Pat West

Pat West 18 hours, 58 minutes ago on Gary Hofmeister: It starts at the top

I love it when an old, rich, white republican declares institutionalized racism has all but disappeared. How would a rich white guy know anything about the reach of racism? I suppose his next column will be about his insight into "women's reproductive issues".

And an entire column about liars in Washington, but only examples from the side he opposes? Like Congress isn't full of liars on both side of the aisle.

Can"t the Pilot do better than this for contributors?Large word vocabulary and a ability to produce a one sided, pointless, 200 word, column shouldn't be the only criteria for being published.


Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on Paula Salky: Anthem deserves respect

So you don't use the National Forrest, or drive on paved, plowed roads, or fear that thugs will come to your home and kill you for you opinions? These are just a tiny few of the protections and services granted to you by the federal government in return for your tax dollars.

You do have a stake, and a say in what happens in Washington, unlike the mafia, you can vote, and run for election. You do own stock, and work in this country, and the government is part of the management of our combined resources and power. So why not tone down this anti government BS, get out and change the system instead of denying your part in OUR country. Or go live somewhere else and experience how others use government so that you can appreciate how great our system really is.


Pat West 1 week, 3 days ago on Ciao from Cortina: Ideally Italy

Rhys you miss the point of going to Italy if you rely on the internet once you are there. So much to see and do, why would you need the www?


Pat West 1 week, 4 days ago on City of Steamboat Springs considering cuts to winter bus service

Seems to me that the trek to these businesses is treacherous due to the lack of sidewalks from US-40d, north on Elk river road. So because of a lack of infrastructure, the bus line is asked to expand. What about building a sidewalk instead?


Pat West 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Ken Collins: Pay them by the hour

"have you ever acted against the will of your constituents because of financial influence...?" But Mark, financial influence is free speech.

And you are right, asking Congress to reform their own system is crazy.


Pat West 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Ken Collins: Pay them by the hour

Forget about punching the clock, let's reform campaign finances and remove corporate ownership of Washington. Then intact term limits and toss out these career politicians. Lastly remove the golden ticket of lifetime support and require politicians to return to the workplace, and earn a living outside lobbing positions, and end their private healthcare.


Pat West 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Steamboat's Parks and Recreation Commission sets 4 big goals for 2015

I disagree the trail that goes from Storm Mountain ct, into the M&H Property, and all the way down the fall line to Fox creek is a 12inch deep erosion rut. It is made worse with every rain, and this drainage will soon be filled with snow, and come spring runoff, will further erode into a unworkable erosion nightmare. Something should be done to fix this NOW. Before more erosion totally washed the trail downstream. And just past the underpass on Fox Creek, the trail runs into a swampy bit that need to be re routed. The City drove a huge front loader in there this spring and dug around, for what reason I'm unsure as they destroyed the trail, and only through social use has a new route been established. But really someone who knows how and where to build trails needs to help the city to plan and execute a better trail network in this property.

With $5mil available to help build trails, fixing obviously damaged and poorly designed trails should top the list for projects.

Rita, and the M&H property need to be joined into one parcel, and a management plan need to be developed for this property so that it's future as an open space is assured.


Pat West 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Tom Schatz: An environmental waste of breath

Thanks for clearing up exactly what Jesus said. You know this to be true because it was printed in red in your bible? So Jesus spoke English, or does actually not actually mean actually? Cause I'm pretty sure Jesus never spoke English, and everything he "said" in your bible was rephrased in the Middle Ages by some monks.

Deny science because it does not match your Bible. Ok. But why do you debate the findings of science when basically you don't believe in science? Why not accept that faith in science is the same as your religion, just provable. And debating a manner of faith is ridiculous.

If God created anything is still up for debate in my mind. I guess you can tell me "I told you so", on the "Hell Today's" forum. If the teachings of your Christian faith are correct, I'm sure to not breach the Pearly gates, and with what I've read from your posts, I have doubts that you will either.