Rob Douglas

Rob Douglas 5 days, 15 hours ago on Developers want to spend Iron Horse public improvement funds on new appliances, decks and roof repair

Anyone who knows the history of the selection process when it comes to the sale of this never-ending albatross of a property to the current owners will recognize that the current request is a classic bait-and-switch. A flimflam. A scam. It is truly remarkable how many two-year incarnations of the city council have been tarnished and hobbled by this one property.


Rob Douglas 6 days, 7 hours ago on Roger Good named to state school construction grant board

Congratulations, Roger! The state will certainly benefit from your passion and dedication to improving the education of all students. Keep up the great work!


Rob Douglas 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Did the Steamboat Springs Board of Education make the correct decision in approving a 2016-17 budget that includes deficit spending?

Looking at two factors, 1) The total votes in recent polls (which were about far more controversial topics than this) compared with the number of votes gathered after just four days for this poll, and 2) How skewed the result is currently, I believe someone is stuffing the proverbial ballot box. Almost everyone knows that you can vote over and over on these polls by using a few simple methods. I suspect that is taking place with this poll.


Rob Douglas 2 months ago on Outcry over City Council's free ticket decision leads to change in city policy

Stuart: Like children learning from and imitating their parents, local and state elected officials often learn from and imitate what they see at the top of their government in Washington, DC and the top of their respective political parties. Currently, the top presumptive Democrat and Republican candidates for the presidency are two of the most unethical, untrustworthy and immoral liars in the history of the Republic. Yet, have you seen a single letter to the editor or statement from our local Democrat and Republican Party leaders or elected officials denouncing Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? I haven't. Therefore, the only conclusion I can draw is that our local elected representatives and party officials are fine with the putrid stench that Clinton and Trump emit on a daily basis as they engage in what will be the most dismal and disgraceful presidential election in modern history. It's either that or they're too afraid to stand up and speak out for fear of alienating "the Party" and thereby harming their future political careers. In other words, they place their political fortune and their party over country and morality. Given that sad fact, is it any wonder that even here in Steamboat Springs we are treated to inappropriate and unethical behavior by some of our elected representatives? Methinks not. After all, they're just imitating what they see works as a way to get to the top of the political food chain.


Rob Douglas 3 months, 1 week ago on Air service board recommends that city council not ask voters to renew .25 percent airline tax

Thank you to the committee and the board for a well-reasoned decision. You are correct, this does go a long way toward maintaining the trust of the voters who passed the tax. Even more important, it shows that a tax passed with a sunset provision can, in fact, come to an end. That's a rare occurrence in most communities across the U.S. and is proof of the integrity of the board. Again, thank you.


Rob Douglas 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Bantle files lawsuit against sheriff, county

We'll see how the case shakes out, but one thing is clear: Kristin Bantle had no business being a cop here or anywhere else. No matter what any of us think about state and federal drug laws and the so-called War on Drugs (I believe that "war" and many of the laws have been counterproductive and caused more harm than good), police officers must obey those laws. Given that undeniable fact, I am sympathetic to the plight that confronted Sheriff Wiggins and our local law enforcement community given Bantle's admission to the recent use of marijuana and cocaine while serving as a sworn police officer in our community. Personally, if this case goes to trial and I am on the jury and the law concerning the disclosure of admissions of criminality on her job application and during the polygraph proves to be in Bantle's favor, I'd award her $1. Not a penny more.