david gibbs

david gibbs 18 minutes ago on Police misconduct investigation begins in Steamboat Springs

"These are people and their jobs and their careers and their lives." This sentiment needs to apply to everyone at the City, not just the boys on vacation!


david gibbs 24 minutes ago on Police misconduct investigation begins in Steamboat Springs

Why can't she say, she has a legal obligation to protect all identified and unidentified alleged victims? Would it be reasonable to leave a person in a position of power, over employees who have made allegations of misconduct, including punitive and retaliatory behavior? Only if you did not give credence to the allegations.


david gibbs 2 days, 11 hours ago on Steamboat police chief, deputy chief put on paid administrative leave

I'm very concerned about the quality of the legal advice the City is receiving. Ms. Hinsvark's statements and actions are very pro Joel Rae. She exhibits a level of contempt for the allegations and alleged victims, that is troubling. One might think, the City is not getting any legal guidance.


david gibbs 3 days, 11 hours ago on Former Steamboat police detective has strong words for City Council

By not suspending Chief Rae and Chief Deputy Delvalle after corroborated allegations of gross misconduct, Ms. Hinsvark fails to reasonably protect current employees from further victimization. Due to the nature of the allegation, this is not only unethical but it does meet the fiduciary obligation the City of Steamboat Springs has to its other employees. Legally Ms. Hinsvark has the right to suspend Mr. Rae and Mr. Delvalle, but Ms. Hinsvark does not have the discretion to choose whether or not the City provides their employees with a safe non-hostile work environment.


david gibbs 3 days, 15 hours ago on Meg Bentley: Letter was ‘un-American’

I personally know victims of Mr. Rae's misconduct. Not only was the "formers" letter appropriate but it was necessary. Unfortunately the letter wasn't enough to convince Ms. Hinsvark to do what is necessary to immediately insure people do not continue to be victimized. Her decision to allow Mr. Rae and Mr. Delvalle to remain in charge of the SSPD, at this time, is reckless and unethical. It seems Ms. Bentley is suffering from that same lapse in judgement as Ms. Hinsvark and worrying more about the alleged perpetrator than the alleged victims. All citizens not only have the right to speak out publicly and advocate for justice they have an obligation.