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david gibbs 1 hour, 38 minutes ago on Ed Miklus: City manager solved

Not having or following a proper process has been a costly City problem for many years. Mr. Suiter was hired as interim City Manager only after all other applicants withdrew. We will never know if he was the most qualified applicant for temp manager.

Unless our goal is to repeat past mistakes, we can not afford to forgo the competitive hiring process.


david gibbs 1 day, 18 hours ago on Are you satisfied with the more detailed police investigation summary recently released by the Steamboat Springs City Council and police Chief Cory Christensen?

Not sure why the paper even bothers with any surveys.. Last week I watched Lisa Schlichtman say that this survey was not 50/50 because she talked to a couple other people and they were satisfied.

If the survey doesn't get you off the hook for not performing your job, just make stuff up.

Anyone that thinks misogynistic sexist cops don't have a long lasting effect on a community and victims, please read!


The City of Steamboat through the SSPD have left many victims in their wake.. and they all want it to go away including the pilot.


david gibbs 1 day, 21 hours ago on Our View: Pulled over for reckless thinking

"Pulled over for reckless thinking"

Our elected officials stand up and say we don't have the money to support the City's improperly contrived and poorly lead proposal, and they are RECKLESS? The so called “will of the people” is voiced by a public vote or our elected officials, not some small, hand picked, connected committee. Peter points out many flaws with the plan including not starting with the proper process and hiding the cost of the required firehouse relocation. The City has proven itself incompetent on this project and should stop wasting time and money until they are willing to start with the proper process including staff capable of leading the project. The suggestion of funding the facility with a method intended to avoid citizen input is offensive and RECKLESS!


david gibbs 3 days, 22 hours ago on Gary Suiter interested in becoming Steamboat Springs' next city manager

Suiter called the state of municipal facilities here "embarrassing" 12/28/2015 pilot

Wounder how much it will cost the taxpayers so Mr. Suiter is no longer embarrassed?


david gibbs 4 days ago on Gary Suiter interested in becoming Steamboat Springs' next city manager

"If the council was not effective, and if they weren't showing leadership skills or a commitment to moving this community forward, I wouldn't be interested," Suiter said.

Does this mean if the council does not meet up to Mr. Suiter's expectations, he would walk away?


david gibbs 5 days, 21 hours ago on New committee will tackle housing issues in Routt County

"Steamboat is not boxed in like Jackson Hole where 97% of the land is publically owned, and the medium home price is over 1million. Though a policy of zero growth has artificially created similar conditions."

Hit the nail squarely on the head!


david gibbs 1 week, 1 day ago on Charges dismissed against former Routt County employee accused of embezzlement

This is not the first time DA Barkey has abused his power while attempting to extort citizens of our community.

DA presses charges on citizen, knowing they don’t have the evidence to win the case

Even without proper evidence, DA continues to pursue a costly two week jury trial

DA knows defendant will need 30 to 40k for a two week jury trial

DA accepts 10k payment from defendant for case DA knows it can’t prove

DA drops the charges and admits they never had the evidence to win the case

“Karzen said getting a conviction against Stucker was not likely.”

Justice or Government extortion?


david gibbs 1 week, 2 days ago on Three homicide cases proceed through courts

Mr. Douglas, Just wanted to check with you while I’m giving up my constitutional rights, do I need to give up my guns and who do I give them all to, the Sheriff or the SSPD?

Name calling is interesting and the outing, as though I am hiding, is puzzling. My hope is your emotional outburst here, lies with the victims in these cases, as do mine. We have very serious issues in our community that affects everyone and silence has been a major contributing factor. So if my unwillingness to follow the governmental prescribed rule of “silence” and there is a price to pay, that is for me to decide.