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Scott Wedel 15 hours, 32 minutes ago on Tom Schatz: An environmental waste of breath

Yeah, but it has national bird associations supporting wind turbines since the bird deaths to wind turbines is extremely small compared to cats and being kind to the environment is more important for the future of birds.


Scott Wedel 15 hours, 37 minutes ago on Alleged hazing results in no charges against students

Well, still sounds like upperclassmen dished it out to the freshmen. Pillows and water balloons probably doesn't qualify as criminal hazing charges, but the upperclassmen vs freshmen by it's very nature has elements of hazing. So upperclassmen dishing it out to freshmen even if water balloons and pillows is contrary to their expected behavior as student athletes.

I have sympathy for the coaches because there is no evidence they were involved. Though, the fact that it occurred and the freshmen didn't go to the coaches indicates a troubling situation. Probably fair to suggest coaches didn't sufficiently emphasize proper player conduct and that the camp failed at team building.


Scott Wedel 16 hours, 14 minutes ago on Tom Schatz: An environmental waste of breath


Yeah, my point is that a study can show how inefficient it is to shut down and restart a power plant and technically be correct, but also be misleading since that isn't how plants operate. Plants run at less than capacity all of the time.

It has also been shown that solar and wind power production is no less predictable than the demand for power. In fact, wind and solar can be good for the grid and even the efficiency of other power plants because their daily peak capacity generally matches peak demand.

Daily power demand commonly varies by 30%. As long as renewables provide their power during the time of day of peak demand, which is typical, then 30% electricity from renewables will not present any substantial issues for the grid. And the Netherlands is going to go above 50% wind and will teach the world how that works.

Pumped storage doesn't require new dams on rivers since they can use the same water going up and down to store and generate power. So the storage dams don't have to affect fish. Though, it is large nuclear and coal plants that drive those facilities as a means of storing the power generated in the middle of the night to resell at higher prices during peak demand for the day.

And you what kills hundreds of millions of birds a year? Cats.


Scott Wedel 16 hours, 55 minutes ago on Steamboat briefs: 7.8K visitors expected to be in Steamboat on Saturday

Scott F,

My proposed approach makes no attempt to determine why the lodging barometer is so different from the actual number of visitors Just that there is an historical statistical correlation. So it is not a data geek approach, but a statistician's solution.

Thus, it should constantly be checked against the economic data to adjust the magic corrective factor as needed.

Or, SB City government could do a lodging tax analysis similar to what they do for sales tax. Probably the most important lodging tax analysis number would be the actual number of tourists, but maybe it could also break out rentals into 3 price ranges. That would allow the public to see if maybe certain events bring bigger or smaller spenders and so on. That number would also help the public including elected officials to better understand the actual size of the tourism industry and thus allow better informed decisions.

Issues like a parking garage are must easier to justify if there are nearly 8,000 tourists in town since obviously we are way short of parking for 8,000. But if the real number is closer to 1,570 then not so much. So accurate numbers would go a long ways to coming up with appropriate improvements to Yampa St and so on.


Scott Wedel 18 hours, 21 minutes ago on Tom Schatz: An environmental waste of breath

It is pretty easy to find studies taking the opposite viewpoint.

And we have facts on the ground such as Iowa getting 14% of their electricity from wind and still having among the cheapest electricity in the US. A even 36% increase over 10 years is less than the inflation in many other items and hardly skyrocketing.

The wind industry is generally fine with comparing the costs of wind vs nat gas because nat gas is expected to increase over time while the cost of wind remains the same.

The description of "cycling" is accurate in that shutting down and restarting plants is inefficient. Which is why that is not how the plants are operated. Power demand and thus power generation already cycles during the day. Thus, power plants are already cycled throughout the day without being shut down by generating at less than full capacity.

Generally the claim that wind causes grid issues is false because windmills are typically located so that they generate at the same time as peak demand in order to get better pricing on the wholesale market.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 13 hours ago on Steamboat briefs: 7.8K visitors expected to be in Steamboat on Saturday

Scott Ford,

Well, an easy way to come up with an honest number would be create a magic "corrective factor" that adjusts the easy to calculate lodging barometer to the likely number of actual visitors.

Historical Lodging barometer numbers can be reviewed to calculate an estimated monthly total by considering the Sat index as a Fri-Sat weekend estimate and the Wed number as the Sun-Thurs numbers. Then add up the lodging barometers for the month.

Then use the backwards looking economic data such as lodging tax reports to determine pretty accurate number of visitors.

The two numbers can be checked for statistical correlation. If there isn't a strong correlation then it has just been shown the lodging index doesn't predict even the magnitude of tourists.

If there is a strong correlation then calculate the magic corrective factor that month between lodging index and number of tourists. And then use that to produce weekly honest Tourists in Steamboat numbers.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 13 hours ago on Ed Miklus: Know facts before tax

I think the weakest link in the airline subsidy program is how winter tourism, measured in winter sales tax numbers and lodging tax revenues, has been doing well despite the decline in seats.

In terms of airline seats, we are living the doomsday scenario of the Yes 2 Air campaign and yet, economically, it is perfectly fine.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 5 hours ago on Steamboat briefs: 7.8K visitors expected to be in Steamboat on Saturday


Well, we can lament the lack of investigative reporting, but good investigative reporting isn't easy to do.

The printing of known false informative would seem to be against the most basic ethical standards for a newspaper. It just shouldn't be printed if known false.


Scott Wedel 2 days, 5 hours ago on Betty Leipold: Best option for station

After Katrina wiped out New Orleans police dispatch and government communications, the building codes for essential public services were rewritten to make those facilities essentially indestructible. So, the existing Iron Horse buildings could not easily be renovated to become a police station.

What is proposed for the new police station also could not fit into the existing Iron Horse buildings, or even that parcel.

I agree that a new police station should not cost $9.7M, but a whole lot can be simplified and cut from the proposed police station. First, the essential services can be located in an adjoining building so the entire facility doesn't have to be built to those expensive exacting standards. They probably don't need an indoor firing range. I don't think the police chief needs an office suite far grander than Marc Benioff, the CEO of a multibillion dollar company with 12,000 employees.