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Scott Wedel 50 minutes ago on Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’


It is just weird to say that tar and feathering is "something upon which America was founded". Going to also claim that country was founded upon lynching?


Scott Wedel 2 hours, 34 minutes ago on Investigator's career was not free of controversy

As many of the charges are related to sexism then she probably would not be too merciful on that issue.

I think there is a law firm and other separations so that neither Hinsvark or the insurance company can manipulate the findings.

Coogan may face some credibility problems if her investigation where not to find hostile workplace issues. Though, hostile workplace issues are easy to find. The question is whether the report will find correctable issues or recommend wholesale management changes.

I think it is so hard and uncommon for a suspended Police Chief to ever return from leave/suspension. Even if cleared of the charges then usually enough is found that the trust is severely weakened and it is better to start with someone new. I predict that not long before the leave is scheduled to end that a mutual decision to not return will be made.


Scott Wedel 2 hours, 50 minutes ago on Ed Miklus: Confused by reports

Hinsvark is given a budget of a couple hundred thousand to spend at her discretion. So she can spend money on this investigation without needing city council approving additional spending.

I think Hinsvark poorly described the actual situation regarding hiring Heather Coogan to investigate. It is my understanding that a Denver law firm is also involved and that Coogan will report to them that will then report any findings to the City. And there is a protocol of any reports to the city also involving the city attorney and no ability for Hinsvark to modify the report.

The state attorney general investigates violations of state law and thus wouldn't investigate almost all of the allegations. Looks to me that most of the violations are of city policy and bad management. So an independent investigator familiar with how police depts should work would seem to be the appropriate investigator. Presumably, if evidence of crimes are uncovered then that would immediately be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

City's handling of this so far has been amateur hour. City manager has spoken in generalities instead of specifics. City Manager's initial assessment of the situation failed to understand the seriousness of the allegations. The list of people that signed the letter should have indicated the gravity of the situation. One would think that Hinsvark would want to appraise herself of the situation by talking with the County Sheriff and with the former SSPD officers in the Sheriff's dept which Wiggins says supports his concerns. It is close to madness to have Sheriff Wiggins address the city council saying no one in the City has talked to him.


Scott Wedel 3 hours, 54 minutes ago on Steamboat police chief, deputy chief put on paid administrative leave

The decisions so far do not involve legal advice. Nothing is proven so City doesn't have to take any actions required by any laws.

Joel Rae reports to Hinsvark and she reports to the City Council. She is not under any legal requirements to trust victims more than Joel Rae.

In fact, since Joel Rae reports to Hinsvark then she was responsible for his job performance review. Thus, the allegations also imply that Hinsvark failed to do the sort of in depth performance review that identified these problems withing the police dept. So any report finding problems in the police dept is also going find fault with the city manager.

Hinsvark should therefore be expected to be very pro Joel Rae. To do otherwise would mean she accepts that she failed to monitor the police dept.


Scott Wedel 1 day ago on Local cycling groups eye an easier path up Emerald Mountain

Was this proposed trail among the new trails proposed last year?

Or is all that work on evaluating trails already being tossed?


Scott Wedel 1 day, 1 hour ago on Investigator's career was not free of controversy

Well, this may also be the end of Hinsvark as city manager. Joel Rae reports directly to her and the allegations include all sorts of stuff that should have come out in Joel Rae's job performance reviews.

Considering how previous City Councils and much of the current council was willing to do a cursory verbal review of Hinsvark, it creates the question of how serious where her job reviews of Joel Rae.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 1 hour ago on Former Steamboat police detective has strong words for City Council

"corroborated allegations of gross misconduct"

How has it been corroborated? Sheriff Wiggins say his staff includes former SB police officers that are critical of Rae and DelValle, but he didn't corroborate gross misconduct. There may be plenty willing to corroborate bad management which should be concerning.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 1 hour ago on Steamboat police chief, deputy chief put on paid administrative leave

What changed? They had not previously discussed this issue?

Or was it finally realized that the original decision was a mistake? (I didn't see how they could manage staff with just about everyone a potential witness. Thus, they couldn't fire or promote anyone without people wondering if it was related to this investigation).


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This may get deleted, but there is really no reason for it to be deleted.

The allegations include sharing and viewing pornography at work, often making demeaning comments about women including female employees, losing his temper and yelling at a female employee, and generally having a workplace hostile to women or different ideas. It is also alleged that is why there is only one female patrol officer. And that the negative workplace has led to four incidents in which people are suing for excessive force and illegal arrests. And that prior to that there had been very few such lawsuits.

The allegations include other stuff that is unprovable or would probably be described differently by other people.

I didn't see much that is the sort of criminal that would result in charges now, but there is plenty of allegations to suggest the sort of bad management that warrants being fired.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 8 hours ago on Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

Hinsvark doesn't have control over the independent investigator.

Even if the allegations in Klieber's letter are found to not be true, the fact that Sheriff Wiggins says he has plenty of former SB officers willing to say bad things about the SB police dept means the SB police dept has got problems.