Pat West

Pat West 1 day, 17 hours ago on Ken Collins: No harm, no foul

As far as the "gay" thing...have have no dog in this hunt, however I DO see a very concerted effort on the part of "that gay camp" to force their agenda on the public at large via "state" and "pharmaceutical" sponsored "media"..."entertainment venues", and most dangerous of all the "state run public school system

Like other minorities that forced the agenda of Equal Rights. How dare they ask to be treated the same as a white male.


Pat West 4 days, 20 hours ago on City seeking ideas for riverside park on Yampa Street

I thought lack of downtown public restrooms was a problem so it is obvious to use the utilities to the house to allow building a public restroom.



Pat West 6 days, 14 hours ago on The next stop: Steamboat City Council weighs future of bus service

I would add the hillside loop could be shortened if a sidewalk was built along Tamarack. 5 stops from Fish creek to Hillside, and a turn around on Storm Peak Ct is ridiculous. A Sidewalk from Hillside Apts to the corner of Tamarack and Hilltop would cut 4-5 min off this route. A sidewalk down tamarack could cut this route down to 1 or 2 stops, and remove the dead end turn around.

But without a sidewalk, pedestrian would be forced to walk on a road with limited sight lines, and speeding drivers. I understand why the school bus stops 5-6 times down Tamarack , but I can't understand why the city bus stops at every street. Better infrastructure could help make pedestrians safe along Tamarack, and cut this line down to 2 stops, Fish Creek Falls Condos, and top of Hilltop.


Pat West 1 week ago on Steamboat City Council to review marijuana rules

Statistics are boosted due to the number of people that drink vs. MJ users.

These should be listed as percentages to better compare


Pat West 1 week ago on Our view: Well-funded transit system a must

Make the toll road up on Rabbit Ears, that way we charge everyone that comes into the valley. Or parking lots on the edge of town that force drivers out of their cars, like downtown London does to curb traffic.


Pat West 2 weeks ago on Forest Service seeks feedback on new Buffalo Pass trails

Maybe take time to read the plan and note on page 5 where it says "The Dry Lake parking facilities would be improved for visitor use."

Take time to post a comment supporting alternative 2 and tell your government that improved parking at Dry Lake should also help with year round enjoyment of Buff Pass.

Also note there are 3 alternative plans, not 2.