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Scott Wedel 7 hours, 22 minutes ago on Bill Wallace: Efficient design pays off


The NYC study simply compared new construction water and energy usage. That LEED certification in terms of energy and utilities isn't any better than construction quality already wanted by owners.

So then you are fine with removing LEED certification requirements as long as SB retains building codes requiring structural integrity?

Seems to me that if you want SB to retain requiring LEED certification then you need to say why LEED certification is appropriate for all new construction, is always cost effective and isn't vulnerable to being gamed with an after certification remodel.

Personally, I think any points based system is highly vulnerable to being scammed by collecting points as cheaply as possible. That it would make more sense to try to add an interior air circulation and replacement air preheating system building code requirement for SB than to have that as a point option for LEED certification that maybe can be avoided with an educational display and an exercise room.


Scott Wedel 7 hours, 56 minutes ago on What you need to make to rent in Routt County

The simplest thing about SB rental housing is that it is fundamentally a free market situation.

This is a desirable resort area and people come here because they want to be here. SB is not an area where many people have no choice and are "stuck" here due to family obligations or lack the resources to move anywhere else. Thus, many people are free to move away if their financial situation is not working out for them.

It also means that many more people would live here if it was easy to get a job that comfortably covered rent and all other expenses.

Economically, it also means that low wage employers have to worry about losing employees whenever the local economy improves.


Scott Wedel 8 hours, 16 minutes ago on Bill Wallace: Efficient design pays off

I slightly disagree with Mark.

When government law mandates something that is considered a good idea then the focus shifts from the general situation in which it is a good idea to all of the situations in which it may not be such a good idea. Thus, to mandate a good idea should require government to be sure that it is always a good idea for all situations.

A low flow toilet should be simply a better design and there should be no situation in which a high flow toilet is needed. The amount of water saved by the water district can be the difference between having a water shortage and thus a community not being allowed to grow. So mandating low flow toilets is reasonable.

But mandating LEED certification can easily be just a costly hurdle to bypass for someone wanting their own custom home. They end up designing a house to get LEED certification that is the least expensive to then remodel into what they want.

The most telling aspect of SB's LEED certification as being a poor idea is that it was required for only part of the city. If it was such a good idea then it would have been required citywide.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 8 hours ago on Bill Wallace: Efficient design pays off

LEED also does not guarantee particularly energy efficient buildings because it is a point based system so it can be gamed to get points in relatively inconsequential areas such as including an educational display or an exercise room. It appears that mandating LEED certification can result in a design to get certification that can then cheaply be remodeled into what isn't LEED compliant, but is what the owner wants.

A NYC study suggests that LEED certified buildings are not more energy or water efficient than other new construction.

LEED is overall a reasonable idea and a builder may be well-advised to seek LEED certification, but it should not have been mandated by the City of SB.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 9 hours ago on Routt County green lights new recycling facility at Milner Landfill

I do not understand the existence of local dumpsters for cardboard recycling. Those dumpsters are heavy, relatively small and expensive to move. It would be far more efficient to convert long 5th wheel trailers into a cardboard recycling containers.

I also do not understand the local insistence upon local single stream recycling. Bringing cardboard to a Green Machine is already sorted by the very nature trying to physically handle cardboard. Seems to me that anyone able to sort recycling material from outright trash is able to sort out cardboard. Thus, it should be obvious to have a plastics/glass recycling container and a cardboard/paper container at Safeway.

And Cresean, yes it is true that plastic bags technically contaminate the recycling stream, but according to the manager at the Eagle County MRF (materials recovery facility), it is easy enough to pull out the plastic bags holding stuff. Loose plastic bags are more of an issue because they are not as exposed and visible as a bag full of materials.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 9 hours ago on Bill Wallace: Efficient design pays off


If LEED was generally a cheaper way to build then the free market would have a strong incentive to use it and there would be no need for government mandate.

If buyers want LEED certification then the free market would have a strong incentive to use it and there would be no need for government mandate.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 10 hours ago on Bill Wallace: Efficient design pays off

"LEED was always intended to be a marketing tool for building developers and owners."

I think that is the basic issue. That the LEEDS certification process adds costs without improving the building under construction.

Current building codes have insulation, water efficient toilets and other building efficiency standards. Thus, the city dropping a requirement of getting LEEDS is not going to allow construction of energy inefficient homes.

Requiring LEEDS certification is sort of similar as requiring NRA or Sierra Club certification. Maybe useful for marketing to some potential buyers, but hardly essential to build a quality house.


Scott Wedel 3 days, 8 hours ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

Well, no shortage of fear mongering hyperbole.

If you are a fraction of the expert that you claim to be then you know you are spewing BS.

The credit reporting agencies have been hacked any number of times and released names, SSNs and a whole slew of other financial information. But that was hardly the end of the world.

That the 16 yer old hacker attempted to use it means nothing because that was after it had been announced. You are just demonstrating your level of bs fear mongering when you write " I PROMISE you the entire hacker community knew about it". Well, yeah, after it has been announced then everyone knows about, but there is still no solid evidence it was exploited prior to it being announced. A scanner that generated the same server log message as the bug exploit is not proof.


Scott Wedel 5 days, 21 hours ago on Milner Landfill planning its own recyling baler west of Steamboat

I would strongly suggest that Twin Enviro seek to end the single stream recycling at Safeway which creates a difficult to sort stream and replace it with a mult-stream set up. Utilize the public to sort for you.

I would also strongly suggest to not use those heavy steel containers which require specialized equipment to move and instead convert some 30'+ flatbed 5th wheel trailers to have sides and a top. Those could hold much more and be far easier to haul.


Scott Wedel 6 days, 2 hours ago on Colorado's private health insurance enrollment stands at 124,000

Armed revolution known as the South starting the Civil War is what ended slavery in the US.

Armed revolution of the Whiskey Rebellion is what showed the new federal government was strong enough to rule the country.

So, yes, armed revolutions are important.