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Pat West 2 days, 1 hour ago on Affordable housing project in west Steamboat clears another big hurdle

Hartless you got it backwards, our government doesn't pay for votes, the government is paid by corporations FOR their votes. The scam here isn't to hook people into supporting affordable housing measures in Steamboat, but to graft government into paying lots of money to a corporation for work that a non-Gov. contractor would pinches pennies, or work hard, to profit from. It's too funny that you think the citizens control our government and that an ordinary voter (or 48) would make any difference.

Plus in a town with thousands of renters, home prices out of reach for many, and a huge influx of seasonal workers every year, this income limited housing will not impact the rental market for my townhome one bit. Once qualified, renters in these 48 units will remain, others will move to town will come to apply only to find a long wait list, rent something else, stay a season, or two, and move on once they discover that the housing market is tough in this town for everyone. Unless you got here years ago, staked your your claim, paid your bills, built equity instead of paying rent, and rode the wave upwards.


Pat West 4 days, 1 hour ago on Steamboat's Humble Ranch land deal based on faulty trust

I agree with what jonq says, about the tone on this forum, and future potential at The Humble Ranch.

I think George's comments about Humble ranch were not the "tipping point" of his banishment, but his ongoing comments about YVHA, and his meeting of dismissal. I think someone that held his position in our community deserves better treatment than to be banished from the only forum where he could expose the problems he found at YVHA. Our entire Police force was just overturned by a similar letter of exposure and once investigated, heads rolled. George makes comments and instead of investigation, he gets silenced, by a newspaper that is pro-YVHA. Leadership of YVHA needs to answer to the charges made by George, they are far too inflammatory to just leave alone. Elected officials on City Council and the County Comm. need to investigate if only to reassure the public that our tax money that's given to YVHA is being used in a legal, and ethical manner to bring about better opportunities for affordable housing in the Yampa Valley.

We all are well aware of the indiscriminate methods that the Pilot uses to manage this forum, and if some anonymous poster (you never know who suggests removal of your posts) clicks on the "suggest removal" button they take action, or not. If you make repeated attacks on another poster you get your posts pulled, or not. If you cuss and clamor on for hours on a topic that is proven by science, and you refute with opinion, you get, oh wait they don't do anything for posting opinions in the face of facts. In the end, I would bet the Pilot would shut down this forum rather than try to moderate it's content.

It's a sad day for Steamboat when a long time public servant making charges of mismanagement and fraud within a publicly funded organization gets the soapbox pulled from under his feet, under the disguise of "unpopular comments" . Often times, the most unpopular comments are a hard truth you don't want to hear.


Pat West 6 days, 9 hours ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

This traffic discussion is hilarious, in a town that takes away funding for essential services and infrastructure (public transportation and sidewalks) so that they don't have to ask to bond for something we all know we need(police station).

But I'll play.

Looking at George's numbers, It looks like we are still below full capacity, so our traffic comes down to timing, and speed. (IMO) I'm not an traffic engineer, but i think lowering the speed limit into downtown would reduce congestion by reducing the pressure that arises from traffic flowing into downtown at 45mph, and slowing to 25mph. Without doing the real math, i think if only 25 cars can get through downtown at 25mph in a 5min timeframe, than it's producing a congestion problem to introduce more than 25 cars per 5 min into downtown. (not real #'s) So if cars are coming into downtown faster than they can get out, backups will occur. 40mph before Pine Grove and 35mph at Hilltop, slowing to 25mph BEFORE going downhill into downtown. Everyone will drive slower but reducing the stop times, and backup would make the trip faster.

On the west side traffic comes into town at 40 mph, and reduces speed before the extra lane is added at Dream Island. If traffic is once again introduced into town faster than it can split into two lanes, it will backup. If the two lanes began before the speed limit lowered, cars could choose a lane, while still at speed, and then slow, allowing the lanes to take up the extra space required to accommodate the number of cars going 25 mph to get through downtown as fast as the number of cars entering at 40mph from a single lane. This is extremely evident when art in the park is loading in and Lincoln is one lane to 13th. Backups that Friday went all the way to Elk River rd, but there wasn't any more cars on the road, the number of cars entering at 40mph could not be accommodated within the space because the speed lowered before the lane opened to handle the cars. That day i went over the stockbridge to 13th and moved right into an empty lane through downtown. Build out the 4 lanes to the transportation center, and reduce the speed limits after traffic has split into the 2 lanes, and going west, raise the speed limit at 13th so traffic is up to speed before it reduces to 1 lane (eliminating the race for the lane).

Driving a slower speed to reduce travel times in traffic may seem counter intuitive, but speeding into a stopped field of cars, and waiting isn't faster than slowing to the speed at which traffic in front can clear so that you can keep moving.

I think we could rethink our speed limits and help reduce the backups that happen getting into and out of downtown, without needing millions to restructure the flow patterns on Oak, or building a fantasy bypass.

Just my.02


Pat West 6 days, 22 hours ago on School district, YVEA reach agreement on purchase of school site in west Steamboat

"Growing to the west WILL mean regular traffic jams." You mean: "Growing west has already caused regular traffic jams."

But like you said in another post C-DOT has traffic concerns outside steamboat that make our simple bottleneck seem small. How do you wedge a multi million dollar project into the budget to help 25,000 drivers when down in the metro area traffic problems snare 100,000 drivers or more. George, maybe you can help me understand, Why is the speed limit from Pine Grove to 3rd(westbound), 45 mph? Could we reduce pressure into downtown by lowering this speed limit thus reducing the sheer numbers of cars that come rushing into downtown at any given time?

I was coming home from a ride yesterday, and attempting to cross Lincoln to get up Old FCF, and traffic was comming into downtown at 40mph, then stalling at the 3rd street light and backing up. It was impossible to cross until cars backed up to block the entrance to OldFCF. SSPD never enforces speed limits at this point, and asking drivers to reduce their speed on a downhill is silly. I can't help but think that lowering this speed limit to 35mph from Pine Grove would slow traffic and help reduce this backup (or would it just back up out at pine grove?)

Also to clear up downtown, What about changing the speed limit change westbound to 13th instead of the dream island point it is now? 35mph at 13th, 40mph after dream island. People already speed up past 25mph at 13th anyway to race to the merge.

Would altering speed limits help, or is this ineffective at controlling traffic impacts?


Pat West 1 week, 1 day ago on City Council denies Triple Crown request to use Emerald ballfields

Add to that the fact that the city limits other events on TC weekends. Try to book a bike race into Howelson Hill during a TC weekend, and permits are hard to come by.

If TC left entirely, other events would step up to fill the gap left by their absence. How about a river tubing weekend?


Pat West 1 week, 1 day ago on Road rage incident results in felony arrest

Hard to flash a gun if it's in the trunk. You saw off the stock/barrel so it fits under the seat. By the time you go to the trunk, those bikers have raped your family.


Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on Oak Creek, Steamboat projects recognized by Colorado Lottery

I have never met Ed and thus can't count him as my friend. This ranch is established and set as a legal entity, Ed is just the current custodian of it's beauty, The Humble Ranch inc, will outlive his custody and i am hopeful that one day the right to use these easements will be opened. None of us really own the land, we are just granted power over it for a time. His time will come, as will mine, as will yours, what he established and saved will live on past our times in this town.


Pat West 1 week, 2 days ago on Oak Creek, Steamboat projects recognized by Colorado Lottery

George, I was told by a friend to quit dwelling on what we lost, but focus on what we gained with regards to all the backside Emerald access. Humble, BLM, whatever, I'm glad I took time to explore these lands before my bike was specifically managed out of them.