Pat West

Pat West 4 hours ago on U.S. 40 paving project reaches east side of Steamboat, remains on schedule

No, but having a lane from the Shell station to downtown, where the speed limit is 45mph, and each intersection has a turn lane, but no lane for safe travel for a cyclist. This forces cyclists either to block the turn lane, or ride out in the car's lane. The City did this on Walton Creek rd at US-40, and that a great addition to our streets. Having this type of infrastructure down the fastest, busiest road in Steamboat, would be far better advertising of our commitment to becoming a bike town then any ad campaign could portray.


Pat West 6 hours, 32 minutes ago on U.S. 40 paving project reaches east side of Steamboat, remains on schedule

New asphalt, same road. I'm disappointed that our city leadership will market this town a a bike town but does not stand up to CDot and demand infrastructure for the huge numbers of cyclists that use this road for commuting and recreation. In my opinion nothing would say we a a bike friendly community more than a bike lane down US-40. Kremmling has done it, why can't we?


Pat West 6 hours, 57 minutes ago on Dusty Atkinson: Merge in right place

The factor that most controls how fast you make it through the construction zone is the traffic light. Not the merge point. Merge here or merge there, but wherever someone wants to merge, Please let them in the line, otherwise you are the rude one.


Pat West 1 week, 3 days ago on Mamba makes another break for it

OMG! This really convinces me of the need to spend $146,000 on security. Look at that tail, he can't even hold it still for a mug shot.


Pat West 1 week, 4 days ago on Tyler Goodman: The vision of a bike town

Training, licences, insurance? It would be much easier to ask the SSPD to enforce the law and ticket people that break it. Anyone can be written a summons for disobeying the law, no licence is required, and ignorance of a law is not an excuse a judge will honor. Call the cops, make a report, if you dont they will not know this is a problem they need to start addressing.


Pat West 2 weeks ago on Celebrating 50 years of the Wilderness Act

No, we are capable of FAITH that He IS. We will never have true understanding without facts and science to back up the claim. Your claims are all built on a book created by man, there is no evidence that it is more correct than any other book written by man, it's just more believed, and older.

Once upon a time everyone had faith the world to be flat, that faith has been disproved and now it is not blasphemy to say the world is round, and the universe is vast.

Your faith is based upon a this single book of fables, mine is based on those fables, other religions fables, and the understanding I have made from all the evidence reviled to me. I don't think anyone has the total correct answer, but that there are many correct answers, and we make a choice where to put our faith. Those choices ultimately will decide our final fate, not subscription or blind faith to the words in Jewish scripture. God knows what's in your heart, and what is BS for forum fodder. God should be the judge, not you.