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Pat West 2 days, 6 hours ago on Helicopter ordered for Zirkel Wilderness fire

What the Pilot should do it delete comments when they turn from discussing the topic of the story, to the endless debate on how liberals or conservatives are the ones to blame for everything. Stay on topic or got a forum that's discussing the topic you want to debate.


Pat West 4 days, 7 hours ago on Spoke Talk: Fun facts about the Tour de France

Seasonal Doping? You obviously haven't read up on how and what these riders were doing.

Everyone in the top 10 from the years Lance won his Tours has been implicated, or has admitted to doping. What else do you want? It was rampant in the sport, and the gains made through PED, and blood doping established such a high bar that anyone not doping simply could not compete. I would bet the same can be said for players in the NFL, just their players union prevents testing, and protects their athletes from scandal.


Pat West 6 days ago on Spoke Talk: Fun facts about the Tour de France

What's to object to? I would love to make $140k for riding a bike, most Pros in the USA do not make nearly that much. I don't agree with all the stats in this article, but what's the point of correcting this opinion piece.

But I would add that 5 men won the tour 5 or more times, I don't ignore Lance Armstrong's wins, as it's well documented that he didn't use PEDs any more than the rest of the peloton. He did stay on the bike, and ride the miles, faster than everyone else in the race. This years tour shows that fitness, a great team, or PEDs can't prevent you from crashing out of this race. Lance's real "crime" was that he was just a huge ass to anyone that didn't support his lie, and actively worked to undermine their status in the public eye, and ruined their lives. Mafia style. So in Mafia fashion, he was thrown to the dogs, while others own teams,(Vino Rijs,Vaughters), and still direct the winners of this sport, dispite their admittance of using PEDs to gain the fame and fortune that allowed their present position in the sport.

And Walt, keep in mind that starting pay in the NFL is $250k, and Manning makes more than that in the 1st quarter. So, first you must love to ride a bike, and then if you are good enough, someone might pay you. Just like Manning would probably still play football, even if the fans and money went away. Playing the game isn't what earns him the money, it's having the talent to entertain millions that does.


Pat West 1 week ago on Sustainability Council to host panel about alternative transportation in the Yampa Valley

That's just what the Arab oil dealers want, more of your cash to fund their extremist agenda. When you are a sheep it's hard to understand how the shepherd controls you?

Why not support energy independence as a national security issue? The whims of an Arab priest, that decides to cause unrest, should not effect the price of my transportation. I applaud those that are finding new ways to get around without oil. The more people that use alternates to oil, the more USA oil can stay here and fuel your gas guzzler.


Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on The Record for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sorry that I have no respect for the opinions on this forum with regards to MJ use, and it's benefits or burden to society.


Pat West 1 week, 3 days ago on The Record for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kevin, dont ask these overinformed, idiots, about MMJ as a treatment or relief for you cancer. Seek out a doctor that has experence with MMJ and follow thier advice. There is plenty of evidence of the benifits that MMJ can provide, but this fourm's regulars probally do not know everything(or anything) about MMJ. It has proven results that most in the medical world have been conditioned by the western medical complex to ignore. I would give RMR a call and speak to someone there to get a lead to a doctor that could give you real advice about MMJ's potential.

Good luck with your fight.