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Maybe George's comments and banning is what prompted Jon Quinn to revive this topic by posting to it. Have to get an answer from Jon on what prompted him.

Unfortunately, we have a newspaper that is not motivated by morally sound principles or is ethically consistent.


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Why hasn't Peter Arnold been banned? Look at those unsubstantiated attacks on public figures being alleged of being bad at their jobs.

Why hasn't Scott Wedel been banned. He just called the city council so inept that groups of citizens are better equipped to handle any issue than Bart K, Scott Myller, Kenny Reisman or Walter Magill.

Why hasn't Eric Morris been banned? His use of "genius" is obviously sarcastic so he implicitly called these government officials "idiots".


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Half right.

We can see continued modest population grow while also seeing a declining enrollment. Very expensive areas have comparatively fewer younger kids. So as we get more expensive as evidenced by more complaints of not being affordable (when obviously someone else is occupying the housing that is willing to pay) then we should expect to see fewer young kids.

That effect was described in the 2004/5/8 demographic reports as explaining why local workforce had increased so much more than enrollment. And as seen in Silicon Valley, even schools rated as being among the best in the nation can see enrollment declines when the housing gets too expensive. It is really hard for a family with school age kids to buy a $750,000 modest house.


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Unfortunately, the paper does not have standards of openness like government. So the paper can ban George without revealing who has objected to what posts.

It is really disgraceful that a newspaper ban an individual from commenting for what is not only a free speech right, but a long established important principle for democracy which is criticizing public officials.

Making personal attacks on individuals that post comments is something that should be closely monitored as the fears of that sort of retaliation still prevent people from posting. But the paper has not banned numerous people that have personally attacked fellow posters including some that still often insult fellow posters.

Attacking the job performance of public officials should be allowed. It should not be grounds for being banned. If public officials do not like the criticism then they should defend themselves.

But YVHA did have two sets of books and they didn't match. The YVHA board has discussed that in public meetings. They said the reason was because there was differences in accounting rules for reporting to HUD than as a government authority. It is factually true that George was fired in an illegal meeting which is why YVHA held an emergency meeting to legally fire him.

I don't know if the paper at the time lacked a reporter capable of following what should have been a significant scandal or if the paper made an editorial decision to ignore it.

The paper could decide to enforce being on topic so that if a public official ever answered allegations of incompetence then similar allegations couldn't show up in other threads. But, as far as I've seen, no public official has ever responded to George's allegations of incompetence or misconduct.


Scott Wedel 5 hours, 59 minutes ago on Steamboat's Humble Ranch land deal based on faulty trust

George was banned. The way the paper's system works is if a person is banned then all of their posts disappear.

What prompted the revival of this thread is Jon Quinn's finding it and posting to it again.


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I would hope that next city council will cease to be so inept that a citizen's committee will cease to be the more capable, more transparent and more trusted means to address every problem.


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"Inasmuch as I agree that as much information as possible helps to make a better decision. I am not sure another 50 thousand dollars on a professional demographic study would be all that worth it."

So we agree to go from voting on the facts and not conjecture to now that the conjecture is good enough for you.

We are talking about what is claimed by proponents as a long term solution and yet we remain willfully ignorant of likely long term trends.

And Silicon Valley has not been a boom bust economy for decades. Sure, there have been tech stock market bubbles, but housing has been pretty steadily increasing. The Great Recession had a very minor decrease in housing and they are already well above 2007 housing prices.

I know that changing your mind is impossible because you have convinced yourself that it is the best option. I enjoy the debate because it reveals to those that are watching that the current justifications for the $100M building project is based upon conjecture and has failed to consider issues such as traffic impacts upon the local choke point.


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Just noticed an email from George. It includes an email from Lisa Schlichtman saying he makes unsubstantiated personal attacks.

The personal attacks on Ed Trousil are substantiated by all sorts of public records from a press conference announcing the purchase of trail access, city council meetings and court cases.

The other personal attacks are all focused on public officials who George believes and states why have been bad at their jobs.

I, too, have had messages deleted for factual and my opinions of public officials. It seems this paper has a rather bizarre double standard that public officials in public duties are viewed as protected individuals, but people that post are open game.


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I'm guessing George got whacked over his YVHA comments. I think some of his comments were probably impossible to prove, but they weren't obviously false. YVHA had some real issues I was at a meeting not long after the fiasco with George where they had discovered that according to their records that some people had not been paying rent for as long as a year at Fish Creek Mobile Home Park. And that those people had agreed that were supposed to pay rent and a repayment schedule was being worked out.

And I personally knew another person there that YVHA had said he had missed several payments, but he had receipts signed by YVHA official showing he had paid rent those months.

So the accounting and tracking of rent was a complete mess. A scandal the paper never bothered to report even as the YVHA board was discussing in public how to put things right.

I don't understand why the paper had to kill George instead of just removing the offending post or two. George added a lot of knowledge and research to the blogs.