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Pat West 4 days, 7 hours ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

Few,Few,Few, but I bet some are calling for civil war, some are law breakers, some are on government sis stance, own tanks, ect... The problem I have with Some of the Tea Partiers, is they think they can turn the federal government on a dime, or pull the emergency stop cord and get their desired result of less government, when in fact the federal government takes years to turn, and the only way to make change happen is to slowly change minds of the population, not by shutting down everything, and doing nothing to keep the system running. Hurtful rhetoric, and doing nothing politics is not the right way to bring about change, and that's what I hear from the TP. This forum is reflective of the problems within congress, strong opinions, and an unwillingness to compromise to work toward common goals prevents anyone from accomplishing anything. Even Regan compromised, and worked accross the aisle.


Pat West 5 days, 17 hours ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

A century ago no one was stockpiling assault weapons, and ammo, or bombs, or building their own tanks and destroying Granby. As a response to this militarization of the public, police forces feel justified to raise their level of armament to be ready for any circumstance. So if we had better gun control, cops wouldn't need military hardware, but you say you need no gun control to protect yourself from government. I find it interesting that without your paranoia about the government, the government would not make itself into something to be paranoid about.


Pat West 6 days, 9 hours ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

And it's the lack of gun laws that has fueled the arms race among the police as they arm themselves to the level of ordinary citizens( or above) interesting system.


Pat West 6 days, 21 hours ago on Parks and rec commissioners call for more enforcement of wildlife closures after death of orphaned elk calf

Maybe if The Rita vacant lot was zoned for Open Space, with and emphasis on wildlife over human use, then human users would have clear rules and penalties for disturbing wildlife. As it is not set aside or managed as anything, this is the consequence. parks and Rec commission kicked the management ball down the road once again, so this type of conflict is sure to reoccur until a management, and development plan are produced.


Pat West 1 week ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

Hater is a slang term the kids use for anyone that is not supporting whatever you are doing. Trolling is just being a dick for dicks sake on the internet.

I can't decide which applies to these posts.


Pat West 1 week, 1 day ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

He would have been hauled off and shot long ago if he had been this outspoken against Stalin or Hitler. His ability to rant are a part of the freedoms he denies.


Pat West 1 week, 6 days ago on Base area urban renewal committee gets update on proposal to construct iconic barn

So will they tear down the iconic "butterfly" barn, and build one that looks the same? I thought their plan was to move the butterfly barn, to preserve the history or the valley, not build a fake history based on what was once here.

That's what the plan was in February; " One possibility includes moving the historic Butterfly Barn from its current resting place at the Meadows Parking Lot up the hill to serve as an iconic entryway to the ski area."