additional building space then I think there would be strong political pressure to build regional substations instead of only expanding in SB.

The interesting part of the YVEA parcel is that it is also suitable as a fire station.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 13 hours ago on Our View: Pulled over for reckless thinking

What caused the County Commissioners to back out is that the elected county Sheriff came back saying he also needed a 15,000 sq ft probably around $8 million expansion if there was to be a shared facility. County Commissioners know neither they or the county residents would have any interest in paying for that sort of expansion. They also know that it is pointless to proceed with a shared facility over the objections of the county sheriff.

The only part of the county expansion that makes sense is moving communications into the building. It makes no financial sense to move the county coroner and so on into the building.

Probably what should happen is for County Commissioners to publicly state what they are willing to pay for and see if the Sheriff is willing to accept that or get nothing.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 7 hours ago on Gary Suiter interested in becoming Steamboat Springs' next city manager

City Council could say that, in essence, his time as consultant city manager manager means he has been prepaid any future severance package. So then he serves as city manager as an at will employee who has already received any post employment severance package.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 12 hours ago on Front Range group spent $40,000 on Steamboat school board race last fall

I think it has also been shown how good candidates can make money a winning campaign issue. If the candidate states clear positions then that allows running against the big money as being special outside interests. Jeb! big money has proven to be a liability in this year of running against the corrupt system.

But in our local school board race, Lowe and Wert failed to ever state what they wanted to do or give any reasons why the big money special interests were so threatened or what was so wrong with Huron and Dover.

I think big money in a campaign isn't good, but any attempts to remove or prevent it is much worse than allowing it. The unfortunate consequence of Citizens United is that US tax code allows nonprofits to be secretive so SuperPacs can be formed that don't disclose their money. If a corporation is allowed to be nonprofit on the theory that they are doing public good then there should no reason that it isn't required to be largely transparent.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 14 hours ago on Front Range group spent $40,000 on Steamboat school board race last fall


Knowing the person giving is not that important. Does ESDO's disclosure of their contributors solve the issue? I think not.

The issue is the money.

And it was made worse by the candidates not explaining why the big outside money was interested in this campaign