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Scott Wedel 1 hour, 29 minutes ago on Community members: In support of URA, TIF

Scott B,

I went looking onto county assessment and property tax records for the base area URA. But the county website doesn't show a single cent going to the URA. Instead there are asterisks next to tax amounts saying there is a credit.

So does school district know how much property tax it is receiving for specific properties in the base area URA (such as a Gondola Square commercial condo) vs the tax being collected in it's name that has a portion diverted to the base area URA?

I note that city staff seems to have confused many people to think only property tax money due to additional improvements are captured by a TIF. I think if it can be broken down to show what happens with an individual property then it can be shown how it captures inflation in property values more than anything else.


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If they were to reverse course direction then to go out 131 and return on Twentymile road then it would be a far more interesting race with hills not that far from the finish. Just tweak run into SB to go over James Brown Bridge and then turn onto Lincoln so if there is a pack sprint then it has time to wind up.

20 miles from cty 27 at north edge of Oak Creek to SB makes it too easy to reel in any break.


Scott Wedel 2 hours, 1 minute ago on Community members: In support of URA, TIF

Steve, I am pretty sure that base value for every property within a TIF is fixed to the value as of the date the TIF is formed. So school, county and library district revenues within the TIF become fixed to present numbers. The state "backfills" school districts by giving them a property value increase modifier on their fixed revenues. The property value increase modifier is basically inflation because the State does not look at the properties within the URA.

So last sentence of #2 should be: The base value is fixed to present value for YVEA and neighboring properties. And so yes, it becomes a huge number over 25 years and why people so opposed.

The City could do a sales tax only TIF. That would remove opposition from the school district and probably most people. It would mean SB City downtown sales tax revenues are fixed to current dollar amount. It would also generate a lot of money, but the City would be denied that money. Since the City would no longer be benefiting from other district's money then there is no advantage of forming a sales tax only TIF.

If I was a downtown SB property owner then I'd sign a letter supporting downtown public infrastructure investment because city government has been neglecting a major source of city revenues. I'd suggest the City rework its prioritization of capital improvements so that needed downtown projects are on the list of things to get done. I'd suggest the City government reconsider budget priorities to put more money into capital improvement projects. That might mean not putting so much into reserves so that a police station can be paid from reserves. I would be opposed to a TIF because excellent schools is a bigger driver of economic growth than any downtown improvements.


Scott Wedel 3 hours, 56 minutes ago on County Commissioners put pedal down on plan to shave Yellowjacket's crown


You allow no facts to get in the way of your rants.

I criticize new police station, downtown URA, school district building a new school and then you say I'm in favor of all government spending. You say I post too much and then get upset that I don't post quickly enough.

They've been making wildlife fencing for decades like the ones along I70 and those work. They build them with occasional mounds on the inside so any critter on the inside can jump the fence to get outside again.


Scott Wedel 4 hours, 38 minutes ago on Community members: In support of URA, TIF

And an URA with a TIF does hurt school district revenues.

Consider a typical million dollar commercial property in downtown. It will probably be assessed for $900,000 and they'll pay $12,000 in property taxes of which about $4942 goes to the school district.

With a TIF, the amount to the school district will be fixed to $4942 and the state currently backfills a percentage based upon inflation, say 2%. And that is it for the duration of the TIF.

But downtown property values have been increasing by more than 2% and current assessed values still reflect coming out of a recession and not the booming retail sales of downtown. City just paid $650,000 for less than a tenth of an acre.

And if the above million dollar property is improved with a better building to now be worth $4M then school does not benefit, but still receives the $4942 adjusted for inflation.

The one and only time that a URA/TIF is warranted is when private investors need major public infrastructure improvements as part of their development. Such as Riverwalk deeding a promenade along the river as a public space which is then the city's responsibility to improve. Then it makes sense to take the increase in property taxes due to the private development to pay for the associated public infrastructure improvements.

The future financial impact of an URA/TIF upon government entities can be seen from the City's refusal to consider a sales tax only TIF. Then the school district, library district and others dependent upon property taxes would not be affected. Locally, only the City would be affected and they are not willing to have a TIF diverting increases in sales taxes from the City's revenue stream.


Scott Wedel 5 hours, 13 minutes ago on Community members: In support of URA, TIF

As Scott Ford and Sonja Macys have both stated on numerous occasions, the general support for downtown projects has unfortunately become intertwined with the financing mechanism. That downtown projects have no priority according to the City's capital improvements budget and so no downtown improvements will be made according to the City's normal budget process.

The City council easily pay for downtown projects if they planned to issue bonds to pay for the police stations and directed part of their large cash reserves to additional capital improvements.

We have an illogical decision of refusing to consider using bonds to pay for a new police resulting in a bad decision of using a URA/TIF as the only option to finance downtown improvements.


Scott Wedel 13 hours, 49 minutes ago on Howelsen Hill landslide damages chairlift, Alpine slide

When the ground is unstable and sliding there is no way to say it won't happen again. I've seen more money spent to stabilize slides only for more money needed for another attempt. Always far cheaper to simply adjust as needed when the ground moves.


Scott Wedel 14 hours, 39 minutes ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

Al Gore proposed social media shaming purveyors of bad science as punishment for climate change deniers. Oh the horrors. Nothing like what the right wing directed at scientists due to leaked emails.

And one Austrian prof writes an essay suggesting that those whose political actions result in the deaths of millions should be imprisoned and possibly executed. It would have been completely ignored as one person's attempt to show that political considerations of global warming have epic consequences except that he included a list of so called deniers. That made it comparable to an ISIS website giving a list for lunatics to kill. That is why he retracted his essay and apologized.

So it takes a special sort of delusional paranoid to think that suddenly there is a movement to imprison and kill climate change deniers.


Scott Wedel 16 hours, 46 minutes ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

"Kind of like those that want to punish, imprison, execute those who would speak out against man made global warming."

Wow, that is a delusional statement. Based upon what? Al Gore telling tech savvy people that they should call out and shame sites and organizations that deny climate change?

Based upon an Austrian academic writes an essay in which he suggests that if climate change deniers prevent actions being taken then they could be responsible for over a million deaths and should face the consequences? That essay made the mistake of including a list of claimed climate change deniers and so arguably made them targets for a deranged person. So the author retracted and apologized.


Scott Wedel 17 hours, 6 minutes ago on Quinn: Model for counseling

Well, I took the opportunity to demonstrate what a lack of science education looks like. And they took the bait.