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Scott Wedel 11 minutes ago on Finn B. Gerstell: New school needed

"this plan will ensure our schools remain in the top 1% for performance"

It does? How?

Oh wait, it doesn't because buildings don't teach students. But it is a good slogan to try to trick the public into supporting it.

Yet another example of the Kook-Aid mentality behind the project and the lack of critical thinking to justify it.


Scott Wedel 1 hour, 58 minutes ago on Hinsvark: Investigator found "paramilitary" culture at Steamboat Springs Police Department

Isn't that special? She ordered a report that cannot be disclosed to the public, but she has decided she can selectively release parts of it.

Considering all of the policy changes instituted by DeLong such as no longer retaliating against employees, implementing the computer system bought several years ago for several hundred thousand dollars, there was also significant management and oversight issues. Obviously, Hinsvark won't mention that.


Scott Wedel 2 hours, 5 minutes ago on Finn B. Gerstell: New school needed

The costs are "paid for by those enrolled, just as it is now" and yet it currently costs the school system about $250,000 for 44-48 students.

Extend that "just as it is now" to a couple hundred PreK kids 2 1/2 to 5 and it will cost a million or so per year.


Scott Wedel 5 hours, 41 minutes ago on Finn B. Gerstell: New school needed

Taxes will be low and the schools will be great without this misguided building program. Move high school out of downtown to a site 3 miles west at the edge of city limits away from nearly all the kids. Isn't that just brilliant.

Don't build a Whistler neighborhood school because they had grossly wrong counts on kids that would benefit from a closer school.

Take a wild swing at long term trends and if wrong then in 10 years we can do another round of construction and that one will make us a high tax area. This $92M bond lasts for 30 years so if it isn't dead on right then we will be paying for it and the remodels and so on.


Scott Wedel 5 hours, 58 minutes ago on Finn B. Gerstell: New school needed

What percentage of the program's costs are paid those enrolled? What are total costs per student enrolled?


Scott Wedel 7 hours, 27 minutes ago on Finn B. Gerstell: New school needed


Paper normally prints letter to the editor largely based upon submissions. We will see if they will print my letter that I've just submitted.


Scott Wedel 10 hours, 9 minutes ago on Our view: City needs to stop stonewalling

Paper should also be going after the executive session in which the decision was made to terminate Hinsvark despite the law prohibiting decisions being made in secret.


Scott Wedel 10 hours, 49 minutes ago on Hinsvark reflects on tenure as Steamboat Springs city manager

To repeat an appropriate phrase, good riddance. Her comments further demonstrate it was the correct decision to terminate her as city manager.

All of her issues as city manager were self inflicted. If she had not spent about $100,000 for the police dept report with no intent to make any of it public then she probably would still be city manager.

And Joel Rae was part of her team and she had found no fault with him despite interim chief implementing page after page of reforms including changing policies to not retaliate against staff. And so Hinsvark apparently was blind or saw nothing wrong with previous policies that included retaliating against staff.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 5 hours ago on Paula Stephenson: What new schools mean

And yet the school district continues to accept out of district students.

This is way too big of a plan with too many moving parts, many of which barely have been considered.

Somehow we ended up with requirements for school capacity for preK programs with no clear description of those programs or their costs. District spent about $250K for the 44-48 kid BOCES program that assists at-risk kids. At least a few years ago, it was not every day, all day for most kids, but designed to be enough to help and monitor the progress of at risk kids. So the cost of expanding it to all day childcare open to all would quickly get very expensive. But we have not even held that discussion. We are proposing building it and hoping future school revenues are plentiful to fund it.

We talk about the current educational trend STEM/maker as if it is the educational fad to end all fads. Nothing particularly wrong with it, but it is not some grand solution to educational challenges. After seeing some very good online learning schools, I think that is likely the future will view high schools as labs and teachers/mentors and classrooms will be for those that need that structure. But by 5 years, I'd be surprised if at least 10% of high school students are not on a flex online learning program so they can ski every day.