Random_Observations 8 years, 9 months ago on At the movies

saw dark knight tonight...its awesome

about the chief taking in more profits recently....yes, that wouldnt surprise me. wildhorse and chief plaza dont take the same movies. so for the past few months, wildhorse has been giving the big releases (sex and the city, sweeney todd, the hulk) to chief so then they had pull to get indiana jones and the dark knight ("we gave you those big ones, we get these" kind of thing)

but matthew is right...there is a list of movie trailers sent with each film.


Random_Observations 8 years, 9 months ago on Pirate's Pub owners investigated

This investigation is about as pointless as giving Charles Manson parole hearings. Its nothing but a waste of tax dollars and a cheap shot at the Nerneys.

Its about time that Steamboat, as a community, move on from all of this. The fascination that some people have with Kevin and Kathy's lives sickens me. Who cares what kind of windows they have in their house! Who cares what name Kevin chooses to post responses under! Does it honestly keep you guys awake at night? What are you people gonna do next, search their garbage and give us a detailed list of everything they ate last week? Maybe show us a report of the gas mileage for their cars?

It is a sad, sad state of affairs when fellow human beings are harassed like this. They do have lives, they do have responsibilities, and they do have a family, and it is disgusting that instead of being able to enjoy their summer together, they have to deal with this pettiness. I HIGHLY suggest that some of you get a life before trying to tell Kevin and Kathy how to run theirs.

Funny to think that a year ago, Kevin was good enough to break his back every week wearing 3 ft. stilts and a sailor costume in the sun, rain and snow at the football games..... how easily people forget the good things they've done for this community.

To Kevin and Kathy, for what its worth, you guys always have and always will have people in this town that support you through the good and bad times. Hang in there.


Random_Observations 8 years, 10 months ago on A girl and her Boy

This little girl amazes me. Her recovery only goes to show that sometimes, good things happen to good people.