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Pat West 1 hour, 19 minutes ago on Laura Case: Environmentalism and hypocrisy

I too am wondering why Mark's post was removed, but these from you are not. If he wants to liken our President to Nazi's, that's fine with me, it only reflects poorly on his character(some christian). Much like your posts don't reflect well on your character, calling names, and attempting to browbeat posters off the forum. Grow up.


Pat West 16 hours, 34 minutes ago on Laura Case: Environmentalism and hypocrisy

I didn't remove your post. Please name any politician that isn't a liar. People that tell the hard truth can't be elected. Voters don't want the truth. I shouldn't have to tell you this truth, too bad people like you would rather argue how bad one party is, instead of directing your energy toward reforming the system to get rid of these liars. This may shock you, but both parties are full of huge liars.

Also I'm happy to be used by a liar to get millions healthcare, and jobs. Better than the 6000 dead American soldiers that came from the WMD lie.


Pat West 4 days, 1 hour ago on Local cycling groups eye an easier path up Emerald Mountain

I agree with RCR that a easier access to the upper Emerald trails would be a great benefit, I also agree with Craig@Parks and Rec that some of these lower Emerald trails should be vacated. The lower Emerald trails are built on the X/C ski road network, and are prone to erosion, due to the steep nature of several sections. This ongoing erosion ruins both the summer cycling as well as the base for the snow sports. These trails on ski trails are also a confusing mess of design, made well before anyone thought about the layout of the system. Summer cycling on a trail built onto a wide flat ski trail is also somewhat boring, and lacks the woodsy, singletrack element I go to Emerald to enjoy.

I do hope that I never see an electric bike allowed on Emerald's trails. Motorized is motorized, no matter the power source.


Pat West 4 days, 23 hours ago on Former Steamboat police detective has strong words for City Council

I think publishing it to the forum or paper would just open the paper to a huge libel suit, and they are just covering their rear, and want to make sure if the charges in the letter are true that the public is protected from overexposure that might give the offenders a chance to dodge the charges. If the charges in the letter are true, even partially, i agree with the discretion shown by the paper to allow authorities to prove or disprove them before everyone reads the letter on record.


Pat West 1 week ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

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Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on Building a friendlier downtown: Steamboat Springs City Council weighs urban renewal plan

Jerry says " I am tired of spending tax dollars on groceries to reduce the airline fare for people that probably have more money than me on ski vacations to Steamboat." Now please correct me if I'm wrong, but dosnt the airline tax provide revenue guarantees to the airline but does not provide money to lower the prices of individual fares. The fares are set by the airlines, and if a flight that is scheduled, and fare set by the airlines comes to Steamboat without enough passengers to make a profit, then the air tax program will fill the airline's coffers by "buying" the empty seats. This was my impression of how the subsidy worked, and the misconception that the air tax lowered fares was told to me by several people that voted to supported the air tax. Without an organized opposition to the air tax, to provide voters with information on how the money is spent,and reasons to not support this system, misinformed voters will allow the tax to remain.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about how this tax/subsidy works.