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Scott Wedel 1 hour, 33 minutes ago on Our View: Upside-down salaries

And part of the problem is that the county jobs are located in higher wage Steamboat. If county opened work offices in Hayden or South Routt then these wages become among the best local salaried jobs.


Scott Wedel 1 hour, 44 minutes ago on USSA cuts funding for Nordic combined

At Vancouver we had 3 athletes that were world champions. For Sochi, 37 year old Todd Lodwick won the US Olympic trials. Todd is great, but by age 37 there really should be a younger generation kicking his butt.

And with the highest ranked US athlete being 18th in World Cup standings then a hard nosed analysis would say the current team is unlikely to win a World Championship.


Scott Wedel 11 hours, 38 minutes ago on USSA cuts funding for Nordic combined

Well, that makes it tough for local athletes, but when you have a sport that is not in the X Games or otherwise on notable TV broadcasts except for a couple days every 4 years then it is hardly surprising.

And the roster of athletes shows the sport is in trouble. The 2014 Olympic trials had the 10th placed competitor 5 minutes behind in a 25 minute race. In a more popular sport such as running, there will be hundreds of competitors able to finish within 5 minutes of the winner in a 25 minute race.


Scott Wedel 12 hours, 13 minutes ago on Our View: Upside-down salaries

We are supposed to feel for all of these elected officials willing to spend so much to stay in office.

So how long is this list of local elected officials whom couldn't live on their pay and resigned to take a private sector job? If this "issue" of being underpaid is so serious then surely we have a substantial list of highly qualified officials resigning due to a lack of pay.

Oh, not a single local elected official resigned to take a better paying private sector job.


Scott Wedel 12 hours, 35 minutes ago on Steamboat City Council members to continue to push for changes at regional building department

At the very least, management at the building dept should learn how SafeBuilt is able to do what the building dept previously said is "impossible".

That is the clearest possible demonstration of the difference between someone in a government management job and the private industry.


Scott Wedel 14 hours, 56 minutes ago on Bill would give Colorado counties more say in how cities form urban renewal authorities

Fred, Jerry,

It is far more insidious than normal taxing and spending because current system allows one government to spend the taxes that would normally go to another government.

It would be as if I could appoint myself the PR rep for Duckels Construction without Fred having any say and I get any increases in bulldozer usage for his company. What did I have to do to lay claim to that increase in revenues? Absolutely nothing other than declaring that the increase in revenues were due to me and so therefore those revenues are mine.

Now maybe if I had purchased a newer more efficient bulldozer for Duckels Construction then I could reasonably expect we agreed to share the revenues for that dozer. Which is close to what the state legislature is proposing.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 1 hour ago on Bill would give Colorado counties more say in how cities form urban renewal authorities

Well, there is currently free money for cities forming URAs as those do not affect their tax revenues unless they have a property tax.

SB spent hundreds of thousands on improving a median using tax money otherwise destined for schools, etc. If SB had to put in their own tax revenues then there would have been far more debate whether a nicer median would result in substantial additional retail sales or lodging.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 1 hour ago on Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical


On school grounds the school officials do not need probable cause. They pretty much can do as they wish by claiming they are protecting other students.

It isn't accurate to say that none have died from mj. Coroner's inquest in England concluded that a young woman's heart attack had heavy mj usage as a contributing factor. Previous coroner inquests have blamed mj in a few deaths of men. So it is not zero mj deaths, but a small few.

According to the school district's own survey, if they consistently enforced their substance abuse rules then they'd lose about a third of their students.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 1 hour ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

SB may have good demographics, but it is not a city of 50,000.

If you look at the chain retailers that are expanding and want a building of that size then you'll see they are expanding in much larger cities.

Maybe it could be a retail mj shop with production facilities in the back.


Scott Wedel 1 day, 4 hours ago on Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical

The standard is not perfect equality. It is as if they sentenced one bank robber to 20 years and are refusing to investigate every other bank robbery in town. The issue isn't being unable to catch others, but willfully ignoring others that are violating the same laws.

And your comment about the doctor is so idiotic that it answers itself. The whole point is that the school district has not be treating these as hard and fast rules, and the punishment far exceeds the severity of the infraction. Overall, I think the doctor gained more support for showing common sense.