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david gibbs 10 hours, 16 minutes ago on Interim police chief discusses recruiting challenges

"DeLong said while money is a motivator in recruiting efforts, a good work environment is just as important."

It doesn't help that Delong has participated in retaliation against the whislteblowers that exposed the sexiest, militant and incompetent management at the PD.

It should also be known, the City has taken the position that Officer Bantle's four page letter https://www.facebook.com/openlettertosteamboatsprings?fref=ts to City Council dated 3/25/2015 was not considered a grievance because "GRIEVANCE" was not written on the document. Gary Suiter the new interim City Manager is on record supporting Hinsvark's and Lettunich's cover-up.

Until the City cleans up its act, recruitment of quality officers will be all but impossible.


david gibbs 1 day, 12 hours ago on Routt County retains specialized architect to lead conceptual design of shared police, sheriff's building

"The city has spent a little more than $270,000 on planning for a new police station since 2012" Does this waste of money get credited to Deb's or Joel's Incompetence Account? I'll bet, if combined, these two have cost the tax payers more than $2 million and counting.


david gibbs 2 days, 12 hours ago on From the Editor: Picking our battles

In Deb Hinsvark's defiant final interview as city manager, she refuses to accept any responsibility for problems in the police department and attempts to exonerate Joel Ray, calling him honorable and claiming he is a product of the system. All the while, disclosing confidential employment information about whistle-blower Officer Bantle. The investigation needs an investigation!


david gibbs 2 days, 14 hours ago on From the Editor: Picking our battles

It seems the City Council owes the public a step by step plan on how it envisions moving forward. Simply hiring replacements for the numerous vacancies without outlining the deficiencies that allowed this mess to happen is unacceptable. The public trust has been broken and distrust in law enforcement will only continue while whistleblowers are being persecuted. Several City Council members have exhibited a high level of disconnect from the severity of the situation and owe the public an explanation on how they see the City moving forward. Business as usual is not the path forward, a plan with transparent reforms at all levels is required. The departure of the city attorney and manager is all the evidence needed to conclude the over-site issues go well beyond the police department.


david gibbs 3 days, 19 hours ago on From the Editor: Picking our battles

This conspiracy to cover-up the findings of the investigation is still being orchestrated by the recently departed Deb and Tony. If they would have acted appropriately in January 2014 when Officer Bantle put them on notice that the SSPD had major problems and was violating the civil rights of citizens and employees, Cathy Nuanes should not have been able to to recommend changes to hiring practices, promotion practices, grievance practices, sexual harassment practices/training, de-escalation practices/training and many more. The conclusion in report #2, that not enough evidence was found to prove or disprove whether Deb and Tony acted appropriately, is completely contradicted by all the recommended changes made in report #6.

The cover-up involves many people and all of them hold personal liability for their participation. It will be interesting if the new city manager puts an end to this madness or puts his neck into the noose made by Deb and Tony.