Pat West

Pat West 23 hours, 3 minutes ago on Steamboat City Council is 1 vote shy of adding parking meters downtown

Better thought would be to build a bigger city building on Lincoln av where the parking lot is, and bulldoze the current city building to put in a parking structure off Lincoln. But this location is still not where we "need" more parking, too far off the blighted charm of Yampa St. That's why it's always empty.


Pat West 23 hours, 17 minutes ago on Wendy's closing after long run in Steamboat Springs

I would rather see the Backdoor Burgers move to this location than see just another chain store come to steamboat. Smash burger, Chiplote, Arby's, panera etc, lack hometown charm, and are corporate examples of restaurants we already have. Why would you want a Chiplote when you could support a local, and eat something with distinct flavor like at Taco Cabo, or one of our other great Mexican restaurants. Why ask for Smashburger when Backdoor burgers is just as good, and owned and staffed by locals? We showed this Chain, like Pizza Hut that locals in steamboat want more than just a corporate name and menu, I hope this location opens up an opportunity for a local to expand their enterprise, or start a new one.


Pat West 2 days, 8 hours ago on Steamboat City Council is 1 vote shy of adding parking meters downtown

If you leave those spots open I (or someone else) will pay the .25 and enjoy the up close parking. That's the whole point. If it is needed, or wanted, is another debate.


Pat West 2 days, 19 hours ago on Brad Church: Tragedy awaits

I thought the reason the road tax plan failed in '07 was it was too vague as to how the money would be spent, and didn't sunset. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

With a better written plan to tax for this road, and then sunset the tax, funds could be raised to fix this road. As a cyclist and driver on occasion, I would support it. Every resident of Stagecoach should support it. As should all the cyclists in Steamboat who want to see a safe shoulder on this great route.


Pat West 2 days, 23 hours ago on Gayle Trotter: Regulators and bureaucrats vs. the Soup Nazi

I would rather the government watch what goes into my foods, and don't trust big business (like Monsanto) to do what's best for our food sourses.


Pat West 5 days, 9 hours ago on David Ihde: 27 amendments

Once again I'm left wondering about the criteria for getting a letter, or opinion published. Does this silly historicalargument really warrant a published letter? Or is the Pilot just desperate for content


Pat West 6 days, 9 hours ago on Steamboat City Council to consider downtown parking meter proposal Tuesday

Put meters onto Lincoln, and nowhere else, see if it works to open up more available parking on our main drag. Use the money to enforce the current standards everywhere else, and mandate employee parking onto Howleson Hill, the Transportation Center, or use public transportation (it's free), unless the business has private parking off public streets for employees.

I would support paid available parking on Lincoln if it opens up spots for a quick stop, and don't think it's too much to ask our visitors. Most visitors are be used to paying for good parking. Everyone would still have the choice to free park off Lincoln.


Pat West 1 week, 5 days ago on Gary Hofmeister: It starts at the top

I love it when an old, rich, white republican declares institutionalized racism has all but disappeared. How would a rich white guy know anything about the reach of racism? I suppose his next column will be about his insight into "women's reproductive issues".

And an entire column about liars in Washington, but only examples from the side he opposes? Like Congress isn't full of liars on both side of the aisle.

Can"t the Pilot do better than this for contributors?Large word vocabulary and a ability to produce a one sided, pointless, 200 word, column shouldn't be the only criteria for being published.