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Pat West 14 hours, 57 minutes ago on Yampa Valley Housing Authority board in line for new members

George, I along with the army of maintenance people work hard to provide services for these homes, and we take their money, spend it locally, and that's how these homeowners support the tax base. I would still be renting a single bedroom across the street from you without these homes.

Your idea of a city property tax to further fleece these homeowners is great,
We could build the police station with a city property tax. Or expand the core trail to Sboat2. Or better headliners for the free concert.


Pat West 1 day, 12 hours ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat

Thanks for making my point. Taxes here are not high, you are lucky to have the "problem" of taxation on two homes.

You did write that your property taxes doubled, not true. The library tax may be double that of Lake Havasu City, but let's talk construction costs in AZ, vs. Steamboat, before that 2x figure has any value. How does your LHC home compare to your home in steamboat, is it 1/2 as nice? it's only worth $128k so in steamboat it's about the value of a 2bedroom Shadow Run condo. I doubt that your home in Steamboat is 2x higher quality than your LHC home, just valued on a different scale.

In fact because of the library, your property taxes increased a modest amount, that was offset by the reduction in appraised value of your town home over the last few years.

I did say the records are online. Need a link to yours? no need to dig out records, they are all online for everyone to see.

search here:


Pat West 1 day, 18 hours ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat

My point is that no one's property taxes were doubled, and property taxes are deductible on your federal income taxes, so what's the problem with a reallocation of tax revenue from the Fed's to pay for our library (or new police station).

Would you rather turn over more of your money to the black hole that is the federal government, or keep it here in the Yampa valley?


Pat West 1 day, 19 hours ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat

Jerry, I previously rebuked another posters claim to these "doubled taxes" for the library by showing from the assessors office that despite an increase in the level of taxation, during the downturn and revaluation of real estate that he wasn't paying any more in taxes than before the library tax was installed.

The county assessor shows (for example) a $400k townhome at say the Cottonwoods paid $1540 in taxes in 2007, and only $1275 in taxes this year.

The county assessors records are open for public view, on the web. Please show us your "doubled taxes" or should I post up a link to yours?

Here's my townhome, as you can see my taxes went from $1129 in 2007 to a lower $856 this year. At no time did the taxes double.

Can you please show where your taxes doubled? or explain where my reasoning is faulty.


Pat West 1 day, 20 hours ago on Yampa Valley Housing Authority board in line for new members

John, nothing is stopping Stagecoach residents from hiring a private shuttle company to service their needs, or organizing a carpool. If their was demand, it could be filled. But in our car dominated society, most residents choose to drive themselves rather than look for a public transit solution. And with gas prices super low, any incentive to carpool or establish public transportation is lost.


Pat West 3 days, 15 hours ago on Joe Meglen: Lincoln’s birthday

I would agree that taxation is not servitude as taxation does return services to the user. Roads, Police, etc.. Not just the crack of a whip. You may not agree to the lever of service, (or taxes), but you do get a return from paying taxes.


Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on Free Summer Concert Series funding cut doesn't sit well with some City Council members

The city could wave the fees for Howleson hill, and police service and cut expenses for the concert series in more than what they cut their cash contribution.


Pat West 1 week, 3 days ago on Steamboat City Council appears ready to ask public for help with police station planning

The Idaho stop is the common name for a law that allows cyclists to treat a stop sign as a yield sign, and a red light as a stop sign.

Jerry, you do realize that you can ask Google anything?