Phoebe Hackman

Phoebe Hackman 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Allen Hischke: Clear snow off roofs

To paraphrase Tom Willman 1 week, 2 days ago ....

"it's the "net" Tom...relax...untwist your knickers! HIS point still prevails!



Phoebe Hackman 3 weeks, 6 days ago on What freedom means to me

Very nice essay, Emma, and congratulations on winning first place!

(Ignore Tom Willman; he's just jealous because, as a 12-year old child, you have a better grasp of the English language than he does, not to mention spelling, punctuation. grammar, and comprehension.)


Phoebe Hackman 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

Gee, Jerry, it was good enough for Joan of Arc: "Mais, fussent-ils [les anglais] cent mille Goddem de plus qu'a present, ils n'auront pas ce royaume. [Joan of Arc, 1431, quoted in Prosper de Barante's "Histoire des ducs de Bourgogne"]

"But even if [the English] one hundred thousand Goddam more than was present, they will not have this Kingdom."

Here, read this.

(Hope it doesn't stretch your mind too much...)