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Why couldn't released slaves live in the US?

The interpretive process is an essential part of the Constitution being a Living Breathing Document. How else is there a Brown vs Board of Education decision banning segregated schools and say separate is inherently unequal? Or that the police need a search warrant to look through an arrested person's cell phone?


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Fox News has the most viewers, but it is a very small portion of the overall population. Few people watch the news and even fewer watch it for hours. Much of Fox's higher ratings is due to their ability to get some viewers to watch more hours a day.

Fox New has done a good job of crafting a product that is popular with their audience.

I think you are the one that is rationalizing by arguing that Fox News being popular means it is of the highest quality (like the 72 Dolphins).

I am just pointing out that popularity does not imply or require quality. Is Iggy Azalea one of the best musical talents ever because she had the two most popular songs on the charts? I don't think so.


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No, that would be mixing measurable quality with popularity.

Using popularity to judge quality would rate Pepsi as better than a fine whiskey because they sell more Pepsi.

The 72 Dolphins were undefeated because of their play, not because they were the most popular team each week.


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Of course, when people make comments on the sort of people not qualified to vote they never include themselves as those that should not be allowed to vote.

Personally, I think anyone that doesn't recognize cos(x) + i sin(x) and writes the exponential formula shouldn't be allowed to vote. :)


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Baby sitter training: Mondays, Oct. 27 through Dec. 15, 3:20 to 5:30 p.m., $100.

City is charging kids $100 to learn how to babysit? City complains about lack of affordable childcare and then charges $100 to teach how to babysit?

If the city policy goals were the slightest bit consistent then they would PAY kids to learn how to babysit.


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It is hardly unsubstantiated to say that Thomas Jefferson was the father of Sally Hemings children. The Thomas Jefferson Institute at Monticello, after fighting the claims of his paternity for decades, now says he is most likely the father of all of her children.

I am not going to recite all of the evidence. That is easy enough to find on the internet at and so on.

And remember, Monticello was a long a hold out arguing against his paternity and they finally accepted the evidence was too strong and the evidence of others was too weak. Plus, the alternative explanations suggest even worse character issues for Jefferson.


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Jefferson fathered six children with slave Sally Hemmings, of which four lived to adulthood.

Better evidence of living document is when Supreme Court ruled that the police needed search warrants to tap telephone conversation. Telephones didn't exist when the constitution was written the conversations are traveling on wires outside of the house. Thus, a strict interpretation would not have required a search warrant to do wiretaps. The Supreme Court used the principle of citizens being allowed private communications to extend the need for search warrants to phone calls.


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Well, development at Rita could be the sort of affordable as promised at SB 700 which was up to 120% of Average Monthly Income aka affordable for those earning $80K a year.

In all honesty, the availability of $800 per month housing is way out of government's sphere of influence because it is substantially less than cost of construction.

And, it really should not be government's concern to provide low cost housing so that local businesses can pay low wages. Government subsidizes tourism and then gets worried that there might be a shortage of workers at low wages. Well, it is time for local government to stop squeezing local workers. How about a local government that tells local companies that the way to solve their worker shortage issues is to pay better?

An example of the extent which local government squeezes local workers is that SB allows 4 unrelated adults to live in a condo. So local companies can squeeze 4 seasonal workers into one condo. But SB limits it to 3 unrelated adults in a single family house because big employers are not interested in resting single family housing for their seasonal workers. So anyway, SB allows squeezing 4 into a condo because those are seasonal workers and we can let them be stuffed like sardines, but local workers cannot share a more spacious rental house.

There is no logical rationale to those rules other than what can let big employers have the lower cost seasonal workers without bothering the rest of SB.


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Corporations are not additional citizens with a right to vote, but do citizens lose their rights for free speech, due process and so on because they have formed a group?

The existence of nonprofit corporations shows that the reason for forming corporations is not to maximize profits. Actually, the main benefit of forming a corporation is to reduce potential liability. Investors are limited to losing their contributions and the rest of their personal assets are not at risk.

For a small business, a strategy of maximizing profits would suggest a sole proprietorship or partnership because of the added costs and rules placed upon a corporation. But the potential risks of personal bankruptcy is the business fails causes most to be formed as corporations.


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At the most basic level, corporations are groups of people. The Citizens United decision has annoying aspects, but organized groups of people lack free speech rights then that would have been a huge reduction in the people's rights. A corporate owned newspaper could then lack free speech rights when publishing their newspaper. That sort of example is why the ACLU supports the Citizen United decision.

Each state defines the rules for forming and operation of a corporation. Citizen United exposes the craziness of what states allow in corporations formed in their state. The primary owners of a corporation can be kept secret. They can be nonprofit while paying high wages.

Donations to a nonprofit are deductible even if the nonprofit spends most of their money on salaries and make little effort to provide any societal benefit.

Of course, if the Constitution wasn't a living document then there is no way that Supreme Court could have ruled in favor of Citizens United. These style of corporations were not in existence when the Constitution was written. It requires the philosophy of a living document to extend rights to legal entities not mentioned in the Constitution.