Rob Douglas

Rob Douglas 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Did the Steamboat Springs Board of Education make the correct decision in approving a 2016-17 budget that includes deficit spending?

Looking at two factors, 1) The total votes in recent polls (which were about far more controversial topics than this) compared with the number of votes gathered after just four days for this poll, and 2) How skewed the result is currently, I believe someone is stuffing the proverbial ballot box. Almost everyone knows that you can vote over and over on these polls by using a few simple methods. I suspect that is taking place with this poll.


Rob Douglas 1 month ago on Outcry over City Council's free ticket decision leads to change in city policy

Stuart: Like children learning from and imitating their parents, local and state elected officials often learn from and imitate what they see at the top of their government in Washington, DC and the top of their respective political parties. Currently, the top presumptive Democrat and Republican candidates for the presidency are two of the most unethical, untrustworthy and immoral liars in the history of the Republic. Yet, have you seen a single letter to the editor or statement from our local Democrat and Republican Party leaders or elected officials denouncing Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? I haven't. Therefore, the only conclusion I can draw is that our local elected representatives and party officials are fine with the putrid stench that Clinton and Trump emit on a daily basis as they engage in what will be the most dismal and disgraceful presidential election in modern history. It's either that or they're too afraid to stand up and speak out for fear of alienating "the Party" and thereby harming their future political careers. In other words, they place their political fortune and their party over country and morality. Given that sad fact, is it any wonder that even here in Steamboat Springs we are treated to inappropriate and unethical behavior by some of our elected representatives? Methinks not. After all, they're just imitating what they see works as a way to get to the top of the political food chain.


Rob Douglas 2 months, 1 week ago on Air service board recommends that city council not ask voters to renew .25 percent airline tax

Thank you to the committee and the board for a well-reasoned decision. You are correct, this does go a long way toward maintaining the trust of the voters who passed the tax. Even more important, it shows that a tax passed with a sunset provision can, in fact, come to an end. That's a rare occurrence in most communities across the U.S. and is proof of the integrity of the board. Again, thank you.


Rob Douglas 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Bantle files lawsuit against sheriff, county

We'll see how the case shakes out, but one thing is clear: Kristin Bantle had no business being a cop here or anywhere else. No matter what any of us think about state and federal drug laws and the so-called War on Drugs (I believe that "war" and many of the laws have been counterproductive and caused more harm than good), police officers must obey those laws. Given that undeniable fact, I am sympathetic to the plight that confronted Sheriff Wiggins and our local law enforcement community given Bantle's admission to the recent use of marijuana and cocaine while serving as a sworn police officer in our community. Personally, if this case goes to trial and I am on the jury and the law concerning the disclosure of admissions of criminality on her job application and during the polygraph proves to be in Bantle's favor, I'd award her $1. Not a penny more.


Rob Douglas 6 months ago on Three homicide cases proceed through courts

David: Unless your wife's attorney is a blithering idiot, I assume he's told you to stay off the forum and stop your often idiotic comments until your wife's case is resolved. I suggest you take that advise. I'm sure you love Ms. Bantle. But, like many loved ones who are too close to their spouses's case, you are not helping her cause. As someone who hopes your wife gets justice and has been involved in the representation of hundreds of plaintiffs, let me share some advise: Shut Up!


Rob Douglas 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Investigator found evidence of hostile work environment, harassment and violations of city rules at Steamboat Springs Police Department

This article states: "...Nuanes found evidence that one of the employees who was the subject of the investigation conducted outside business WHILE ON DUTY." (emphasis added)

In every jurisdiction where I've conducted investigations over the last 30+ years that is a crime and falls under the classification of public corruption.

Has there been a referral for prosecution?

Has the Steamboat Pilot & Today sought more information on this obvious violation of the public trust that was the worst kept secret in the city well before the Kleiber letter? A letter that has proven accurate in spite of the attempts by the city government and the District Attorney to smear Dave Kleiber. Attempts that continue to this day.

Or, are we still operating under a good old boys system here in Routt County and Steamboat Springs where who you know on the council and in the upper levels of the criminal justice system outweighs illegal behavior that was so public - so well known within our community - that the perpetrator himself openly joked about it within the police department?

Conduct that was so outrageously blatant that one council member told me when this scandal first broke into the public eye that he/she had never even met the police official in question and had never seen him at a public function or in the council chambers in spite of his high rank in the department.

Meanwhile, to this day, we now have two city councils who've shirked their oversight responsibilities to the citizens who elected them by not reading the investigative reports and a newspaper that is so timid and afraid of losing the few advertising dollars it still receives that it has devolved to nothing more than a cheerleader for the Chamber instead of an institution that seeks the truth behind the facade of the city government when it comes to this putrid mess and other matters of import that go unaddressed.

One wonders how a rank and file member of the police department - or any department within the city - can feel things have changed to a degree that they should believe that they can come forward to report blatant criminality, much less policy violations, when they can see the obvious writing on the wall.

That writing - the legacy of this tragic and sordid series of events in Steamboat's history - is a declaration that if you climb high enough in local government (including city manager and city attorney) you will not only avoid meaningful investigation and scrutiny of your actions - including criminal scrutiny - you'll get paid to go away while our elected officials and others in positions of responsibility pretend they've done their jobs.


Rob Douglas 7 months, 1 week ago on D.A. says Routt County commissioners did no wrong in setting up PayPal account

If it is true that Horn is blocking the commissioners and other appropriate county officials from seeing the county's financial accounts, then it is the commissioners who should be taking legal action against Horn.

Perhaps if Horn spent more time fulfilling her obligation to the residents of Routt County and fewer weekdays and nights on the Front Range politicking and schmoozing for the next office she clearly has in mind - almost weekly trips to the Front Range according to her very public and prolific political postings - she'd know and follow her proper responsibilities as county treasurer.

Frankly, as indicated by Barkey's legal assessment, Horn's actions don't even pass the laugh test. In fact, her actions smack of an ill-conceived political stunt cooked up in a putrid political echo chamber where extreme partisans believe that criminally charging other elected officials is good politics.

It isn't.

It reeks.

Unquestionably, Horn's attempt to find a dupe in the criminal justice system to criminally charge three good public servants is beyond any sense of decency and political fair play.

Brita Horn is a local example of all that is wrong in American politics today.

If she had any sense of decency she'd resign her office today.