Pat West

Pat West 1 day, 5 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

Or Does it mean that the paranoid extremists that control gun policy through the NRA's lobbing efforts have realized that gun control is inevitable, and they need to stock up.

"cowering in your room in fear" Really, Who does this, I'm out living my life and am not in fear of anything. I trust the police, and think they do a great job protecting the public without the need for anyone to be armed. I had SSPD shooting deer off my fence just yesterday, sorry "Dispatching" deer off my fence.

Your paranoid rhetoric is wearing thin. Have you ever sought treatment for these delusions?


Pat West 3 days, 6 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

Allen's comments show exactly why this country is at an impasse on so many issues. Real data, and facts are presented to show how his opinions and concerns are not founded in reality, and He refuses to believe them, or change his position. Guns, Vaccinations, Welfare, Climate Change, on and on so many of these protested issues have but one factual side, and the other is full of fear, ignorance, and conjecture. Worse than their ignorance is their unwillingness to view and accept the real facts of these issues, and change their minds based on things as basic as science and statistics. We are truly lost when evidence and facts are dismissed because of paranoia, and distrust.

I would like to thank Allen for giving such great insight into the NRA mindset.

Now "We the People" need to start asking why a small vocal group like the NRA can have such an lasting negative impact in our government when public opinion is against them.


Pat West 4 days, 6 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

Now I'm confused, Who's the " uninformed, frightened person."... " with closed minds...unwilling to accept any data given" is it AllenH or SteveL?


Pat West 6 days, 4 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

As if a closet full of guns will protect you from a drone strike.

We need to first take back government from special interests, then worry about someone using the force of government against us. Wake up, government tyranny against it's citizens will not come at the end of a rifle, but instead by restricting the power of the vote, and limiting how "we the people" can control who runs the country. "Citizen's United" and voter registration laws are well on their way to providing someone the power they need to overthrew the will of the common man.


Pat West 6 days, 17 hours ago on Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence

It is truly sad that you think the only way to be safe is to arm everyone. Your hate and willingness to kill is exactly why I think gun ownership should be limited.

Also then are you willing to raise the pay of these armed schoolteachers to reasonable amounts to repay them for taking on the armed protection of our children. They barely make enough to teach them.


Pat West 1 week ago on Interim city manager starts Monday

Why does someone getting "a salary and benefits package worth about $17,000 a month." need "a housing allowance of $1,000 per month".

Put him up in the Iron Horse for free!!!


Pat West 1 week ago on From the Editor: Picking our battles

"In our opinion, the entire police investigation process has been a monumental waste of city resources and human capital, and in the end, the public has no assurance that this situation has been fully investigated and addressed, because so few details about the actual investigation have been released. At least four careers have been derailed, one person involved in the original allegations is now being prosecuted herself and a general mistrust of police and city government has developed. None of this is good for the Steamboat Springs community."

Also not good that we do not have a newspaper that would stand up for disclosure, and bring these and other issues to light instead of putting their hands in their pockets and walking away shrugging their shoulders.


Pat West 1 week ago on Steamboat briefs: Area water providers lift water restrictions Friday

"The trailhead can accommodate 29 vehicles, one handicapped and five trailers for more than 15 miles of trails on Emerald Mountain." What??

Maybe ACCESS TO 15 miles of trails...?

Also what does this opening have to do with "Catch the Drift" ? These items seem totally unrelated.

Great to see the improvements to the trailhead complete.