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Pat West 11 hours, 32 minutes ago on Jail Report for April 11 to April 17, 2015

It isn't the job of Police to warn folks of their bench warrants, or less honorable offenders would dodge their grasp. The court should have sent you notice of the warrant and allowed you to clear up the matter before police action. Once issued, the police have no say in if they can enforce it or not, that's the court's job.

Maybe this is just the acting Chief running the SSPD like it should be run, and not letting things go. Not profiting, but actually policing.

Note 70% of the arrests were drunks.


Pat West 23 hours, 37 minutes ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

Oh of course, Mark is right, but I'm the one who said that it is the editor that makes the decision to delete. Can't bear to admit that I was right all along? Typical for this forum.

Thanks for explaining why you were so wrong. (Brent left the paper in 2013)

As for the "bad old days", I agree the tenor has improved, and could be much better, with more participants, but not while so many stretch the limits of civility and deliberately break the rules. You claim I "get my knickers in a bunch" but I really don't. I'm sorry if the tone of my posts make you think so. Forum behavior isn't a big deal to me, actually this forum is quite funny in how serious some seem to take it. I think this papers forum could be a great resource for the readers, but not when several overbearing participants treat it like their own gutter.


Pat West 1 day, 23 hours ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

But, your theroy has problems, some posts I flag remain,(even some of my own) thus deletion is not automatic, but at the choice of someone not posting on the forum.


Pat West 2 days, 17 hours ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

You seem to do the most crying about the editor's choices regarding removing posts. No one but the editor deletes posts, if you cant be a man and quit calling people names, at least call the right person names, and not keep sobbing about posters "valiantly deleting posts that make them cry", when ONLY THE EDITOR DELETES POSTS.


Pat West 2 days, 20 hours ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

Randy should have stepped up and said why he didn't support the bill, instead of this political BS that killed Diane's effort. If he had the support to turn down the bill because he didn't feel it was necessary to double down on this law, he should step up and say so, not back stab the effort with procedural BS. Cowardly politics from a State Senator should not be supported. Stand on your ideas, and vote for the ideas, don't hide behind procedure.

So, Tell me Mark, do you really believe Randy lives in Cowdry, or Hot Sulfur Springs? He OWNS a ranch outside the district, and just rents land to gain a political office. Where does his kid go to school? Where does his family live? Cowdry, or Hot Sulfur Springs? Last time i checked, you are supposed to LIVE in the district you represent, not rent ranch land, and say you live there.

With all the righteous, high minded Republican's in this area, i can't believe they support someone who rents land in this district to gain a political office. I think this is total BS and the democratic party should investigate where he really hangs his hat and make it an issue.

If the Republican party of district 8 wants a conservative candidate for the state senate, they should find one that lives in the district, not a connected carpet bagger from another district.


Pat West 2 days, 23 hours ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

Let's get back to the real story here, our district's elected representatives are infighting between themselves and not working together make our state safer. I support Diane's effort to try and make I-70 safer, and am embarrassed that our own district's Senator was the one killing her efforts. I do not support Randy, and hope a candidate will step up to challenge him being my district's senator. He does not represent my values and ideas.


Pat West 1 week ago on Excessive force, excessive lawsuits

John, why not man up and name names instead of calling names? Why the Pilot tolerates your BS and removes other posts is a mystery to me as well.


Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on Excessive force, excessive lawsuits

John, who is it you think is removing posts? You understand someone can read these posts, and "suggest removal" without ever posting. (Called lurking)


Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on City manager no longer overseeing investigation into police department

Really, how much evidence will be needed to damn Chief Rae? Seems to me the writing is already on the wall, and no matter what, public trust is lost, and SSPD will need a new chief. I wonder if the honorable thing for the chief to do would be to resign, allow this investigation to end, and allow SSPD to move forward.