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david gibbs 10 hours, 18 minutes ago on Hinsvark reflects on tenure as Steamboat Springs city manager

"I don't need that," Hinsvark said Monday. "I don't wish to work in a hostile work environment."

The irony of this statement. Deb's ultimate demise can be traced back to her failure to act when whistleblower Bantle came forward in January 2014 and spoke of a hostile work environment.

This is a top ten Hinsvarkian quote!


david gibbs 10 hours, 42 minutes ago on Our view: City needs to stop stonewalling

"We question why the decision on whether to release all or portions of the reports has been left up to someone serving in an interim capacity. We don’t doubt Delong’s ability to lead the police department in the absence of a permanent chief, but we believe the responsibility of releasing such an important document should not be left to someone with interim accountability."

This was Deb's and Tony's plan to make temp chief Dong the fall guy. Deb and Tony will also blame temp worker Dong for their role in retaliation against the PD whistleblowers.

Everyone should have doubt about temp chief Dong's ability to lead the department after he participated with the DA and the sheriff to retaliated against the whistleblowers.


david gibbs 10 hours, 57 minutes ago on Hinsvark reflects on tenure as Steamboat Springs city manager

"We were working to instill community trust, and there were some on council working to create distrust in this administration," Hinsvark said.

What else would you expect from this sociopath, but a very hinsvarkian comment blaming others for her gross incompetence. The full story of her cover-up of the PD investigation and her retaliation against the whistleblowers will make national news.


david gibbs 6 days, 15 hours ago on Six weeks after records request, councilman sees 'pattern of avoidance'

It's like a game of hot potato. No one wants to be holding the bag and held responsible when the music stops.

I can see Hinsvark and Lettunich say "Let's give it to Delong, he's too stupid to know he's being set up."

What legitimate organization gives a temporary contracted worker any authority over major decisions?


david gibbs 1 week, 3 days ago on Preliminary hearing scheduled for police officer charged with felony

This prosecution is a clear message that no one within law enforcement is allowed to breach the blue wall of silence. This type of heavy handed retaliation is common in law enforcement and is intended to put enough financial, social and emotional pressure on the targeted officer, they are forced to resign. This tactic is so successful that the City, Sheriff and DA had every reason in the world to expect Bantle to resign but when she refused to be intimidated and submit to their abuse of power, they were compelled to continue with this farce. Once again the taxpayers are on the hook for the games the "Good Old Boys" play. It's interesting what some people are willing to risk to maintain the status quo.


david gibbs 1 week, 4 days ago on Preliminary hearing scheduled for police officer charged with felony

Nuanes Report Suggested policy and practice changes which the Police Department can consider include: 1. Detailing police policy for promotional processes and for other assignment processes setting minimum requirements and using best practices to facilitate these processes. 2. Revising the grievance process for promotional processes and defining a fixed window of opportunity to grieve. 3. Using the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) guidelines, create a recruitment plan and a hiring process policy. This includes working in collaboration with the City’s Human Resource Department and the Steamboat Springs community, to establish methods to attract qualified employees more closely resembling the demographics of the City. Incorporate the City’s Human Resource department more predominately in the hiring process. 4. Conducting sexual harassment and harassment training from a qualified trainer within the next six month and every other year thereafter. 5. Implementing a safe reporting option for employees through the City’s Human Resources department within the next six months. 6. Completing a staff study on arrest control and defensive tactics to give the department administration a platform for decision making. 7. Adding verbal communication training to department annual training. Each officer should be sent to Crisis Intervention Training to become CIT certified. 8. Formalizing a policy for awards with medals and implement the policy. 9. Establishing a policy for introducing, welcoming and mentoring new employees into the department to set them up for success. 10. Creating a mechanism for employees to make suggestions for process or department improvements. 11. Collaborating with staff and administration on work schedules. 12. Changing policies related to discipline so that any suspension without pay is considered serious and a grievance process exists for this discipline assuming to do so would not conflict with other department and City policies. 13. Entering into a strategic planning process to become a more inclusionary department. 14. Ending any attempt to filter employee comments on annual evaluations. 15. Adopting the Lexipol policy platform as a priority project. 16. Adding a position to the department, through restructure, that will oversee Lexipol, policy review, policy training, police coordinated training and other administrative tasks, thereby enabling sergeants to mentor and coach new officers in the field. 17. Developing and implementing action steps that outline how SSPD will reconnect and build trust within the community. 18. Reviewing and analyzing lawsuits to determine if there are other issues needing addressed. 19. Hanging a pension board in the break room for Plan documents, board meetings and advisor contact information for both civilian and sworn employee Plans.


david gibbs 2 weeks, 4 days ago on City attorney disagrees with claims council violated open meetings law

Tony can do no wrong? Everyone else is unethical? Tony and Deb hide the findings of the Nuanes report and conveniently release the report #2 because they think it exonerates their failure to act.

Telling quotes from report #2 Lettunich indicated he was “puzzled” over Bantle’s interview, because she basically wants the department to use less force.
Why would he be puzzled that an officer would come forward and express concerns about the use of excessive force? Does he not care about the civil rights of the citizens in our community?

Lettunich commented. “It’s tough to change the statues when you are a scout sniper. I can understand the military presence in his mind” He acknowledges the militant presence in the PD and admits change will be hard for Joel Rae. Does Tony think the citizens of Steamboat want a paramilitary law enforcement? Why does he feel no action was necessary even after several lawsuits? Lawsuits and internal complaints, how could he not act?

Would things be different if Tony acted appropriately in 2014?


david gibbs 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Police officer makes first court appearance

This is the kind of support you get when the community recognizes that you have done your job with excellence. Bantle has clearly had a positive impact on many lives in our community. After doing an excellent job within the community and coming forward twice to try to correct problems inside the PD, why would the City not protect this obvious asset from malicious outside attacks?