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Russ Fasolino 3 years ago on Dr. Russ Fasolino: Expulsion is unethical

Deana and Zoey I appreciate your comments as the 2 people who actually know the child. I encourage you to help her see this as just one of many challenges she will inevitably face on her long journey to her career goals. All experiences in life can be seen from a victim perspective, or as a challenge to work with, which helps create a stronger, more resilient and compassionate person. The latter is the kind of people who will steer our world society through the serious problems that lie ahead. I own a Chinese Medical clinic in town, and I would like to help your daughter, for free if need be. She would surely benefit from some stress reduction and hormonal balancing with which this medicine is so effective.
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Russ Fasolino 3 years, 2 months ago on Ross Fasolino: Need new cop station?

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and courteous responses! This is just what I hoped for writing this editorial, to create discussion over what is a more pressing need in our city, sidewalks or a new police station. For the record, I,m not opposed to a new police station, it just seems less of a priority than sidewalks. I am disturbed that the city continues to spend so much money on studying a site for the station (as much this year alone as it would cost to COMPLETE Oak St sidewalks) when they have not asked the taxpayers, who will pay for it, if we even feel it is necessary. They seem to be "full steam ahead" on the 10 million station and unconcerned with pedestrian safety.


Russ Fasolino 3 years, 2 months ago on Lot at Pine Grove Road and Central Park Drive is latest site under consideration for new police station

It continues to seem as if our city government is "full steam ahead" with this new police station when we don't even have basic infrastructure (sidewalks) to make it safe for our citizens. Again I ask, how many sidewalks could we build for the estimated police station cost of 10 million? Steve Lewis has an estimate of 350,000 to complete Oak St, about the same cost city has been granted just for this year to "study" the issue. Please, can we stop spending our tax dollars, and put this issue to a vote. It's our money the city government is burning, not theirs.