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Scott Wedel 10 minutes ago on City releases excessive force lawsuit settlement agreements


We had police administration that was inept. We had city manager that was inept. We had a city council that didn't know how to do a job review of a city manager (sitting in a semi circle and saying they mostly like her was good enough for all but Macys and Ford).

Note that all of that incompetence was protected by executive sessions. Lawsuits were discussed in executive session. City manager performance was discussed in executive session. Police Chief's performance is a city manager, not city council, issue according to city charter.


Scott Wedel 16 minutes ago on Dennis Brust: Government control of health care


The underlying issue is that the public does not like the idea of people suffering or dying due to a lack of medical care. That combined with the healthcare industry successfully fighting attempts to provide lower cost care by any of the methods used successfully in other countries means it is expensive for us.

One of the reasons that dollar hasn't collapsed despite the debt and low interest rates is that the world knows it would be comparatively easy for the US to drastically improve federal budget. Eliminate corporate farm subsidies, eliminate ethanol subsidies, eliminate renewable subsidies (that industry was prepared to have expire), require competitive bidding for drug prices, eliminate the great majority of government grant programs to private industry and so on. And then we could also save a ton by stopping to fight stupid wars that we cannot even figure out who there is on our side. Gov't funding of hospitals as is done with VA even with all of their problems is far more cost effective than Medicare and Medicaid provided healthcare.

California eliminated urban redevelopment zones and that has been the best thing for urban development. Now, urban development isn't limited to the projects funded by taxes. Speculative property owners are not holding out for what property is worth if it lands a redevelopment tax credit. And governments are forced to deal with private developers if they want urban development.


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Yeah, but the point is that at least one bad cop was allowed to remain on the force for much too long and quite probably should never have been hired.

The bad cop side of the equation is supposed to very close to zero regardless of the number of bad guys. Just as number of executions of innocent people should be zero regardless of how many guilty people are executed.


Scott Wedel 3 hours, 33 minutes ago on Dennis Brust: Government control of health care

The healthcare system was in a state of failure prior to ACA with government paying over half of the healthcare system and the number of uninsured continuing to grow. If we were going to continue the old system then soon enough we would have to said that people, including children, without medical insurance don't get access to healthcare and will be allowed to die for lack of basic healthcare.

Healthcare is not a good fit for the insurance model because future costs are too predictable and not random enough. Any free market health insurance model would normally determine the portion of the population with ongoing health issues and exclude them from insurance.

ACA has flaws, but to get it passed they made compromises beneficial to segments of the healthcare industry. In particular, they limited competition by preventing health insurance being offered across regions. So, no one here can buy lower cost healthcare from Denver instead of more expensive local plans.

But since Democrats no longer have a controlling majority then they can no longer pass any corrections or improvements. The only thing that can currently happen with the ACA is the Republicans try to pass measures to repeal it. The Republicans have not proposed a single measure intended to fix some problem of the ACA by doing anything than actually or effectively repealing the ACA.

Lastly, the public likes key parts of the ACA even as the Republicans have successfully demonized the entire program. Democrats don't feel political pressure to repeal the ACA because they view they win by attacking Republicans for trying to repeal the popular patient protections within the ACA and so on.


Scott Wedel 4 hours, 8 minutes ago on Our view: Building credibility with voters

A few months ago, a member of the LMD board and myself had a conversation in the Ace parking lot in which we agreed that LMD didn't annually need a quarter cent sales tax. The program if run well needs a bunch of reserves to commit to the airlines to get the flights, but then should get most of that back at the end of year when reaching or nearly reaching revenue targets.

Thus, with reserves of $7M then LMD didn't need additional revenues unless there was some disaster that caused them to badly miss revenue targets or they decided to burn through money by selecting flights regardless of cost. So we discussed whether LMD might propose continuing their tax in conjunction with trail building or whatever so that LMD could get the money they might need and otherwise the money would flow to some other popular program.

I think it was no surprise that LMD board was going to propose some major changes to the tax. That they agreed to not ask for any tax is a surprise, but not for financial reasons. It is just that we are shocked when any government entity says they are well run and don't need more tax dollars. Mountain URA should have done the same, set aside the money to pay off their debts and wrapped itself up so that area property taxes can go to the local schools, library and so on.


Scott Wedel 4 hours, 29 minutes ago on City releases excessive force lawsuit settlement agreements


That five lawsuits involved one officer probably would have been hard for Joel Rae to survive

I think that body cameras is the consequence of public distrust. As was experienced here, a bad officer tends to be protected by other officers. The other officers on their own don't appear to have problems, but their misguided priorities placed protecting their bad fellow officer over protecting the public. There were 5 incidents in which fellow officers could have clearly indicated this officer was a menace and arrested him. Body cameras make it harder for fellow police officers to write statements to cover up bad officers.

I don't think that the public would insist that every officer involved with a lawsuit be fired. I think the public expects officers to do their best and that mistakes may be made for which victims should be compensated. What matters is that the officers appear to be doing their best when a mistake is made and are not taking cheap shots to punish suspects.

Is violent thug Ross Blank known to be working for another police dept? I'd guess that police dept's insurance carrier would have problems with a dept hiring someone with so many excessive force lawsuits.


Scott Wedel 23 hours, 27 minutes ago on City releases excessive force lawsuit settlement agreements

A relevant number is that SB taxpayers have spent, $300,000 due to paying the $50,000 deductible for each case. That is the sort of money that the city says they don't have when public asks that city build sidewalks or so on.


Scott Wedel 23 hours, 48 minutes ago on U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner: Remembering sacrifice


We were supplying England and were important in keeping them able to fend off the Nazis. We were also providing helpful supplies to the Soviets.

If we had zero involvement in Europe then maybe England or Soviets fall. Also, England without US help could never have invaded Normandy. So Western Europe may not have been free if Soviets defeated Nazis without there being Allied armies. Germany also were technologically ahead in missiles and jet engines. If USA had stayed completely out of Europe then it is doubtful that we spend huge sums on the Manhattan Project Thus, does Nazi Germany become the first to build the atom bomb?

Of all of the wars, WW II was fought for the best reasons with the best long term results. The wars since then could all be questioned for what was gained and the long term benefit. Korea has worked out well, but all we won is an armistice along the original border.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 6 hours ago on Steamboat Springs School Board struggling to work as a team

Also, there is no contradiction of a recreational drug being harmful and having effective medical use. Many drugs affect parts of the body in a way that would be harmful in a healthy person, but is helpful in a person with medical issues in those parts of the body.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 6 hours ago on Fiorina to headline Steamboat Institute's Freedom Conference

I see no reason to care about Carly. She is no threat to win any election for any office after contriving to lose by a landslide the 2010 Senate race against Barbara Boxer. Thus, Carly is as relevant as Ann Coulter. She makes money by telling a slice of the population what they want to hear.