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Scott Wedel 9 hours, 34 minutes ago on Our view: Housing proposal worth vetting


I am not raining on Frank's parade. I am just suggesting that it is not likely to happen as a 2,000 tiny home project, but that there are available town lots in OC and Hayden in which a 5 to 10 tiny home project could be possible.

If Frank used his knowledge to sketch proposed configurations and worked with planning to try to get it approved and did whatever else that allows for $80,000 or so tiny homes then he could show that the business plan works.


Scott Wedel 11 hours, 37 minutes ago on Tuesday's primary election heats up for Colorado U.S. Senate race

As if Iran wouldn't have claims for the US supporting for decades the Shah's secret police that routinely tortured and killed people.


Scott Wedel 19 hours, 40 minutes ago on Our view: Housing proposal worth vetting


Because there is no way that 2,000 people will think it is credible that a plan requires 2,000 down payments to get started.

If it is a good plan then show that it would work for 5 or 10 people. The cost of construction isn't that drastically different for more tiny houses. People are going to want variations anyway. Also, locally the need for housing is by people with jobs and any such effort could certainly start at a higher price as needed to buy land and cover costs.


Scott Wedel 20 hours, 3 minutes ago on School board approves 2016-17 budget in split vote


School districts save money when higher paid experienced teachers retire and are replaced with lower paid new teachers.

Teachers are recognized when retiring because they have spent years interacting with the kids of a community.

Retirement costs are increasing because the pension fund is underfunded so it is requiring more contributions in order to get back in balance.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 9 hours ago on School board approves 2016-17 budget in split vote

"could lead to “an influx of students” moving from South Routt to Steamboat."

1) SSSD doesn't have to accept them.

2) SSSD and Montessori have accepted probably all of Soroco students willing and able to attend SB schools.

3) The Peabody property taxes are not dismissable by the bankruptcy court and it is highly likely the early Nov tax lien auction will have an investor pay the taxes to get the 10% interest. At which point the tax revenues will flow to Soroco so this is a short term cash flow issue for this year.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 10 hours ago on Tuesday's primary election heats up for Colorado U.S. Senate race


Not that remarkable. I worked with an Anglo US citizen that was working there on the military and security service computer systems when the revolution occurred. He said some of the most horrific incidents such as the movie theater firebombing was done by the revolutionaries, but at that point the public was willing to believe it was done by the secret police. That the Shah's secret police were nasty and feared even by him as an American working for them.

He had an Iranian girlfriend and he realized how serious she was about their relationship when she smuggled him out in her car. If she had been caught then she would have been executed on the spot and he would have been held as an American prisoner if not also executed.

The Iranian money we are "releasing" is without a doubt their money and if US is to be a law abiding country then we cannot confiscate or withhold other people's money or property just because we dislike them.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 6 hours ago on Parks and rec commission endorses new master plan for Bear River Park

Typical government master plan written without concern for financing and budgets.

So they can propose $2.5M in projects when even $500,000 would be difficult to get.

Meanwhile, same Parks and Rec dept cannot find a place for a modular for daycare programming that isn't in the floodplain.

Instead of being dominated by rainbows and unicorns, a realistic plan might have been putting the daycare building there (the Igloo) and then building the outdoor play facilities of basketball and volleyball courts.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 19 hours ago on Outcry over City Council's free ticket decision leads to change in city policy

It doesn't make sense to blame national partisan politics for local city council decisions.

The City had long been accepting gratuities from those that receive public funding. The charitable organizations were giving the same gratuities that they give private donors. Thus, there is no intent by the charitable organizations to buy city council votes.

This is a Steamboat City Council and far more of an issue with particular members on the City Council and how they interact with each other. Unfortunately, we have two members of City Council unable to distinguish between public service and personal gain. It is no surprise that the same two City Council members are at the center of every revote because they have been placing themselves personally above the public interest. Tony Connell had the arrogance to present a spreadsheet at a Coffee with Council showing that he was now spending more hours serving on City Council and thus deserved perks like free tickets. Ed Miklus then demolished Tony by describing his history as a Superintendent working with unpaid school boards.

Likewise, Heather Sloop had the arrogance to think that special pilot lessons that were also serving as personal transportation with the instructor and plane waiting around for hours somehow wasn't enough to even mention to the public or city council despite the instructor being the former 2nd in charge at SSPD.

Then both showed a complete disregard for the law and process on the Healthy Choice zoning issue and didn't discuss the specific zoning issue of distance to a park, but discussed their personal beliefs of marijuana. And Tony not disclosing his disputes over marijuana odors with the owner of the building.

The original City Council vote on using tickets was what happens when people work together. Only Tony and Heather among the City Council stated an interest in using the tickets themselves and not just that they were willing to use the tickets or lanyard, but that it was important to them to take that privilege. The other 5 City Council members were faced with the group dynamics question of what is their responsibility when they would not do what compatriots are insisting upon doing for themselves. Only 2 of the 5 recognized at the time that was fundamentally wrong for any city council members to take those tickets and to vote to thus stop the entitlement of Heather and Tony. 3 of the 5 said at the time that they wouldn't take the tickets personally, but they were not willing to stop Heather and Tony.

So yes, there have been 3 revotes that all have resulted from improper conduct from Heather and/or Tony failing to recognize the public interest.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 10 hours ago on Schmiggity's plans to pay fines to avoid liquor license suspension

On one hand, a liquor license violation means shutting down for 4 days or pay 20% of one day's sales? Four days of liquor sales would be 20 times larger than 20% of one day's sales. Thus, the punishment is obviously designed to greatly encourage paying the fine so that city gets the cash.