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Scott Wedel 12 hours, 1 minute ago on Affordable housing project in west Steamboat clears another big hurdle

Good news for the 48 lottery winners that get an extremely highly subsidized place to live.

No effect for the thousands of others.

Because they are providing so few units at such great subsidy then it has no impact on the free market. The housing for the other thousands of local workers is not affected.

And for the 48 lottery winners that get a highly subsidized housing unit, it is a blessing and a curse. To maintain the highly subsidized housing requires staying under income limits. And so they get stuck needing a huge raise to make enough to ever consider moving. So it works best for those good at staying in low paying jobs and not so much for ambitious or motivated people.


Scott Wedel 18 hours, 5 minutes ago on Whistleblower under investigation for perjury by DA's Office

I wish cops would tell each other that the lies to cover up for each other has to end. That the professional of being a cop has to change to regain the public trust. Might mean getting rid of most of current police officers and getting honest people into the profession.

The one pattern that all to consistent in the various videos of police misconduct is how quickly fellow officers lie to cover up. In the video of the latest killing of an unarmed black man, the officer said his hand was stuck in the car and he was dragged by the moving car. Fellow officer doesn't say "You fricking shot a guy that was thinking about driving off!'. No, the fellow officer parrots the lie of being dragged.

In the North Carolina video in which the officer shot the guy in the back as he was running off, the officer went back to get a gun to plant on the dead guy. Fellow officers on the scene looked on and didn't try to stop him.

And so and so forth. I haven't seen a single video of cops involved in misconduct where an officer that he was under arrest for the crime he just committed.

Reveals that when the issue is officer misconduct then cops lie and allow fellow officers to commit felonies instead of standing up for the public and the truth.


Scott Wedel 20 hours, 8 minutes ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

No "lost opportunity" if the voters turn down the $100M bond issue. District can buy the land without spending $100M on speculative school construction. Can always come back with a better justified construction plan in a future election.

What we should be doing is talking merger with Soroco. Stagecoach is a huge problem for both districts as being a major source of out of district students for SB and being the largest population center in Soroco and yet barely uses Soroco schools.

Soroco schools have spare capacity which could largely solve SSSD's crowding issues. Having an unified district elementary school near Stagecoach would work for everyone.


Scott Wedel 23 hours, 19 minutes ago on Report details city manager's response to complaints about police department

As for the report, more examples of a city manager trying to be a one person show.

Locals that work for local companies know that an employee doesn't skip layers of management and meet one on one with the CEO to discuss issues. That if something so serious exists to justify that meeting then either layers of management is also in the meeting or HR director and legal is also there.

These problems expose the problem of one on one meetings of there being a serious problem that justifies the meeting, but no record of what was said.

As for Bantle's specific charge of being bypassed for promotion - because of the legal difficulty of proving intentional discrimination, the new legal standard is to use statistics to say what would be expected number of people in management if things were fair. A police dept with no women managers is thus discriminatory because if things were fair then the odds of having zero women managers is zero.


Scott Wedel 23 hours, 36 minutes ago on Report details city manager's response to complaints about police department


I'm shocked that you think Tom Brady has any obligation to give the NFL his phone with his personal messages.

So he is being punished for exercising right to privacy since NFL has allowed teams to handle balls and has no punishment or even procedure for finding an out of spec ball.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 11 hours ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

Looked up some articles on Aspen school district which is one of the very few in Colorado that is comparable to SB as a district that only includes the expensive area and not nearby lower housing cost areas.

A few years ago, their schools were over designed enrollment. Their response has been to cut down on out of district enrollment. It is implied that a school being over designed enrollment is sufficient to say there is no more room. They don't have to check every class in every grade as being full. The fact that the school is full is enough.

And even though they are ranked the number one school district in the state based upon academic performance and other factors by several websites, they are seeing declining enrollment in their elementary school. They are going to solve their overcrowding issue by limiting out of district enrollment and letting their demographic trend result in bringing enrollment down.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 12 hours ago on Whistleblower under investigation for perjury by DA's Office

There was pretty severe mismanagement and inept management at YVHA, but it wasn't obviously criminal to me. And YVHA board took many steps to rectify the situation. There were things that were arguably criminal, but it wasn't clear who had approved what and if anyone had profited. Looks to me like YVHA would have had a good defense of incompetence that they were trying to fix.

Such as failing to show expected rental revenues could be an indication of skimming, but YVHA truly failed to collect rent from those that didn't feel like paying. George has said that there are HUD rules against accepting cash, but those rules are primarily used as easier to prove charges in skimming or other fraud cases. They haven't charged people for merely accepting cash.

And illegal meetings are not criminal violations, but mean that any decisions made in those meetings are not legally binding and any materials presented become public records. The not valid decisions can be rectified by then holding a legal public meeting.

My view is that George was so well trained in doing government the right way that he thought people actually cared that the laws were followed and that criminal charges would follow. He wasn't prepared for "so who in charge personally significantly benefited?" and "Looks like they are now trying to mostly put things right". And so there was no interest to prosecute.

And either the paper lacked the competent reporters for a potentially award winning investigation that would have taken as much skill as listening in on public meetings, or they consciously made a decision to ignore it.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 15 hours ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

I don't know precisely how more renters affects the demographic mix when housing prices are increasing.

That would be an excellent question for a professional demographer. Oh wait, proponents have already decided no such expertise is wanted.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 15 hours ago on Steamboat's Humble Ranch land deal based on faulty trust

If that was an option then it has expired due to statute of limitations.

And I doubt it was an option because the contract clearly states that cabin must be built before public gets access to trails. So it wasn't the sort of error that is covered by insurance because it was intentional that was not well thought out. Arguably every contract could have someone complaining that there are clauses that didn't mean what the person wanted.

Legal liability is to cover $30,000 (thirty dollars) that was supposed to be $30,000 and so on.