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Scott Wedel 2 hours, 48 minutes ago on Dave Peregoy: Historical atrocities

Climate change is certainly a bigger threat than ISIS. We built cities, roads and all other infrastructure based upon weather expectations. Making needed adjustments due to climate change will cost hundreds of billions. Superstorm Sandy and the other large storms along the eastern seaboard in recent years suggest that stronger storms are more common. Thus, the East Coast needs bigger seawalls, better flood protection and so on.

Western US gets much drier then water becomes too valuable to allow to be used for irrigating hay fields in Routt County or watering Haymaker Golf course.

Seems to me that it is generally far cheaper to reduce CO2 emissions then adapting to large climate changes. And if we agreed to dealing with CO2 emissions then we could place tariffs or such on stuff from China which is massively increasing their CO2 emissions.


Scott Wedel 3 hours ago on Dave Peregoy: Historical atrocities

Yeah, ISIS says lots of scary stuff so people think they are a big deal. And their videos showing their impressive force shows what? Guys with guns in pickup trucks.

But look at Aurora movie theater killer and so on, we have crazed people seeking to kill as many as possible on a fairly regular basis. And they have as much access to WMDs as ISIS. We have reasons to fear WMDs, but no more from ISIS than someone like the Unabomber or anyone else seeking to cause maximum harm.


Scott Wedel 8 hours, 31 minutes ago on Kody May: Enough about pot

And not like there is anything going on in SB such as big new business seeking permission to open that counts as news.

Meanwhile, paper has largely ignored what is going on in OC with town redoing land use code to allow a grow and subsidizing MJ grows with artificially low water and sewer rates.


Scott Wedel 8 hours, 36 minutes ago on Dave Peregoy: Historical atrocities

So why does acknowledging the reality of global warming lead to "gimme yo money"?

We passed clean air and clean water rules that have made great improvements without following environmental absolutists into self sufficient ag communes.


Scott Wedel 9 hours, 7 minutes ago on Small town, big marijuana business

Maybe you could corner some Town Board members and tell them that if laundromats and car washes paid as little for water and sewer as marijuana grows which are known to use much more water then town would have at least two more businesses open.


Scott Wedel 9 hours, 12 minutes ago on Steamboat Planning Commission favors extending worker housing at downtown motel through April 2016


I agree that zoning should not be so focused upon the particular description on the use, but instead focus on the impacts upon neighbors. So size, setbacks, noise and overflow parking are valid concerns, but not whether nightly vs monthly lodging.


Scott Wedel 9 hours, 25 minutes ago on Dave Peregoy: Historical atrocities

ISIS is not a worldwide threat. What capacity do they have to make modern weapons? Their great advantage is a corrupt Iraqi army with thousands of soldiers that don't exist so officers can claim their pay.

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran and so on are not that fearful of ISIS. They know an ISIS offensive towards their borders will easily be wiped out. As Muslim countries they can refer to ISIS as a bunch of criminals and terrorists. That all ISIS can do is torture and kill people that they capture.

Part of the problem is that Turkey fears the Kurds far more than ISIS. The Kurds in Turkey would like to join the Kurds in Iraq. So Turkey does not want a Kurdish country on their border.

We say we are so worried about radicalization in the US, but for one Boston bombing we have multiple massacres by nuts with guns. In terms of public safety, we are far more worried about publicity than what is actually killing people.


Scott Wedel 9 hours, 46 minutes ago on Small town, big marijuana business

No business opportunity there because growers want the new stuff at any cost. And once they care about costs then normal potting soil will be just fine.


Scott Wedel 9 hours, 57 minutes ago on Man who drove wrong car suspected of DUI

No auto theft charge because no intent to steal. Driver accidentally took wrong car. With other car being a rental car and the guy having a few drinks, it is pretty understandable that he didn't notice he was in the wrong car.

Drunk or sober, either way it wasn't theft. If he had been sober he probably would have been told to return to swap back the cars and people would have laughed about similar cars and keys in the ignition.


Scott Wedel 23 hours, 28 minutes ago on Small town, big marijuana business


Well, California never passed state rules on legal growing. So all growing is still illegal and can be busted by the feds. Thus, illegal grows that illegally divert streams are still commonplace.

It does not take an inordinate amount of water to grow mj. It is not like rice which needs to grow in standing water, for instance.

I think growing MJ in warehouses in an accident of history. When illegal then that made sense since then it was out of sight from the authorities. But we grow nothing else in warehouses. Sunlight is cheap and enough light to be comparable to sunlight is expensive.

Colorado is famous for being sunny. Today there was more sunlight than an indoor grow would get from high efficiency electrical lights. I think it would be too divisive for the State to make rules on electrical usage, but I think the market will soon enough deal with that. An indoor grow can spend $2 per sq ft per month on electricity for lights and nearly as much for air conditioning during the summer.

The 5 months from seed to harvested plant is a realistic lifespan for the plant. But a grower would not fill up a large growing area with baby clones. They'd have a nursery that would supply the main grow room with juvenile plants. So once they started up then they'd have another generation to harvest every couple of months.

British Columbia is growing year round in greenhouses. They augment with lights for a few winter months. Just north of SB in Strawberry Park are a couple of greenhouses used for year round local high quality food production.

And some of the costs for exotic dirt and nutrients is because it is worth spending money to get an extra 10% for a $2,000 or $3,000 plant. When the prices come down then suddenly costs matter and much of the fancy stuff will go away.