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Scott Wedel 3 hours, 3 minutes ago on Post office lockouts in Steamboat follow national USPS protocol

So what facts do you dispute?

Does the USPS have private investors and shareholders or is its entire board appointed by government?

Is the USPS allowed to borrow from the federal treasury?

Does the USPS have a government issued monopoly on first class mail and have the power of eminent domain?

Is locking customer boxes without recent notice of failure to pay considered good customer service?


Scott Wedel 4 hours, 10 minutes ago on Post office lockouts in Steamboat follow national USPS protocol

There is some validity that USPS debt is overstated due to how Congress made then account for future liabilities. But that is just another example of how USPS is really a government operated business.

And the Republicans in Congress made that rule because they want to put pressure on the postal employees union by making promised benefits be an immediate, not deferred, cost and because the government will end up bailing out USPS if it came to that.

But the local issue on locking customer boxes is abysmal customer service.


Scott Wedel 5 hours, 59 minutes ago on School board expresses urgency in submitting final master plan

" If we wait and partially fix the problems..."

That scenario requires assuming continued student growth past 5 years. That scenario has no demographic data or analysis. That scenario is a possibility, but it is pure speculation.

I don't agree with spending $92M on speculation.


Scott Wedel 6 hours, 7 minutes ago on Post office lockouts in Steamboat follow national USPS protocol

USPS is for all practical purposes a government run business. It has a government issued monopoly, eminent domain, no shareholders, board of directors all appointed by government, and so on.

It certainly is not a private enterprise with private investors.

Any private enterprise with shareholders would tell a new branch manager that an audit finding customers continuing without making payments means make an effort to collect payments, not disconnect service. If that was Comcast or some other non monopoly service then customers would be switching and the company would be apologizing for an awful branch manager. But since it is monopoly USPS then they quote regulations and say customers should have known to pay their bills.


Scott Wedel 6 hours, 22 minutes ago on Accused murderer told deputies he 'snapped'

Insanity defense in Colorado is nearly impossible because the standard isn't whether or not the murderer is mentally ill, but whether the mental illness is so severe that there wasn't knowledge of doing harm. I'd guess life without parole in prison is his future. I'd doubt he will be serving time with "good company".


Scott Wedel 18 hours, 2 minutes ago on Steamboat City Council scheduled to discuss police investigation findings behind closed doors

Whether Rae and Delvalle should return to their jobs is not a question of whether they were so awful that they have to be fired, but whether they are good enough to be in those jobs.


Scott Wedel 18 hours, 12 minutes ago on Post office lockouts in Steamboat follow national USPS protocol

Would any private sector company dare to have such awful customer service?

If it is true that some people hadn't paid their fees then it was because the former postmaster (branch manager) failed to notify customers that they owed money. Maybe Brian Harvey got a notice of owing box fees. It is highly doubtful that he then received the final notice of "pay now or lose your box".

It is absolutely abysmal customer service to upon noticing someone hasn't paid an overdue account and is still showing up to collect mail to fail to put in a new notice of needing to be paid. That the postmaster was willing to defend such awful service as following the regulations is just another example of why "going postal" is a recognized phrase of going mad with anger.


Scott Wedel 18 hours, 26 minutes ago on School board expresses urgency in submitting final master plan

"Could a demographic study have projected the 700 plan to implode?"

If you were to read the 2008 report then you would know that it did consider that. It stated how many students it expected to be living there as it approached build out. So, if it wasn't built then it was easy enough to remove those students from the projected totals.

What demographics reports have bigger problems dealing with is rapidly changing economic conditions. So the 2008 report did not present a scenario of 30+% decline in housing prices and construction jobs nearly all going away.

A really good demographics report will have appendices which show population profiles of for different income levels. And will have data on real estate sales at different levels. So as housing prices change then you can recalculate the report's projections.

I doubt any demographics report would claim that there won't be future growth in SB.

I would expect a better demographics report such as the 2004/5/8 reports to mention the effect of expensive real estate on the ability of young families to move here.

The west side of San Jose and Cupertino has seen growth since I went to school there. But there are far less students and they have closed schools, not built new ones. The combination of the end of Baby Boom kids and then very expensive housing due to proximity of high tech jobs has resulted in very few young families.

It should be embarrassing and shocking that the 2014 demographics report simply dismissed the well established demographic fact that expensive housing results in fewer young families. It doesn't matter that LNBs will move here. The ones that move here into a $500,000+ house won't be 23 years old with a couple of young kids. There are more likely to be 40+ that have 20 years of career advancement into higher paying jobs with accumulated stock and savings.


Scott Wedel 20 hours, 51 minutes ago on School board expresses urgency in submitting final master plan

Only a bandage if we assume 2% enrollment growth beyond 5 years for which we have zero data and zero analysis from any expert in demographics.

"Good for business" is not going to create the additional housing needed for all of the families with these supposed additional students.


Scott Wedel 20 hours, 59 minutes ago on Accused murderer told deputies he 'snapped'

This guy sounds like a psychopath. Putting his picture on the homepage and probably on tomorrow's front page is exactly what he wants. Likewise, he probably feels more important the more the paper prints gruesome details.

I guess we will see how much this paper empowers him by giving him the graphic disturbing coverage he wants. Running his mugshot as the main picture is a bad omen.