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david gibbs 19 hours, 7 minutes ago on 'Happy trails and tails'

Maybe Doug likes government employees that moonlight while on the job and run personal businesses for decades on the tax payers dime.


david gibbs 1 week ago on Steamboat Springs City Council president under fire after being hit with 2nd ethics complaint

“intimidating” How many other times has this happened? How many people have been intimidated to the point of not reporting the abuse of authority? Has there been a pattern of intimidation within the council?

It's troubling council refused to hold Walter accountable for his unethical actions. By not holding Walter accountable council invalidates very serious grievances. City council has a history of not taking employee complaints seriously, resulting in substantial taxpayer liability. The lack of accountability in this case reeks of corruption.

Walter has clearly abused his power and should step down as president if he has any integrity.


david gibbs 1 week, 2 days ago on Police department making strides, chief reports

"I want the employee to feel like it’s OK," Christensen said.

Cory, show them it's safe to come forward by investigating why two year old audio recordings of Dave Kleiber were dug up by the SSPD last year and sent to the DA?

Who ordered the retaliation? Are those that retaliated against Kleiber still employed?

The City needs to prove to the community and employees that incompetence, discrimination and sexism will not be tolerated by taking down the JD Hays Way street sign!


david gibbs 1 week, 6 days ago on Steamboat Springs City Manager: Community engagement top priority through 2017

"Suiter agreed wholeheartedly with the need for a succession plan but suggested City Council could wait another year or two before putting one in place."

Does this mean the city is run with no succession plan?

With Hinsvark a competent assistant would have exposed her incompetence. Hope we are not dealing with the same stuff. It is highly likely consultant Suiter coached Hisnvark into the same PR manager idea he is rehashing.


david gibbs 2 weeks ago on Law enforcement explores new program to fight opioid addiction

Peter got banned after he started outing the parent company of the Pilot. They will say he violated policy but calling someone a tool seems to be petty censorship.

This seems to be national heroin propaganda month at the Pilot. No mention of the contradiction between Boomer Jr. and this new tactic.