david gibbs

david gibbs 1 week ago on Tipton discusses opioid epidemic with communities across Colorado

Eric, I think it's next to section that says the Federal Government can control what you put in your body and your state of consciousness.


david gibbs 1 week, 1 day ago on Residents urge City Council to make Steamboat more dog friendly

It's totally reasonable to divert tax dollars from other essential government services for the pleasure and enjoyment of our fury friends. Setting aside very expensive real estate for dog parks can only make Steamboat more affordable. The selfishness of those that believe our local government is not obligated to subsidize Lucky's unleashed romp in the park, is embarrassing.

The City needs to offer free doggy day care and other puppy enrichment programs for the less fortunate k9 in our community. A doggy reparation fund must be setup to right the wrongs of the past! We must free our hounds from the chains of their oppressors and make Steamboat great again!


david gibbs 1 week, 4 days ago on Opioid abuse documentary screens Tuesday at Chief

This FBI film is more government propaganda.. The War on Drugs needs to end! 75% of the violence attributed to drugs is caused by the war on drugs. Our government has pissed away many lives and over a trillion $$$. After over 40 years, drugs are cheaper, stronger and more readily available. It's sad that the professionals we hire to uphold the law, can't be honest and tell us they have been given an unmanageable task and they have failed. We need to invest in mental heath and treatment centers. We need to stop the war against the people and start investing in the people!