SVT 6 years, 5 months ago on Engineers fine-tuning traffic lights in Steamboat

I would sure love to see them flashing yellow until 6:30am like they have for the past several years. How can we make that happen again? Cycling the lights on a timed system isn't necessary when there are not very many vehicles on the side roads or main drag between midnight and 6-6:30am.


SVT 8 years, 8 months ago on Rob Douglas: A not so hot pursuit

Hot pursuit or not... are we forgetting that she was over the legal limit obviously impaired and could of hit and killed somebody? There is no excuse for drinking and driving.

That Said...

I think that the hot pursuit is going to come down to a matter of opinion based on the judge's interpretation of the law as displayed by the article.

I do agree with Scott that Russ should not have given an opinion before an investigation was completed and that an outside party needs to be consulted to do the final investigation. That can be chalked up to lack of experience.