Scott Denniston

Scott Denniston 1 year, 11 months ago on Scott Denniston: Short-term rentals

Thanks Judy for your input. Have you checked to see if you are in one of the very limited sections where weekly and nightly rentals are allowed? The county really doesn't enforce without a complaint. I don't know much about the town. Anything under a month rental is illegal in most places in the county and really all it takes is a complaint. Weekly and nightly rentals are only allowed in a very limited "Commercial" zoning. I think that the commentators above really don't get it. People have their kids playing out in the yard and have a reasonable expectation to live in a single family residential zoning if that's where they bought or even rented. That's what zoning is all about. We don't want to live in transient neighborhoods. I think all you need to do is file a complaint. People need to stand up about this or their rights will not be enforced. The hardest thing to do is complain about your neighbor who you may like but are taking advantage and defecating on your rights. Hopefully some folks will get involved with this Hahn's Peak issue and prevent those rights from being taken away. We can stop it here. One of the commentators above mentioned that the county should have ways to address these concerns. They have. They're called "ZONING REGULATIONS".